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shan1234 - June 1

Renee – That’s a good sign….your bbs are sore. :) Are you feeling anything else? You’re next to get a BFP. Are you still going to wait until June 6?

I’m still not having any symptoms. My bbs not sore, I’m not feeling any pain on my left or right ovary. I’m not having any signs that af is coming either. I don’t know what to expect.



destinybaby - June 1

Hi Ladies,

BlessME, Renee: Yes Monday is the day, waiting for another count today. Soo excited to bring the babies home. I think they will tranfer 2 embies because of my age 34. I will keep you all posted.

Shara, CONGRATULATIONS !!! ON YOUR BFP!!! :D send some of that sticky baby dust this way.



Shara - June 1

Thanks destinybaby -
I am going to need all the support I can get!!

No symptoms other than the af like cramps I have been having all week.

For an update:
I go back to the doctor on the 4th and get my levels checked again to make sure that they are doubling the way they are supposed to. I also got some information from a family member that is pregnant about a research program here at our woman's hospital (one of the best in the state) that has high risk doctors that work with you during your pregnancy if you have ever had any complications in the past. They give you monthly ultrasounds and check your levels monthly. best of all the program is free because it is voluntary and it gives you an opportunity to have another doctor offering their opinions and observations, it may get sticky towards the end of the pregnancy if one wants to go one way and one wants to go the other, but I guess why not have the best of both worlds!!!


lili246 - June 1

wow that sounds very interesting. I will do some research and see if they do that in the hospital I am having my baby. That is awesome. So is that problem called?
best wishes!!

I am doing alright I did vomit this morning had some nauseas but they are not bad. I guess they are decreasing and soon I will enjoying my pregnancy :)
Also looking forward to my first doctor's appointment :)

Have a great weekend!!


RNORST - June 1

Shan, well I hope thats a good sign for you, hope you get that BFP!! Like I said bbs are a like sore only if I touch them, I'm very bloated, af like cramps, pains when I bend over or turn over in bed, heart burn, hunger. Alot of these things I get every month, excpet the cramps never felt like af cramps before and I have never had that pain when I bend over or turn over in bed?? Hope thats a good sign?? Well.... I broke down yesterday and did a hpt, I'm not suppost to since I did the HCG trigger shot, it can cause false postives. At first I didn't see any second line, but then I turned it a little and looked closer in the light and I think I might of seen a very, very, I mean very faint line?? I took another this morning and it was the same way. I dont know if I'm dreaming or what, But I'm not getting excieted beacuse it could be from the trigger shot. I read on the internet that it can stay in your body for 4-14 days. Most places said 1000mg per day and mine was 10,000 mg, so that would mean 10 days. I took the shot 11 days ago. But I'm very early to take a hpt anyways. I'm only on cd 24 and 9 dpIUI. I will now wait until June 6th. Is that when your are testing also? I'm praying for us to be preg buddies.

Tia, I'm so execited for you, I'm praying that you will have sucess. That would be nice to have twins. Let us know how it goes.

Shara, Thats sounds like a great program, that would be nice to have u/s every month. Keep me posted on your levels. When will they do the 1st u/s? Good luck your in my prayers.

Love Renee


Shara - June 1


The program is called The Center for Advanced Obstetrical Care and Research (CAORC) it would be conducted with the Perinatology Research Branch of a hospital in your area. The hospital that is hosting it is not my hospital so be sure that you check with all the major ones.


I won't have my first u/s until my sixth week. Which is good anyways because I can't go into the program at the other hospital until I get a u/s that detects the heartbeat. So I am hoping that it would be in the week of the 11th!!!


lili246 - June 1

Thanks Shara for the info. I will do some researching and hope that I can find sometime similar here :)

Hope that you give us good news this coming week. Please keep positive and stay calm. I am sure you are the next one.

