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Nanci And Dessie - February 8

Good Morning Everyone,
My cycle threw me for a loop this month.. to the point of wanting to throw up my hands and say enough is enough... I was ready to write a "Dear John" letter to my Friends and Sisters. After reading the posts and the up lifting expressions and support that is givin' I'm going to stick it out. I'll (we'll) Conquer Infertility !!! Is there anything OTC that can be used to Build up the lining? I'm totaly Lost.. It seems all I do is think about getting pregnant.. My friends have tried to hide thier pregnancys from me cuz they didn't want to make me sad... Real sweet friends huh? I love 'em for it.. But it makes me sad.. That everyone walks on egg shells around me.. ( I've got to admit I feel the green eyed monster lurking around.. yadda yadda yadda.) I try not to let it soak through.. Guess I'm not doing such a good job. I don't want to become the hateful ol' lady that lives down the street... You know what I mean? I plan to keep up with the Ovulex, Prenatal Vitamins, Pre-Seed and Green Tea. But I need to find something to get my mind off of this.. aaarrrggg... Dessie and I have desided to try our hand at the adoption process.. I've gotten in touch with the local DFACs department and they are going to send me a folder to stat with... We hope to be able to adopt between 2-6 years old.

We'll ladies I've yamered on long enough..

MH- and to all of You I'm sorry I've not been the friend or Sister That I know I am... Please forgive me.. And please understand.. It hasn't been to just one group I've found myself being like that with everyone.. I have felt like I've been on the "Tilt-A-World" at the Fair



Mahogany Heart - February 8


One thing I know about TTC you can't do it alone. You must have a support group. Almost everything has a support group and if you can name one add it to a list.

So what I'm saying is that we are here for each other and me personally I wouldn't want to be in any organization or club that don't feel what I am feeling or know what I'm going through.

I had lunch with a lady the other day and she was saying how this lady she know was telling her about her child. She said "I told her she don't know what she is talking about she don't have any children nor has she ever been pregnant, so when that day come if it comes then she can tell me about pregnancy and children".

Some of you would say wow that was mean of her to say but when you really sit back and look at it was it really mean for her to say.

Ok maybe on the side of the other lady being a TTC and we all can relate I would say but what if she wasn't a TTC.

So lets look on it in the sense of no ones wants to be told what to do from some one who hasn't been through it their selves.

Like a single marriage counselor, some say how can she tell me about Marriage and she or he has never been married. Just like an non-alcoholic telling the alcoholic to stop drinking. How can you tell me to stop when you don't know what its like?

The point I'm trying to make is being a TTC is hard for us all and everyone of us are in the same situation [b]CAN'T GET PREGNANT NATURAL!!![/b] [color=Red] [u]I didn't say can't get pregnant at all[/u][/color] [b]I said CAN'T GET PREGNANT NATURAL[/b] and there are different aides (fertility drugs and other procedures) out there that can assist.

For some of us its a Short Journey and others a Long Journey but what makes it a Shared Journey is the Sister Hood you are a part of!!!



Monica - February 8

Nanci And Dessie; all that I can say is that I TRULY feel your pain :'(. I will say a prayer for you right now. Stay encouraged & keep your head up.......It WILL happen for you sooner than you think.



fiso - February 8

Nancy and Dessie, DON'T GIVE UP. You know that once you start feeling down, you can come on this site and vent. There is always someone who will lift you up with kind words, compassion and understanding. So, use us! We are all using each other in this process! At the very beginning I thought I would be able to do it on my own, I quickly realized, especially after my m/c that there was no way I coudl do it on my own. DH was very supportive but it didn't compare to all the support I received from all the gals on this site.

It's hard to hear about your friends getting pregnant but at the same time you are happy fo them. What bugs me the most is to find out that drug addicts or women who really dont' take care of their bodies get pregnant. I don't understand the logic behind that!

Hang in there. Love, Fiso


chynnadoll - February 8

Nanci, I feel your pain, I have tears in my eyes after reading your post, I have been there and done that, I had started a topic on here a couple months ago, I think it was under Throwing in the towel!

That's how I felt at the time, it gets so hard at times you wonder "WHY ME", I know women that use abortion as a form of birth control, and then you look at all us who would be the best parents in the world, and it's does'nt come easy for some.

I have never really had a problem getting p/g, but once I become p/g my body treated it like a forgein object and aborted it, I have gone through this for over 12 years, and over 20m/cs.

