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Cassee - August 23

It is possible for you to be ovulating, I have been told by a doctor that you can get preggo while AF is around. I found this website that answers some Questions. http://www.americanpregnancy.org


liz - August 23

Renee -

You are very welcome. I know how hard it is when you are trying to make decisions like this, it really helps to know someone who went throught it so atleast they can share their experience. This is how it was for me atleast.

The last cycle I paid $59.90 per vile (I do know you can find it cheaper) and had to use 10 viles. $599.00 was my total for the month then I had to do the hcg injetion to induce ovulation that was $34.99. My re had told me before had that since the injectables work differently from the Clomid in the sense they skip over your brain and go straight to the ovaries and tell them get them working (I know it sounds funny). The Clomid as you know went to the brain and get the brain telling the ovaries what to do.

I was monitored with u/s and bw beginning on day 9. I started the medicine on day 5 (I know some re's start on day 2 or) By day 11 on the last cycle I was ready to do the hcg injection. I had 1 follilce measuring 17 on the left, 1 on the right measuring 17, another on the right that was measuring 15 and a couple small ones were starting to form on the right. They were happy when my estrodiol was up high enough that we could do the hcg because there was the fear their would be too many mature and we would have to cancel the cycle. I was ok with 2 or 3 but didn't want to go any futher then that. My re does not like to continue if there are too many follicles because of the possible outcomes. For me it worked out great. We just found out on Monday that we have 2. Both dh and I are very happy. I of course am scared but who would't be. I just pray everyday everything will be ok.

I was also on Clomid for my 1st treated cycle and only produced 1 follicle. I am not sure if you have any hormone problems but that is what my issue was and the Clomid just wasen't enough for me.

By reading your post I am gathering that you are close to test time. Good luck to you, I sincerely hope you can get a bfp this month and avoid the future indevors.

If you have any other questions, please ask I would be more than happy to answer anything I can.

Take care,


LeslieAnn - August 24

Hey everybody!

How is everyone doing? Nothing new with me. Just waiting for AF. No idea when she will come since I went off Ovulex this month.

Lili~ Yes, the basal thermometer is the right one. When I started I didn't have a basal thermometer, I just had a regular digital thermometer, so I'm not sure if that's what caused my erratic temps or if it was the Ovulex. That's so awesome that your son is doing better! God is watching over him.

Liz~ Congratulations on your bfp, and thanks for sharing that info with us! Be sure to let us know how your pregnancy goes.

I heard some really bad news yesterday. A girl I graduated high school with had a baby early, and it was only 3 pounds. I haven't heard any more details, but that doesn't sound very good. I am sure she is having a hard time. :( I can't imagine being pregnant for a long time and then having something go wrong. I just hope they can do something for the baby.

Renee, how are you doing? How is everybody else doing? Anybody getting close to testing?

I have to go, but I hope everyone is doing well!

Take care,



summer - August 24


i have been taking my 1st bottle of ovulex for the last 23days and i havent had a period. I have always been iiregular and i didnt have a period in july. my last period was in june. could there be something with me.

i thot that maybe ovulex may straighten my periods but i havent received any. any ideas.



sammy71 - August 24

I was 4 days late with AF on my first month with Ovulex. I normally average 27 CDs but the last three months on Ovulex I have been going to CD 30. This month it was CD 32. Since it's suppose to make your fertile time longer I think that would explain it.

Good luck,


MaggiesMom - August 24

Happy Thursday, all. It's been a few weeks since I've been on here. Have been trying to concentrate on something besides TTC. I took the Ovulex for about a week and gained weight so I stopped.

An interesting development, though. Last week I had what *may* be implantation bleeding. I thought it was just AF coming, but it was very very light. Lasted on and off for two and a half days and was brownish/pink in color. I've been googling Implantation Bleeding and everything I'm reading sounds like what I had last week. I am having some very very mild cramping, bb's are not sore, but I'm very tired all the time. Took a 2 hour nap yesterday after work then slept like a dead woman last night. (Very unusual for me to sleep well after such a long nap)

I am so afraid of getting my hopes up... I've been doing well about not taking a pg test, but I don't know how much longer I can wait.

Sorry for the long post. Anyone experienced something like this? If so, how did it turn out?

Baby dust to all!!!!!


