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beans - February 9

Hi ladies, hope youre all doing well. I have a question?? I just received another order of ovulex( &amberoz) and the bottles are different; Also the ingredients have different names (not sure if its the same ingredients) than the first order. I will call the company tomorrow but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My first bottle was white and light blue and this bottle is white and purple.... Im still on the first order. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.


Les23 - February 9

Okay I am going to ask a really stupid question.
Don't hold it against me yah all.

Okay here we go...
I have notice this week that when I push on my abdomen it is really hard. I know what usually it is softer inside. does this make any sense? So when I put down it feels harder than usual. Why do you think this is. I know it is not from working out or anything. I veto any kind of excersise!!! hehe.


Mahogany Heart - February 9


Do me a favor go and take a hpt and or blood test?

When you find out what is going on lets us Know?

Then I could tell you better what is going on with your stomach. If could any three things or more.


Nanci And Dessie - February 10


TGIF !! I hope everyone has a pleasant weekend planned.

after what you said, I looked at my bottles.. You're right.. there is some differences.. the old bottle says fertility aid and the new bottle doesn't.. even the herb blend is different. The old bottle, 13 herbs. New bottle. 12 herbs.. The new bottle has the Chaste-Tree herb. CHINA- Isn't that the herb you spoke about earlier? I looked for it on the gnc website and in Rite-Aid. PST23- Have you called 'em yet?

Have you ladies ever had Fuze... I love 'em.. alot of good vitamins in them check 'em out, if you haven't already

Yall have a Great Day, Loads Of BaBy DuSt !!!!


Shara - February 10

Good Morning and Happy Friday Ladies,

I hope to find everyone in good spirits.

Dorothy - on the ovulex I cramped a lot without having AF sometimes enought to sit me down..

Les- Have you taken that HPT yet!!! I am anxious to know if you are going to be blessed this month.

Well Ladies, I hope you all have a good day with High spirirts and constant prayers.

Much Babydust your way!!!


beans - February 10

Good Morning
I just called Selmedica. The lady said the ingredients are the same...one's the scientific name and other is the generic name.
Jackie - Thanks for the email. Sorry for not writing back yet. How are you doing?
Have a wonderful day. Lots of Babydust!


Monica - February 10

Chynnadoll; Check your e-mail......I just sent you those Scriptures & confessions to start declaring over your womb NOW so that miscarriage will no longer be an issue for you.
If anyone else would like to have these scriptures, and still don't have the book "SuperNatural Childbirth"......please let me know & I will be happy to forward them over to you.

Les23; I don't want to get your hopes up or anything, but it really sounds like you might be pregnant! Please let us know as soon as you find out. That would be awesome!

Praise Report: My husband & I just bought our first home together. That was a literal miracle for us because our credit wasn't too good.....but the Lord came through for us once again & we just closed on our house about 2 hours ago. Yaaayyy!!! :) TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!

Baby Dust To You All!!


Les23 - February 10

Well I tried to take 2 pregnancy test and i screwed both of them up. How does one do that? Is that really possible? I am an idiot this week. I think I will go get more and try again next week.

So does anyone know what the hardness in the abdomen is?


hopeful2006 - February 10

Do the hpt - or call your dr to get a blood test.

if you are pg and your stomach is hard they might want to look at you ...

go to the store right now young lady and remember - just pee on the little stick -- ;D

I am only kidding -- good luck sweetie



nik - February 11

goodmorning ladies.
i really need your help.now....when charting when it goes high is it suppose to stay high until af arrives or like the day before.....i really need your help PLEASE


hopefully trying - February 12


I'm assuming you're talking about basal temp charting. What happened with me was that my temp would dip the morning my af would start. I don't know if that is standard but that was my experience. Best of luck!


Shara - February 12

Hello all - I hope everyone had a productive day today and was in good spirits.

Newbies - welcome

Peaches - I am glad to see you are feeling better

Nik- you are correct it would only dip if you are not pregnant.

Chynnadoll - Congrats - you are a success story!!!

Well ladies - I am going to call it a night. I will be praying for you all.


jackie - February 12

Hi everyone,

Some answers and some questions as I sit here at work in the midst of a blizzard. My boss asked me to come because the normal weekend person can get in. So I agreed but after I did I found out that my little boy was sick. Has the same cold his sister had last week and that I had at the end of this week. He had 103.8 this am. I medicated him but I hated to leave him. Everytime he sees me he says "bye bye". He thinks I'm always leaving. All he wanted to do last night was to lay his little head down on me and rest. But I promised and as luck would have it I do have work up in the ob/gyn department some ladies do need to be seen.

Les23 When you are pregnant the abdomen feels as hard as a rock. So if you feel that it sounds like you've got a pregnant uterus there.

Pst23 (you and Les have the same middle name. How about that?) it's okay. I've been sick all week. Wasn 't strong enough to be online. What I want to know guys is this...AF started last night. It's day 26 of my cycle. According to the ovulation tests (clear blue easy) I hit my surge on day 14. Next day I had cramps which then went away. As luck would have it my husband was out of town that night. Still we uh...got together the next night and alot of nights after that. Wouldn't that have worked? Also if I only hit the surge on day 14 wouldn't AF have arrived on day 28 more or less? I'm so confused about all this. I thought the ovulex was helping since last week my AF started day 27 and this month the surge came on day 14 which would give dh and me enough time in the permitted days to be together and conceive. Still now my period has started on day 26. I don't know what to think. Am I better of with Ovulex or without it? Or do I just have some unresolvable problem either way? Sorry tmi but I don't know where to turn. I can't figure out what's wrong with me.


Les23 - February 13

I hope everyone is having a great Monday morning. It is really cold today. YUCK

I still have not starting. So I am taking this as a good sign. I have no real symptoms of AF or Pregnancy.

The only thing is the abdomen is hard and I am so tired. I do not feel sick no sore boobies nothing. I am confused.

Oh well back to work.


Monica - February 13

Les23, PLEASE take another pregnancy test today.....It is time for some more good news amongst this group. You seem so nonchalant about taking another test.........Is that because you are afraid of being disappointed with the result? Please take another test...because it REALLY sounds like you are pregnant.

Baby Dust To You! :)


Andrea - February 13

hi everyone,
just wanted to check in and say hi to my sisters!
feeling much better these days - the morning sickness (more like all the time sickness) is finally subsiding!

hope everyone is good...
do we have anymore success stories?

and les23 - take a test!!!!!!!




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