Just like Mahagony said some women need assistance getting p/g, I just put up a post under Bulletin Broad called Fertility Blend, maybe you should check it out.

We are all here for you, and I will keep you in my prayers, don't worry or stress just pray and put it in Gods hands....Take Care, Love China


Monica - February 8

Chynnadoll - That book, "SuperNatural Childbirth" by Jackie Mize has ALOT of good scriptures pertaining to miscarriages that you should start declaring over your womb. Do you have that book yet? If not, I can e-mail those particular scriptures over to you. Please let me know....because I really want this time around to be different for you. Congratulations again on your BFP!

Monica :)


Dorothy - February 8

Hello everyone. I have not written in a while. I have been so busy working. I have been on ovulex since November 05. It hasn't happened yet. I am trying to keep a positive attitude that my day will come whenever god sees that it is fit. I have a daughter turning 5 in March. My husband and I have been ttc for about 4.5 years. My daughter really wants a baby sister or brother so bad. She prays to God about it everyday and says" God please give me a brother or sister it don't matter if its a brother or sister" I think that it is so sweet. CONGRADULATIONS to peaches and andrea. I am hoping that everyones prayers will be answered this year. I hope that the ovulex works.I have felt different ever since I have been taking it. I have noticed a big increase in cm and before my period starts my breast get very tender almost as tender as I did when I conceived my daughter.Sometimes it is just so hard to tell if the sore breast is a sign of pregnancy or if my period is just going to start. I wish all of you all the luck in the world.


Monica - February 8



Dorothy - February 8

Don't give up nanci. I feel like giving up too sometimes.You just got to keep trying. My husband and I with our first child it took us 3 years with our first. Been working on 2nd for 4.5 years so I am hoping that if I just keep taking the ovulex it will happen. I am going to take every ovulex pill I have until it is gone I am not giving up. My husband thinks that it is not going to work but buddy I think it will. I want to prove him wrong. I think that if all the success stories are true on the ovulex web site that it will happen to all of us. Just gotta keep the faith. My family tells me that I am thinking about it to much. But it is hard not to. I have a question to ask. Has anyones cycle been getting shorter each month. Mine was 29 days then the next month 28, and then last month it was 27. Has anyone else experienced a pattern like this. Baby dust to all !!!!!!!!


Les23 - February 8

The only thing I have noticed about my periods is that I actually have one!! As you can see I am on a really long one right now.


Dorothy - February 8

Les23 , you could be pregnant. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to get to get to excited. How long have you been on ovulex.

Does anyone experience any cramping not being on AF?


chynnadoll - February 9

Monica, I said I was going to pick up that book and forgot, would please e-mail me those scriptures I will order or go to the book store this week and pick up the book, my e-mail adderss is [email protected], thank you so much for all the support, your are such a sweetheart ;)...Love China


Peaches - February 9

Hello sisters..sorry I was away for a real long time..I still have all of you in my prayers...

A close friend of my family passed and it has been real hard...The baby is doing well..I finally went back to work this week. I'm back on track..things are going good..


Monica - February 9

Les23, you are probably pregnant........I will keep you in my prayers....Yaaayyyy!! :)

Chynnadoll: I am at work at the moment & the book is at home; so I will definitely e-mail you first thing on tomorrow morning with those scriptures. I really have a good feeling about your pregnancy this time around. Whenever you speak God's Word over a situation, you are sure to get results.

Dorothy: The only time that I experience cramping when I am not on my AF, is when I am ovulating.

Peaches, I am glad to hear that everything is going well with your pregnancy. Praise God!

Baby Dust!


Amanda Ivey - February 9

Hi ladies,
Just popping in to make sure everyone is doing alright .
Been very busy with work and doggy had puppies , I am still taking care of the runt that was too small the mother kicked it to the side. I have to wake up every 2 hrs morning and night to feed it. I guess this is just practice, but man I'm tired. I want to see more miracles on the board soon and Let's all continue praising god for the blessing I know you all already have recieved.


beans - February 9

Hi ladies, hope youre all doing well. I have a question?? I just received another order of ovulex( &amberoz) and the bottles are different; Also the ingredients have different names (not sure if its the same ingredients) than the first order. I will call the company tomorrow but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. My first bottle was white and light blue and this bottle is white and purple.... Im still on the first order. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.



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