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Ange - April 27

Jade~ I hope you are ok. I am sorry you have to go through stress during which is suppposed to be the happiest time in you life. I will do some research for you so far i have only found wild yam root that can help but i am not sure about it so don't go out buying it. I will check more tonight and if I find something I will post it. Take care


Hope33 - April 28

Hello Everyone, I'm new to this board. I've been having a really hard time emotionally ttc. My husband and I have been trying for two years now with no luck. We were both tested last year. My tubes are clear and his test came back normal. Then I had my blood tested and my progesterone level was low. My doctor put me on clomid for 6 months and still no luck. It has been very disappointing and frustrating. I feel like my friends and coworkers don't fully understand how I feel so it's hard to talk to them about it. Work has been especially difficult for me lately because one of my coworkers is pregnant. I want to be happy for her but it's hard hearing her talking about it every day.
Anyway, I go back to my doctor in a week and a half to see what my next step is.
Thank you Ange for setting up this message board so that I can meet others who are going through the same thing that I am.


Mahogany Heart - April 28

Lili and Ange,

Yes my plans is to try again after Chance is born at least 6 weeks too 3 months after birth. I don't have a year or two to wait. I'm getting older in age now.

To be honest I don't think I will have as much time as I want to with Chance because DH is waiting so patiently and his sister has moved up for south Florida as well. From the sounds of it the only time I'm going to have with my baby is feeding times LOL.

Ladies keep the Faith and Supernatural Baby Dust.


destinybaby - April 28

Hi Lili,

I am so happy that you and baby are doing well. Don't even think about your silly boss anymore, just have a wonderful weekend get a massage or whatever that makes you feel good. You don't deserve this kind of treatment.

As for me I will be starting Lupron on the 8th. I did have the surgery about 3 weeks now and I am doing very well. Can't wait to be pregnant.



Ange - April 28

Jade~ I didn't find much last night and I was going crazy today cause it 's my brothers birthday so we were there this afternoon. I will look more tonight. HOw are you?

MH~ I am so excited for you. Sounds like you have a great family to help you out when Chance arrives. I hope you wil come to this board to buddy with us when you are TTC.

Hope33~ Welcome to our little group we are all here to help each other. Most of us have different reasons for our IF but we are friends who understand. I wish I had this when I first found out about my IF 14 years ago. I too have a pregnant co-worker that always wants me to feel the baby kick. I know she does it cause she wants me to feel what she feels but it is not the same. My best friend is a BABYMACHINE. She just has to think about being pregnant and she is. Coming here and hearing news about bfp is so different cause these woman have gone through so much to get that BFP you are trully happy for them. How long have you been with your RE? Maybe time to get a second opinion. Do you ovulate? Do you temp? Do you have a journal? Do you have ew cm? Do you use Preseed, Green tea, Prenatals? I know lots of questions but you need to take control now. You don't want o go through what I have or MH. That is way too long for this journey. If you need to talk you can email me [email protected]

Tia~ I am having the lupron shot on the 7th I will let you know how it goes. Are you going for IVF this summer?


Ange - April 28

Jade~ check out this link


destinybaby - April 29

Hi Ange,

Yes I am starting IVF. Scary, but I am looking forward to the outcome of being pregnant. I am soooo excited that we get to go through this together. I reallly needed someone. This is my first time with any kind of infertility treatment, so tell me how it went with Lupron. How many meds are you on I am doing Follistim and Lupron, progestrone and of course the HCG shot.

Tia :D


Jade - April 29

Ange~ Thanks for all your help. I am trying not to think about it until Tues. All it does is stress me out. I posted to Dr. Jacobs about my numbers. It made me feel a little better. This is what I posted......

I had my 1st beta last Saturday (11 dpo). It came back at 50. I repeated 48 hours later (13 dpo) and it was 125, progest. was 22. Today I went in for my last one (17 dpo) and it was 709, but my progest went down to 11.4. (512 would have been beta doubling- so it clearly doubled) I thought it was good, but he wanted me to repeat again next Tuesday because he thinks my numbers are too low. I ususally have a 16 day lutual phase and I took 5 mg of femara this cycle. Do you think that these numbers are low and I should be concerned?
Thanks for you help!

This is his response.......

If your hCG level is at least doubling every 48 hours, it is very encouraging. I would like to see a progesterone of at least 20 ng/ml. That can be improved by using progesterone supplement.
Good luck.

So I think that Tuesday I am going to be demanding and ask for a supplement if my numbers are below 20. I called back Friday afternoon and told her my concerns and the nurse said that he didn't think I needed to be on a supplement and to wait and see on Tues. From all I have read- it wont hurt anything to be on one- SO I guess I am going to have to express my concerns and tell him for no other reason then to put my mind at ease. I don't want to step on his toes bc I know he is the professional, but I want to make sure that I dont do anything to put my pregnancy at risk.......What do you think?