Mist - August 24


That sounds promising! I wish you the best this month! What CD are you on? I 'm on CD24 and I don't feel any different so I am kinda discourage but I am not giving up!



MaggiesMom - August 24

Mist, I am on CD 51 if you can believe that. My last cycle was 7.5 weeks. I am never regular, so TTC is even harder. This is the weirdest cycle I've ever had, so I am hopeful but not optimistic. I think I will go on lunchtime and get a test. May as well get it over with.

Baby dust to you!!!!!


Mist - August 24


aahh cd 51 well your test should show a pretty good then! I don't blame you I couldn't wait either lol! I can't wait to hear your BFP! If not don't give up!



jackie - August 24

Hi guys, I've been on vacation so I haven't posted. Ran around everywhere, Bronx Zoo, Museum of Natural History, the beach. My 4 year old has a crush on some kid she knew from day camp and his name wasn't on the camp list so I had to track it down so I could reunite the lovers. I got tired of hearing "mommy why won't you send me back to camp (it was finished) I miss Joey. My son still isn't talking. His ENT says over the next three months I should hear more words. He says EUWW when I change his diaper and "uh-oh" when he drops something. I hope that counts. I know how you feel Sammy. I also feel scared. My husband is willing (grudgingly) to try again. Now I"m scared. More expenses less space, more work more worries. *sigh* Any words of encouragement. Or is this a sign to leave well enough alone? When I talk to G-d I hear only silence.


RNORST - August 24

Liz, thank you so much, your info. is so helpful to me. I'm so excited that you are having twins. When we did clomid and I only had 1 egg, I was kind of sad, because I think it would be so neat to have twins, if I could carry them long enough. When I had my son, my husband and I was married for two years and I was only 22, now I'm 27 and weigh about 10 more than I did then, so I think I would maybe have a better chance. You are getting me so excited to start something with my new RE. I have an appt. Sept. 11th, with a new RE to get a 2nd option. I have nothing wrong with me, my hormones are ok., test for my tubes was clear, DH has a great sprem count. I have no idea why?? Did you buy your injectables from the RE or from the internet? My old RE sold them, but they told me to get them over the internet, if was from some where like France?, they were alot cheaper. I sure wish now I would have done the injectables, It would only have cost me about 450.00 more. Oh, well its all in God's timing and I trust completely in Him. I will pray hard for your babies. Please keep me posted, and thanks again for answering all my questions. Like you know this is a hard time when you don't know whats going on.

Leslie, What cd are you on? I'm on cd 22. I feel a little different than last cycle I don't have as many smyptoms as early as I did last month. Which I hope is a good sign, because last month was nothing. I'm also not looking for them as close as last month. My temps. are still high and boobs are sore. Do you have a smyptoms? When sould af come? Lets all pray for your friend. My cousin had a baby and he was only 1 lb and 5 oz, and he is a healthy little boy who is about to turn 6.

Summer, do you have any preg. signs? Good luck.

Maggiesmom, If I was you I would test. Let us know what you do.

I'm still praying for every one.



MaggiesMom - August 24

I broke down and took a test. As usual, BFN.
My body is so wacked out.
Trying not to cry.


lili246 - August 24

Keep that faith and don't lose it, your turn is around the corner. keep trying! I know it gets depressing when you get those ugly BFN.

I think the cause of this is ovulex because ever since I started I 've been having this weired temps. So what CD are you in?

Ladies lets keep on trying and keep the faith.

I think I am not going to have much luck this month because I have a cold and I don't feel good, I actually feel so weired I think it all cause of this bad cold I am having. Hope it goes away soon before I O, because I want to have all that energy, you know!..lol

Hope that everyone has a good night today, TTYall tomorrow.



Mist - August 24

I am sorry Maggiesmom, I know the feeling all to well. But I am not gonna lose faith and I sure hope you don't either

Lili, I sure hope you get to feeling better before you O. And best wishes to you that this month is it!



lynn52377 - August 24

Hi all.....
been awhile since i posted ....
i have been on ovulex for 44 days and AF finally came to see me yesterday....i thought this would never work.
I have cramps though..kinda bad. I thought ovulex was suppose to help with that? Anybody else experience this?


Rachaelb - August 25

lynn- how long have you been taking Ovulex? i am on day 14, but started taking it in the middle of my last cycle. i had really bad cramps with AF this last time. i thought it was just me... "glad" to hear it was someone else too! feel better! :)



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