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BlessME - May 31

Also I got a little egg on my fertility monitor but because I was curious to see if it was true i took a OPT and that one came out negative. My bb's are really squishy and they itch since yesterday. I BD yesterday but the DH wont be here today im hoping he can still catch it on time for tomorrow.

Earlier I had comments for the ladies but my connection was lost so all of that was erase.

Renee The two week wait for you is almost over YEEPEE!!!

Tia Monday will be Monday my teacher always would say this for our deadline. So have you decided how many you are going to transfer.

Lili finally you get to see your baby. I know it might be to early still but i wonder if its a girl or a boy or TWINS!!!

Jade dont forget we will be here incase you need us.

Jess are you drinking plenty of water?

Also I know the monitor said i ovulated but i really didnt feel or see much of CM the cycle. Im hoping the "little soldiers" are fighting there way through.


Shara - May 31

Hello Ladies,

I ovulated later than I thought and my RE told me to wait until the 4th to test and I was like (OK WHATEVER!!!) So I went to one of the community clinics to get a blood pregnancy test yesterday and it came back POSITIVE!!! ;D Then I called my RE to confirm the test because they do not give you hcg levels only whether its positive or negative - so the know it all didn't make it as a doctor of a nurse tells me that since I had taken ovidrel that it could be a false positive so don't get excited ??? so off to the RE and test this morning and shame on them for trying to kill my excitement HCG 154 (positive) and progesterone well over 20 (excellent) So back on cloud nine I go. I did get a scare yesterday though - I had some spotting that lasted about 10 minutes and stopped. I still do have the bloating and had some extreme af like cramps that was not typical of any other pregnancy I ever had, but it happened YAY!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D Check out the new ticker!!!


lili246 - May 31

I know I am so excited also. I can't wait to hear my lil baby :)
I hope that I can get a early u/s I will talk to my doctor about that. I can't wait to fine out what I am having like you said boy, girl or even twins wow imagine twins that would be like getting my lil angel back :) what a big blessing from god that would be. I know my grandma had twins not identical but yeah ;) and no one yet has had twins in the family so who knows ;)

Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you another BFP and more to come I am sure. hey I bet you are in the clouds right :) I am so happy for you please take good care and god bless you with a healthy pregnancy :) Keep us posted. By the way I lvoe your ticker :)

You need a ticker!!!!

Hey girls,
Please say an extra prayer for our friend Mahogany Heart (Valencia) she wrote me an e-mail and told me that today they were doing to induce her labor so she might be having her baby today. She was due at 5a.m. so hope that everythig is going well and hope that she already had the baby :)

Have a great night and please keep the faith we are getting more BFP and many more to come. Hang in there:)

I am sure that you are next from what you told me I am sure you will be our next success story :)
Keep us posted :)

Love you all and big hugs


Jess - May 31

Lili-YEA!!! You finally have an appt!!! I'm sure everything will be fine. Just be excited that you will soon hear your baby's heartbeat and possibly SEE the baby!!! Boy would that make you day:) Let us know how everything goes that day.

Jade-hope you're doing well, you're in my prayers!!!

Good luck to everyone it the 2ww!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!!



positiveGirl - May 31

Hi girls!!

Lili - Good to know that your appt. is set finally. I can understand what u must be going thru. It's all going to be fine.... :)

Shara - Hey!! girl congratulation!! very happy for you. You take is easy.

today I went for my 1st U/s. I and my DH could hear the hearbeats and also see our tiny sweetu baby. It looked so very sweet I thought I would get very emotional but little tears and more joy. We just kept laughing with joy and totally amazed with this magical exp. I have got the pics. too

Praying for you all.


Jess - May 31

Shara-Congrats!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Stay very rested and drink lots of water!!! God has touched you....Make sure you praise him up and down. Good luck and keep us updated!

EVERYONE-How do I create a ticker???? I have NO idea how to do that!!! Please help.



RNORST - May 31

Blessme, Have you ever used pre-seed, I have heard good things about that. The f.m. is very sentive, I'm sure it was right, good luck. Welcome to the 2ww club.

Shara, YEAH!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!! I hope that we can be due date buddies. When do you do a u/s to see if it's 1 baby or 2?? Thank you Jesus, another BFP!!!!
I love the new ticker, I hope to have one very soon.

Postive girl, so you have one baby or two? Thats so execting!!!

Jess, you can double click on my ticker and that will take you to the web-site, then you need to create one and then do a copy and paste it to your post.

Love Renee


Jess - May 31

Positivegirl-That's great!!! It is pretty cool to see your little baby and the heart pounding away.... How many weeks are you??



shan1234 - May 31


I'm so happy for you!!!

Hopefully we will get more BFP!!

Positivegirl -- That's awesome!!! You got to see your baby. ;D When is your due date?

Good Luck to all the other ladies that's in the 2ww.

Baby Dust!!



Shara - May 31

Thank you Ladies for all your support I am so excited!!

RNORST - I hope that we can be pg buddies that would be tight!!

Jess -
all have good choices for tickers and you can google for blinkies also.

Positive Girl - I noticed you said heartbeat"s" are you having twins?


lili246 - May 31

Shara I love your ticker I try to get one but I am having problems copying it did you get tha same thing?


positiveGirl - May 31


Yes, it was very exciting!! :)

Sorry! abt. the confusion. This is my first and I am 7 weeks PG. I am due on 18th Jan'08

Shara - No, I am not having twins.

Renee - I didn't have major PG symt. Bbs sore, constipation(sometimes), cold and feel hungry hopefully it remains the same.



Ange - June 1

Hello Ladies Can you believe it Monday is my surgery. I have so busy at work that wham it went so fast. I have a cough do to allergies. I am also on antibiotic for a sinus infection that I found out I had on Monday caused from my allergies.

Bless me ~ you are talking about a urologist. That is a male doctor for his sperm counts. Also have you tries Amberoz for your DH. My DH has been on it for 3 months and loves it. It is supposed to increase his count and you can use preseed. Goodluck

Shara~ Congrats!!!! I am truly happy for you.

Tia~ How did the ER go? Please tell me all details. I am going soon.

Lili~ congrats on the appt keep us posted! How are you doing?

Jade~ how are you today? your always in my thoughts

Renee~ How are you holding up? Relaxed? Soon we will have to call the board bfp board. Seems that there is more bfp than ttc.


Shara - June 1

Lili -
I had to download the firefox to get to copy it- but you can also type it word for word if you are up for it LOL! THe firefox only takes a few seconds to get and it is on the page right under the code for your ticker.


RNORST - June 1

Ange, That went very fast, surgey on Monday, Good luck, so after the surgrey you will do IVF that next month?

Shara, How are you feeling any new preg signs? How many dpo are you? I'm soooo happy for you!!!

Postive girl, Thanks for letting me know your signs, my bbs just started hurting just a little bit this morning, only if I push on them.

Love Renee
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shan1234 - June 1

Renee – That’s a good sign….your bbs are sore. :) Are you feeling anything else? You’re next to get a BFP. Are you still going to wait until June 6?

I’m still not having any symptoms. My bbs not sore, I’m not feeling any pain on my left or right ovary. I’m not having any signs that af is coming either. I don’t know what to expect.




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