Hope33 - April 29

Hi Ange, thank you for welcoming me to the group. I'm new to message boards so I had to look up all of the abbreviations. :) You have a pregnant coworker too? So you know how I feel? It's like a constant reminder that I'm not pregnant. When I'm at work, I want to concentrate on work and not think about ttc but when she comes over EVERY day and talks about it, it's a constant reminder.
To answer your questions, I have been taking prenatals. I have not taken Preseed or Greentea. I don't temp and I don't have a journal but I keep track of my cycle on my calender. I have a very regular period so I'm pretty sure I ovulate. It's all still really new to me. I haven't done a lot of research. I haven't been to a specialist yet. My gyn is the doctor who prescribed the Clomid. I'm going back to see him soon. I wonder if I should get a second opinion. That thought has crossed my mind.
Thank you for your advice and concern! Good luck to you and all of the other ladies!


BlessME - April 29

Hi Ladies How are we doing today?

Remember I said I was going to test on sunday if no AF, well she still hasnt shown up but I dont think I am going to test. I really do not feel any different so I dont think I am pregnant. I know some women have no pregnancy symptoms...but I dont know girls....I just dont feel it. My last cycle went for 48 days, that rarely happens to me, maybe if any once a year. I think this might also be a long cycle, but twice in a row well thats not common.

For sure sometime this week i'll test if no AF, Im under alot of stress for school, its my last week.

I keep getting dreams that my period is here harder than ever but i just think that is my subconsious telling me that I wish it was here so i can start all over. I misplace my last HPT so I would have to go buy another one, plus I got into a discussion with the DH yesterday that I ended up telling him that I didnt want to know. Im sorry ladies, of course I want to know Im just afraid of seeing that negative outcome. Good luck to all.

I'll let yall know the results as soon as I find out.

Hope33 welcome on board.

Jade Im sure everything will turn out ok on tuesday.


Jade - April 29

Blessme~ I totally think you should test. I had more symptoms on the months I wasn't pregnant. I ever still think that I am going to get AF now. It is best to know now so you can go ahead and see the dr. Especially if you are late- you will get accurate results. Good luck.

Hope~ I think you should see an RE. If you are sure you are ovulating each month then there is no need for clomid. I was put on clomid by my gyn-then switched to an RE. My gyn did not check anything while on the clomid and my RE immediately took me off of it. It caused my lining to be to thin and messed up my cm making it impossible for me to conceive. SO there are many tests they should do while you are on the drug. Call and get a second opinion........


Hope33 - April 30

Thank you for your advice Jade. When I was on the Clomid, I was getting my blood tested every month. The doctor always seemed concerned about my progesterone level, said it was low but the Clomid was helping but I still didn't get pregnant. I guess I just assumed I was ovulating since I have a regular period but maybe I wasn't...


shan1234 - April 30

Hello Ladies,

I’m still waiting on my af to show. ::)

Hope33 -- welcome on board.

Blessme – I’m waiting on your results.

Jade – I hope everything will turn out fine. Keep us posted.



BlessME - April 30

NEGATIVE :'( :'( :'( :'(
Started taking Ovulex againg hope it will make my period come.

Dont ever lose faith!!!


Jade - April 30

Blessme~ Sorry about the negative test. It may be too early yet. There is still hope.....

Hope~ If you try clomid again- ask for a postcoital test (that will test cm and sperm during O) and an ultrasound before o to check your follicles and your lining. That way you willl know for sure if you have eggs growing and if your lining is too thin. You may want to ask about femara. It is similar to clomid with less side effects. That is what I took this cycle.

Ange~ How are you? When is your shot?

Lili~ How are you feeling? HOpe your Monday was better than Friday......

Well I am going for more bloodwork tomorrow. I am soooo nervous. I will post as soon as I know something....


lili246 - April 30

I am sorry to hear about that bfn that really stinks but keep the faith and it will happen for you soon. I know that stress can cause this delay it happen to me 3 months ago. Good luck with school!

Thank you for your support girl I did try to relax and calm down at least he left early that day and that was much better. I understand that he is old and at his age they get grouchy he is 85 years old but at this point it's where I can't take anything like that or become very sensitive. But it doesn't happen again.

I am feelling better today. I did alot of resting during the weekend and was very I have been getting more nauseas all day well it comes and goes but not that bad but does get uncomfortable. I have been eating alot and hope I don't gain alot of I do get very hungry in the mornings. I will have to do alot of work on exercising after
Try to calm down and stay positive I am sure that everything is ok and relax. Please let us know what the doctor says tomorrow. Have you been having any pregnancy symptoms?

Hey girls on sunday very early in the a.m I went to the bathroom and when I wipe I saw some pink in the toilet tissue and got very scared and remember of my m/c symptoms last time, but didn't see anything else after that and Ihave been very careful when I wipe but that was the only time I saw that weired pinkish I will be careful and hope that nothing bad happens.

I justc alled my insurance and they have not recieved the application so what i will do is re-send them another application again and hope that they get it soon, this is unbelievable and I can't wait to go to the doctor. I will send them the applli. today so that they can recieve it atleast by the end of the week.

Have a great night!!

Love Lili

Good Luck Jade, I am praying for you!!! :)



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