How are you feeling? I am thinking of you :)

Love Lili


Jess - June 1

Yea!!! I finally figured it out!! I have a ticker thanks to all of you girls!! I'm still feeling like I have the flu day and night....Not fun. I just hope it ends when I turn 12wks so I can start enjoying this pregnancy:) All I know, is that it is ALL worth it in the end of the 9mos!!!

Positivegirl-You and I are really close in our dates!!:) I'm due Jan 8th!! Congrats once again!!

Everyone in the 2ww-I'm praying for you and hope to see you on the Recent BFP forum soon!!!:)

Love you all,

Baby dust to those who need it right NOW!!!


Mahogany Heart - June 3

Hello Ladies just letting you all know Chance was born May 31, 2007 @ 3:34PM wearing 7lbs and 9 ozs and 19" in length.

Ladies keep the Faith. I did and God will bless you.




Stacey85 - June 4

Mahogany he's gorgeous ;D you must be so happy! Congrats

Stacey xx


wantafamily - June 4

Hi ladies

Today I will O and then start my 2ww.

wow, there are so many positives on this board - who is left that is ttc???

Congrats to all!


lili246 - June 4

Mahogany Heart,
He is so cute, wow he sure was born with alot of hair. You are very lucky to have a cutie :)
Enjoy him to the fullest!!

Hey girl congrats make sure you bd and not stress to much enjoy it and let it be it. Good Luck and hope you get that BFP this month.

How are you feeling? Praying for you!!

I am worry about you but I also have a big feeling that you have good news for us. Please right to me ASAP can't wait and I am so anxious to know what that hpt said. I have a big feeling about some good news but since I haven't heard from you hope that youa re doing ok. Praying for you toget that BFP.

How is everyone else doing? Hope you all had a great weekend. It is always to short hope we can get longer ones. ;)

Love Lili


RNORST - June 4

Shara, the week of the 11th will be here so soon, how execiting to get the u/s done. How are you feeling? Make sure you take it easy and rest.

M.H., He is sooo cute, you are so blessed!!!

Wantsafamily, welcome to the 2ww club, I only have a few days left. Good luck this month.

Lili, Well, I didn't test yet, I'm kind of scared. I'm going to wait until Wed, the day I'm suppost to. I want to make sure the hcg level is high enough before I test.
My bbs were just a little sore on Friday, they are really, really sore and swollen now, hope its a BFP sign rather than af. I have faith and Trust in God, It's all in His mighty hands!!

Love Renee


jesswantsafamily - June 4

hello ladies im 11 dpo and my bbs r sore they have been all weekend they just get worse everyday that passes im not sure if its a sign of af or wat bc my bbs dont usually get sore when af is on her way maybe once or twice but thats it im not sure wat to think i also have had alot more watery cm i dont really know wat that could mean....?

good luck to all the ladies in the 2ww hope u all get ur bfp


Shara - June 4

Good Afternoon Ladies,

Just got in from class and I am pooped. I have another class this evening at 6pm and I am not looking forward to another 3 our class today. I have a presentation to do tomorrow and I just started yesterday LOL!
I went the doctor this morning for another level check and it was 598 (from 154) so it more than doubled which is good. I get one more check next Monday and then off to the ultrasound!!!! I have to wait until six weeks to extablish a fetal heartbeat and off to the high risk program. I am so excited. I am in the anxious period between I hope I don't get m/s and I can't wait until I am out of the first trimester LOL - I am so impatient.

Renee - it is almost time for you test. I completely understand how nervous you are, but I tested 10 dpo. I am praying for you and I know that you are next!!! ;D ;D

MH - I finally got the rest of my pictures!! My little nephew is too cute!!!


RNORST - June 4

Jess wantsafamily, sound to me that you could be preg, have you taken a hpt? You should take one? Good luck and let me know.

Shara, so you test 10dpo? That makes me want to test, I'm 12 dpoIUI. My dh wants me to wait, just to be safe. I'm almost there, I'm counting down, 40 hours left!!!!

Love Renee



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