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Butterfly - November 15

Oh, and yes this is my 1st.


jerseygirl - November 15

A uterine fibroid is a tumor in or on the uterus, mine was sitting on top of my uterus and not in the uterine cavity so that was a good thing.. I had a myomectomy, which is the same surgery as a hysterectomy without actually losing my uterus. My Dr. didn't think the fibroid was the cause of our infertility, but my periods were SOOO BAD (cramps like nothing I can explain) so he decided it should come out. Since my surgery my periods have improved 100%...a couple Advil a month compared to Tylenol #3 and anti imflamitory drugs for 3 days a month. Now I'm kinda bummed out, because in my mind the fibroid was the reason, but I guess not. I have 5 more days until AF starts again...hoping it doesn't, but I have a the usual signs that it will.
Thanks for having this message board...it is so nice to see that we aren't the only ones going thru all this.

Take care,


Jade - November 15

Hello Everyone!!

Renee~ I am on CD37. Still waiting to O. Sounds like a deal on the OPK. What brand are they. Let me know if they work better.

Butterfly~ Best wishes to you and your family!

Jerseygirl~ At least your periods are less painful. How long ago did you have the surgery??


Ange - November 15

Goodluck on the OPK today! I am 7DPO CD21. We didn't try this month. I haven't been feeling too well lately I am waiting on this U/S. I used Accu-clear this month too!

Welcome Jerseygirl,
Keep faith your blessing will come. We are always here for you! I have been waiting 14 years and I am still hopefull

How long were you TTC?

How are you doing?

Take care all and lots of babydust to all of you!


ticklinivory - November 15

Well, I got my results for my progesterone test and the levels are 2.96. So needless to say, I didn't ovulate. I'm waiting for my doctor to call me back so I can get on another round of medroxy and I got my referral for my HSG out in town so I will schedule that when cd 1 comes around and then it's probably time for the clomid. I was pretty upset yesterday about the prog test. My temps are staying down and I'm still having some spotting. My cycle is just really crazy this month. My fsh was at 7.85 on day 3 so I'm maturing follicles just not releasing them and that is why I get cysts in my ovaries. My progesterone is just way too low. I probably don't have a LH surge either because that is what releases the egg right? I'm on cd23 and counting. Thank you all for your support. Congrats Butterfly, I hope to be in your shoes soon.


jerseygirl - November 15

Hi Ladies,
Ange...I had my surgery last December (right before X-Mas) very happy to have it behind me now.
I also had a scope done 2 years ago...had a tiny bit of endometriosis that the Dr burnt off. Hopefully there will be no more. I have been waiting for 8 weeks now for another appt with my Gyno...I have some questions for him that I would like to discuss. Hopefully I won't have to wait much longer.
So is everyone here taking Ovulex?? I have read lots n lots of success stories on it..Congrats to all of the new mommies to be.

Take care,


Ange - November 15

Denise sorry to hear about the no O yet! Don't worry it will come. I hope on your next cycle you get to have your hsg. Can't they give you progesterone? I wish you all the best girl. Maybe it is time to see another RE!

I am not on ovulex I can't take it cause I have hypothyoidism. I do take simular in herbs.

Leslie, Postive girl, How are you both doing?


riz - November 15

Hi, I am new to the site and was also wondering about the success rate of ovulex. Is it really worth trying?

I am 29 and have a 10 year old with my husband. We have been trying for a 2nd child for 4 years. Had couple of cycles of clomid. Due to go for Laporoscapy in Jan before we can opt for IUI. We have conceived a child together and now have unexplained fertility. Taking over my life and driving me insane!

Just desperate to try anything that might work (especially before my operation).

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.



wishfulthinking - November 15

Hi everyone, I'm new to the message board. I did post my interduction, and got a friednly response from Ange (hi Ange)lol.

I've been TTC for 3months, this is our 4th month and I ovulate around the 22nd to the 25th. Hoping for a BFP next month. I'm currently on Ovulex, primrose,floic acid and prenatals, I'm thinkging of trying pre-seed, has anyone tried this and gotten a BFP.

DH is having a semen anaylsis done, his last one three months ago showed slow swimmers and low spermcount. So he's been on a multvit. extra zinc and vitamine C, along with Fertilmale (has anyone gotten PG while DH on Fertilmale) have gotten mixed reviews on it. I 'm really hoping this is the month...this will be my DH first child. I have two from a previous marriage. We are going to visit my in-laws this Chirstmas, and wanted to give them the news then. This will be their second grandchild, the first one is already in 2nd grade, so it's certainly time for another one. Wishing you all lots of Baby dust and prayers...here's to TTC!!!!


wishfulthinking - November 15

Oh, I forgot to mention, I'm TTC after a tubal reversal earlier this year(July), I was wondering is anyone else TTC after a tubal reversal? Thnx! and is anyone over the age of 35 TTC.

(11 in Dec.)


lili246 - November 15

Hi ladies,
Just letting you know that I just came back from the doctors and she told me that I can start trying again in two months let two periods pass and then start trying again. So I will do that and see what happens. Hope that god listens to my prayers and bless me soon with a healthy pregnancy and baby. Doctor said that I should only take my prenatals and do no use ovulex. So I will stop on ovulex and try on my own. I know and have faith that I can do it!

