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Rachaelb - August 25

lynn- how long have you been taking Ovulex? i am on day 14, but started taking it in the middle of my last cycle. i had really bad cramps with AF this last time. i thought it was just me... "glad" to hear it was someone else too! feel better! :)


summer - August 25

No pg signs as yet but i just wish if AF could come so that i start afresh and stop this worrying. At times i feel so nauseatic that i cant eat and at times i am so normal.
I really do not know wats wrong with me. Our GP said he will only refer us to specialists after we've been trying for 2yrs and am not happy with that. so i guess i just have to wait and see what happens.

Baby Dust to all of us


Cassee - August 25

I am not on Ovulex, but taking red clover. Fenugreek and vitex, (about a month and a half) but I just started on sunday CD52 and have had barely any cramps, when normally I hurt bad enough I want to die.


LeslieAnn - August 25

Hey everyone! How is everybody doing? This week has been crazy for me, so I haven't had much time to keep up with everybody's posts.

MaggiesMom~ It was good to hear from you again! I'm so sorry about the bfn, but don't let it get you down. Just keep trying, God will take care of everything.

Renee~ To be honest, I lost track of what cycle day I'm on, but I think I'm around CD 30. :) I'm actually kind of happy because I'm not obsessing so much this month about it. I haven't really had any symptoms, but by keeping myself busy with other things I have found it more bearable than most months. How are you doing?

Jackie~ That is an adorable story about your daughter. Did she get to meet up with her little bf again? How are things going with you?

Lili~ How are things going? That's too bad that you're sick! DH and I have both had really bad sore throats this week. It's so hard to BD when you don't feel good!

Well, good luck to everyone and have an awesome Friday!



lili246 - August 25

I know being sick ruins everything because you might not be in the mood od BD, but i am afraid that my son will catch it because his been sneezing yesturday and this morning It sounded that he was going to get sick, But I will give me some medicine so he won't get that sick, hopefullly he doesn't get it this bad as I did.

So howz everyone doing! Keep us posted.

Take Care..



lili246 - August 25

Hi Ladies,
Well I am so depressed right now. I was just talking to a friend on the phone that she has two kids one is 2yrs and the other one is 1yr, she gave me the news that she is pregnant again! I just feel so bad because I've been trying for almost 6 months and no luck, and she was planning to have an operation so she won't have any kids, her doctor told her that she might think of having one more child and she did plan it right away and it came, she is pregnant almost 4 months and is so happy, which in the other hand me and all of you are still waiting. I just wish we were like them, so easy on having kids. I feel so bad and hope that i get good news on my side.

baby dust to all of us!

Have a great weekend! I'll try to have a nice one after this news. I feel happy for her but in the other hand sad because we are all doing all of this hard work with no luck :(
Take Care



grandmaof2 - August 25

HI all
I have about 7 pills left in my first bottle and I am spotting. Does not look like my month.
I have been working a lot. I just got a full time job and still with my part time job so lots of working. I can not believe it but I can take the Geritol tonic better than I can take PreVitamins (they make me sick). Well I will keep on trying the ovulex but I am not sure for how long I have 5 bottles left.

Best Wishes and Good Health


Mist - August 26


I know how you feel, my bf is due to have a baby the end of september, we both struggled to get pregnant - Igot pregnant and lost it early and she got pregnant 9 months later and she will have it soon. I guess it wouldn't hurt so bad if I could just achieve a pregnancy again but its been a year and I am just about to give up:(. But I remind myself God is in control and its in his time so I try to stay in the groove with things, keep your chin up sweetie our time will come soon!



lili246 - August 28

Thank you girl, you know how it feels and how much it hurts, I hope that God listens to our prayers and may bless us soon.

Well Ladies I am now on CD 22 and I think I will be O anytime because on saturday night I got a positive OPK, so I did BD saturday and sunday night hope that I don't miss any fertile days, I was also feeling some pain in my lower side that may be O pain, so I hope I am in the right timeing and that this month could me my month, I wish you the best to all of you.
Take good care and keep in touch.



springs - August 28


Good luck...hopefully this will be the month for you!


RNORST - August 28

Hi, girls, how's every thing going? Just remeber what Matthew 21:22 says, If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. We need to keep postive, if we get negative we are not believing.

Leslie, how's things going? Has af come yet?, I hope not write me back with some good news.

Lili, Hey girl, keep your head up, your time is coming. You need to keep postive, I know 6 months seems like a long time to you, but the average couple takes up to one year. Did your temp. go up? So you think you maybe O sunday? I feel the same way as you when we see other people preg. There is this girl that I know and she has a girl who will be 3 in November, a boy who will be 1 in november and a baby due in november! Past the luck over this way.
Well I'm on cd 26, the only symptoms I have is sore boobs, they are a little swollen. I hope they keep getting more sore and swollen each day. Some heartburn, and my temp. keep getting higher each day. I just hope that they stay that high or get higher. Today my temp was 98.9 and I looked back to last month and on cd 26 my temp was only 98.2. I BELIEVE this will happen. If my temp are still real high on Friday, I might test. Af should come on Sat.

Good luck everyone and lets keep the faith and just BELIEVE!!!!



Mist - August 28

good words Renee, I am on cd 28 and I to am experiencing the sore breast and a small bit of heart burn. I pray this our month!! Hope to hear many BFP stories!

God Bless all



Charity - August 28

I just wanted to share our good news with everyone - all of you have been such an inspiration! After 2 years of TTC - my DH and I finally have a BFP! This was our second month of Ovulex and Amberoz! We had just given up on Ovulex and were scheduling tests to begin Clomid! Thank you Nancy for recommending Ovulex and Amberoz!

God bless and baby dust to all!!!!



springs - August 28


CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP!!!!! What were your early pregnanc symptoms? How far along are you. We would love to here them!

Best of Luck,


Mist - August 28


CONGRATS ON YOUR BFP!!!!! ;D I love hearing BFP stories!!!!!!



NANCY - August 28

Charity anything for my cousin congrats girl!!!!

When Chris told us we were so happy and my mom did confess that after I told her that Pete and I were going to take them she listened to me and after I left she laughed thinking it wasn't going to help she did admit she was wrong she now knows 2 girls that had trouble getting pregnant and it worked for.

My dad told your mother-in-law welcome to the old club. She is a nanny/grandma.

Baby dust to all!!



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