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Andrea - February 13

hi everyone,
just wanted to check in and say hi to my sisters!
feeling much better these days - the morning sickness (more like all the time sickness) is finally subsiding!

hope everyone is good...
do we have anymore success stories?

and les23 - take a test!!!!!!!



beans - February 13

Jackie - I hope you and your son are feeling better.
My cycle went form 32+dyas to 28-29days while on Ovulex. Im Oving earlier too. I took that as a good sign, so I'm still taking it. I think a 12 day luteal phase is pretty normal. How were your cycles before Ovulex?


Mahogany Heart - February 14

Glad to hear you getting better Andrea. Take good care of yourself.

Supernatural Babydust of your HPT!!!



Inika - February 14

Hello Everyone,
Newbie here! I stumbled upon this forum after readind about Ovulex and Amberoz last night. I am 27 and my husband is 30. We have been trying to conceive for about 6 and a half years now. Today I started reading the Ovulex I message board, and the support and love in here is very inspiring. I'm ordering the ovulex tonight!!! I am considering the first day of taking Ovulex as the begining of my journey. Wish me luck!!!


Mahogany Heart - February 14

Supernatural Baby Dust Inika!!!


Inika - February 14

Thank-You Mahogany, you have a beautiful spirit. You've inspired me to join!


Mahogany Heart - February 14


Well thank you to much!!!

To God be the Glory!!! Welcome to our forum!!!


Inika - February 14

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rhonda - February 14

i have pcos and im thinking about purchasing ovulex. is there anyone out there with pcos who has gotten pregnant with the use of ovulex. iv been pregnant before but had a miscarriage with all 3 of them the latest being may 2004 i took fertility i got at roberts health food. i took it for a month.


Monica - February 14

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!!!!!! I hope that everyone has a Blessed and Prosperous day!! ;)

Welcome Inika!!

Rhonda: I think that Peaches has pcos, and she got pregnant while using ovulex......so keep the faith & keep your head up....

Baby Dust To You ALL!!!!
Monica :)


Monica - February 14

Chynnadoll: It was so good to talk to you the other night. You TRULY are a blessing, and I know that God has a very special treat in store for you.
We have so much in common & when we talked you confirmed so many things in my spirit; so thanks again!! :)



Les23 - February 14

Well all I tested this morning and it said negative. Still no sign of AF either.


Monica - February 14

Wow Les23, I really don't understand that.......Maybe you should go & take a blood test instead........I don't know, sometimes it is ALL so confusing.


jackie - February 14

Les the hard abdomen sounds like a giveaway. I'd get the blood test because if you are not PG that's a long time to go without a period. I'm glad you guys are doing well. My story gets stranger too. ON day 26 I had like this splotch of blood. Thought it was AF. Then....nothing. I can't test yet because at day 28 a pregnancy test would show nothing. The funny thing is that my cycles have been about 26-27 days before all this started. AF used to only last for 5 days and now it lasts 6. I never had problems getting pg before just staying that way. This is crazy because since I have had a show of blood we have to separate the beds until such time as I check myself (which I should have done last night but didn't) and count 7 days without a show of blood. Have to ask my Rabbi about that one. I now don't know if I'm PG or not. In a way now that it's possible the thought terrifies because of the nausea. Anything in the book for nausea, Monica? I have some remedies I never tried before but I don't know if they will work. There is nothing like that nausea it is truly terrifying. My little guy is going to start antibiotics since he is still running fevers of 102 or 103 and it's been 5 days already.


Nisha - February 14

Hi ladies. I'm new to the board. Just wondering if any of have been on metformin?

I have a bad case of PCOS and my doc said that metformin is the only way I can get pregnant.

How is ovulex working so far? Any luck?

My periods are very irregular and I really need some kind of a miracle. I've been on ovulex for abt a month and no change at all so I switched to Metformin as per my ob/gyn.

Plz let me know ladies.

Baby dust to u all



Monica - February 14

Jackie: I had something a little strange happen to me as well. I am only on CD21, and about 10 minutes about when I went to the restroom.....there was a tiny speck of blood there, and that was it. Also this morning when I took my temperature, it had gone down as well. So either I am getting ready to start my AF really early or it could be implantation. I don't even want to go there though because I am SOOOO tired of being disappointed every month ???. Who knows.........

Also Jackie, regarding nausea, there are some things in the book that the author speaks about in reference to that. I will have to go home & look at the book again. If there is anything pertinent for you, I will be sure to send it your way...
I hope that your little one gets better soon.




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