Ovulex VI
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admin - January 26

Let's close Ovulex V and start VI :)


Mahogany Heart - January 26

Wow what a beautiful new start!!!


Monica - January 26

Wow!! Another Ovulex board.....The sisters on this board definitely does ALOT of chatting, and that is awesome!!

Peaches, I am glad to hear that you & your baby are doing well. I was a little concerned when we hadn't heard from you in a few days. I know that you & your baby will be fine, but I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

Well I am gearing up for another month of prayer & declarations in regards to conceiving. I am also in the process of figuring out what my game plan will be for this month to assist me with this conception process. The particular things that I did wrong on last month, I am trying to correct...so that I can hopefully get it right this month. I have to say though, this entire process IS a little draining on my nerves......but all that I can do is to continue to move forward so that I can see what the end is going to be.

Have a Great Day Everyone!


Peaches - January 26

Hello sisters..how is everyone today. i'm feeling better...no work, i get to stay home and relax and not stress or think about anything else but my baby and me :)

Monica, i'm praying for you.


Shara - January 26


I missed a lot lately. Glad to see the new thread the other one was getting pretty long. Well ladies, I hope to find everybody in good spirits and loving that the weekend will be here soon. I am feeling pretty good today and I love it. I am nearing the start of my fasting experience (Feb. 6) and I am too excited. My DH was supposed to fast with me but after I researched everything that could happen during the fast, he got spooked and pulled out.(LOL) He said that he would just continue his January ritual with me until I end. (WHATEVER) He eats no meat only vegetables and excersise with no bding. I would like to see him go two months with that ritual!!!

Well ladies, I would like to take this time and tell you that I have really enjoyed you all. It has been an excellent experience reading your input and sharing support. I would be lost without this sisterhood. I have learned a lot and have enjoyed the old members and the newbies on this board. I really hope that those involved now will continue to do so in the future. I hate to see sisters leave. You are all very valuable to me and my ttc journey!!

I will talk to you guys later and I hope your day ends on a good note!!!


Mahogany Heart - January 27

My Tickers are off. I need to adjust them.


Mahogany Heart - January 27

I fixed it. My tickers are the same now. I wander how they got behind like that.


ErinG - January 27

Hi, I am new here, I am on day 2 of Ovulex, I have an 8 year old, I am 27, I havent had any pregnancies since my son 8 years ago, so I am hoping this works, good luck to you all!


I also started it yesterday at 8 in the morn got my period at like 8, right after my second pill, my period was due, I wonder how the ovulex will affect it, any thoughts?


Mahogany Heart - January 27

Good Luck On the Ovulex Erin.


wanabamom - January 27

Hi eveyone haven't been on in a long time, but I have read every post every day. I love to keep up with everyone just kinda shy when it comes to butting in. Ovulex still hasn't did anything for me but I keep praying it is my miracle.

Peaches I have been really praying for you and your Angel and will continue to do so.

All of you are the BEST. It gives me great hope and you all lift me up just reading all your posts. Keep it up you may not know but all of you help me out so much on my long long journey to conceive. THANKS A BUNCH everyone!


Mahogany Heart - January 27


Thank you so much from the Sister Hood. Keep the Faith!!!


soon2bmommy - January 27

Hello sisterhood - I think I can call you all that - I've been on board from afar since December and just got the nerve to introduce myself. Well now that I'm out, I'm here to stay.


Mahogany Heart - January 28

Baby Dust to you Soon2bmommy and I'm glad your first post was with us. Even though you had plenty of threads to post with. I glad you stopped by. Baby Dust to you.

[glow=green,2,300]To my Sisters,

Keep the Faith and be Faithful to your Infertility and wait and see your reward or rewards!!![/glow]


wanabamom - January 28

Mahogany Heart
you are great!! and i mean that. I find myself right here on this post every morning when I get out of bed and every time I pass my computer, just hoping someone has posted you all are great people. I pray each and every sister on this board has their angel this year!!! I keep each and everyone of you in my prayers, now I can honestly pray for others instead of being selfish and just praying for myself to have an angel. Thanks again for everything. BABY DUST 2 YOU ALL!!


Mahogany Heart - January 28


To God be the Glory, Thank you. If feels good to know that we are all in agreement with our Infertility situation. Keep the Faith and be Faithful to your Infertility. Very soon we will all KNOCK the In off of Infertility.


Peaches - January 29

hellow everyone, how is everyone doing?..

[color=NAVY][/color], wanabamom, thank you, so mucH, every prayer counts



Peaches - January 29





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