How were your lines today? I am cheering for you sister. I think that your time is up and that you need to be bless soon. I hope that you get lucky and concieve this month. I'll be thinking of you.

Welcome Wishfulthinking,

Welcome Riz,
I did used ovulex and then got pregnant but after two months of being pregnanct I had a m/c. I don't know about ovulex and I don't want to take them anymore because of what happen to me. I am not blaming that is was caused of ovulex but my loss is still fresh and I don't want to take anything else that might cause harm to me or my baby when I get pregnant. I know ladies that are pregnant and they did use ovulex so maybe ovulex wasn't the cause of my loss it was just due to nature and I am balmong ovulex, but like I said I know want to try on my own and don't use any pills. I have a 2 year old boy and I know that I can get pregnant withour using those pills.

Hope that you get pregnant soon. Don't worry we are all here for you. Together we will gte through this and get good news soon.

Love you all
Take Care


RNORST - November 15

Girls, I did another opk and I have a line but it's not dark yet. I looked back at months before and I always get a + on cd 16. Today is cd 15. My temps was 97.7 and today it dropped down to 97.4, a good sign O is near. I will do the opk tonight again to see if the line is darker. I have been trying to relax. Satan is trying to come in and make me all stress out. Last night my son stepped on his glasses and almost broke them , they are all bent up, then I had a mess in the kichten with supper and then my microwave stopped working right in the middle of me getting chilli ready for a dinner at work. I was all stressed out and had to stop and pray, satan has a way of coming in when God has a plan for things.

jerseygirl, Good luck this month. I too would think that, that would cause infertility, that could be the reason, don't get down, exspecialy if your periods are better.
Are you taking your temps or using opk? I'm still on Ovulex I have like only a supply of 17 days left, I don't think I will reorder any.

Jade, I don't know for sure what brand they are it didn't say. I hope to get them soon.

Ange, when do you have your u/s done?

Denise, I will be praying for you, It will all work out, keep faith in God.

Leslieann, how are things going? Are you getting close to O?

http://tt.lilypie.com/j64em6/.png[/img][/url] >


RNORST - November 15

riz, I have a son who is 4 1/2 and I have been trying for 2 1/2 years. I got preg with my son easy, and now I have problems, I went to a re and had no luck with her, we did a IUI with clomid and no luck. Just started a new re and they did a ultrasound and found retain plcenta in my utueus, and thats what they think is my problem. I had a surgrey done a month ago and they took that out. Have you had a ultrasound done? I'm praying for you.

wishfullthinking, Welcome and good luck this month, Sorry I can't answer any of your questions. I also want to be preg this month, so I can tell everyone at Christmas. I should O tommorrow. Good luck, I will add you to my pray list.

Lili, if you take off to months, you can relax, eat right and take vitamins and get all ready. My line was not dark enough yet. I will test again tonight, before bed. My temps dropped this morning, so I know it really close. When I looked back on my charts I usual get a + opk in day 16 and I'm on day 15. Please keep me in your prayers, and I'm still praying for you. I'm still taking ovulex, after I O I think I will stop just to be safe. Then I will have enough for next month before O. I will not reorder any more. Love ya and take care.



lili246 - November 15

Defitnetly I will keep you in my prayers. I wish you the best and hope that you get it this month.
Lots of baby dust for you sister.
I hope that God bless you soon.
And don't let Satan get inside you and ruin everything. He always tries ti get inside us and that is not good. Calm yourself and relax everything will be ok.
Also relax and don't stress to much, that is not good I know you are expecting O in no time and if you relax it will help you alot. Just let it think that you don't care that much and thats when it will happen you'll see.
I'll keep you in my prayers.
It will help me alot if I wait those two months and then I will go with everything..lol I came back relax at the doctors appointment. She didn't say the cause of the m/c but I just live it in gods hands he know why he did it and did it for our benefit I know. He will bless me soon he told me, and I trust in god.

Take care and you are going to stop on ovulex? My doctor told me that she recomends that I don't use them I should be able to concieve on my own.

Love you my sister.

Did you recieve the picture I send you?


RNORST - November 15

Lili, thank you for your prayers. I now have some ewcm and a little pressure down there, that usual happen around O. I will test again tonight. I'm going to relax and take it easy. Thanks for helping me though this. After I O I will stop ouvlex until next cycle, which I will have faith that I wont have a next cycle. Will you see that doc again or not? Good luck. I have not checked my e-mail yet to see your pic. I'm extcited to see your family. I need to bring my camera to work so I can e-mail you a picture. Talk to you tommorrow. Love ya and your in my prayers.



lili246 - November 15

Hope you can check your e-mail soon as see our lil family which is also your family.
Have faith and don't lose it I know that you will get bless and af won't come at all.
I will not go to the doctor anymore I am done with that doctor. Next time when I get pregnant I will go to this other doctor that my friend has referred me to. I just don't want to go back with that doctor I will have bad memories. She is a nice doctor but with all of these that had happen and if it happens again like last time I don't want to blame it on the doctor. I know that my next pregnancy will be a happy ending I am so sure about it and I have faith in God. So I will change doctor nect time I get pregnant.
Have a great night and enjoy BD. I will wait for a couple of weeks more before I start BD again. I just want my body to be in good condition and recuperate from what had happen. So poor DH he must be gettting frustrated..lol I know he understands though.
Take care and Luv ya to.



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