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lili246 - April 30

I am sorry to hear about that bfn that really stinks but keep the faith and it will happen for you soon. I know that stress can cause this delay it happen to me 3 months ago. Good luck with school!

Thank you for your support girl I did try to relax and calm down at least he left early that day and that was much better. I understand that he is old and at his age they get grouchy he is 85 years old but at this point it's where I can't take anything like that or become very sensitive. But it doesn't happen again.

I am feelling better today. I did alot of resting during the weekend and was very I have been getting more nauseas all day well it comes and goes but not that bad but does get uncomfortable. I have been eating alot and hope I don't gain alot of I do get very hungry in the mornings. I will have to do alot of work on exercising after
Try to calm down and stay positive I am sure that everything is ok and relax. Please let us know what the doctor says tomorrow. Have you been having any pregnancy symptoms?

Hey girls on sunday very early in the a.m I went to the bathroom and when I wipe I saw some pink in the toilet tissue and got very scared and remember of my m/c symptoms last time, but didn't see anything else after that and Ihave been very careful when I wipe but that was the only time I saw that weired pinkish I will be careful and hope that nothing bad happens.

I justc alled my insurance and they have not recieved the application so what i will do is re-send them another application again and hope that they get it soon, this is unbelievable and I can't wait to go to the doctor. I will send them the applli. today so that they can recieve it atleast by the end of the week.

Have a great night!!

Love Lili

Good Luck Jade, I am praying for you!!! :)


Jade - April 30

Lili~ I think it is good news that you are having some m/s. It is a sign that everything is going well. As for the pink on the toliet paper- I think that is pretty common. I would relax and take it easy, but I read alot of women that have the same thing and go on to deliver healthy babies. I am not having any symptoms. My bbs are a little sore and that is it. I hope that is not a bad sign. I am hoping for some symptoms might put my mind at ease. I will let you know what happens tomorrow as soon as I find out. Pray for me!


lili246 - April 30

Ofcourse Jade I will be praying for you girl. :) Have you tested again with a hpt. I know I tested one hundred times after I found out that I was pregnant it was that I couldn't believe it. I am sure that everything is going well with you and the baby have faith and I will be praying for you.
I guess everything is going well with my I have been feeling good but like I say with those nauseas and feel very tired. I spend the whole weekend resting and being very lazy. I hope that I get that energy back soon. I have lots to do at home and I hate seeing my room such a
My boobs don't hurt as much only my nipples but do feel that they are alittle heavier than usuall.
Hope that everything is ok with my baby aswell.
Lets keep tha faith and I am trying to take it easy and not think of my past. I am sure that god is watching over us :)

Love Lili


shan1234 - April 30

Lili – I wouldn’t worry about the pink on the toilet paper. I have a friend that is 7.5 weeks pg and she went to the dr. for the same problem. Her dr. did an ultrasound and told her everything looks normal and not to worry about the spotting unless it’s a dark red. So, try to relax and take it easy (I know that's easy to say, but probably hard to do). Just remember what you said "Keep the Faith" -- It's all in God's hands now. :)



Jade - April 30

Lili~ I unfortuately used all 15 of my hpt I went to go use another one yesterday and they were all gone. SSOOOO now I wait.. I can't believe the insurance lost your papers and you have to send out more. My 1st ultrasound is on May 21st. That seems like forever away. I wish I had one sooner.


lili246 - April 30

I know I am keeping the faith and am not stressing myself. I know that it's all in gods hands and I know that this pregnancy is a blessing and he will protect it all the way till birth. I trust in him and I am keeping the faith all the way. I know it's hard not to worry but with faith everything is possible. :)

Well first of all they said that they have not recieved anything which it;s been 2 weeks already and they said they might got lost in the mail which don't know what to think so right now I already have the copies all made and just need to go and buy a money order so I can send it like they told me to. I hope they don't take any longer it's making me impatient.
I wish that I could go to the doctor soon but I will wait and as long as everything is ok that is good :)
I am praying for you girl so keep the faith!!

Love Lili


jesswantsafamily - April 30

hello ladies i was on here before as just ~*Jess*~ but it wouldnt let me use my info anymore so i had to make a new name and all that

congrats to lili and everyone else on ur BFP
ok so i had stopped taking my ovulex and everything i am now back on ovulex and have been since april 13th im takin the prenatal vitamins and foic acid like i was told my last af was feb 13 after i started the ovulex back up again my period came april 24 YEAH!!! it had been 70 days which is crazy i dunno why. i was on the depo b4 and it has been 15 months since since i was due for the last injection feb 1 2005 is when i was due for the last injection. does anyone have any advice to help me out wat can i do? my periods are so irregular since the depo i dunno wat to do anymore
any advice please help


Ange - April 30

Hi Girls!

I was so busy at work today I didn't get a chance to post.

Jade ~ I am praying for you. I know you will be fine.

Lili~ That sucks about you having to refile you insurance. But do it asap so you can get to a doctor to hear your little butterflies heart beat.

Tia~ I will for sure let you know how it goes. I am only doing I shot of the Lupron then having a surgery on June 4 th then going for ivf. How long are you on lupron for?

I so gotta run again get my little one in bed. will ttyl



Mesoma - May 1

Hi girls,
Always very busy at work but manage to read up your posts even if I cant put up mine as often as I want. This forum just feels like a familyto me, the eeling that we are all in the same boat and God is getting us across one by one.
Still on ovulex, my 6th day today , CD10 and having signs of ovulation already, feels strange, quite early I think.
Dh, started taking amberoz yesterday, after much refusal, at times I just wonder what it with men.

BlessMe: Keep faith my dear, goodluck on your school and your next round of ovulex.

BabyDust to all.


shan1234 - May 1

Jade – Do you have any good news for us??

Lili – How are you doing? Has the spotting stop?

I'm on my lunch break. I have to get something to eat. Talk to you guys later.

Shan :)


lili246 - May 1

well that spotting that I mention was a one time only when I wipe and that was all nothing else since then so that is good and I feel better my nauseas are still here and can't wait for them to go so that I can enjoy my pregnancy. :)

ANy good news!!! I am praying for you girl :)

Have a great day!!

Love Lili


Jade - May 1

Hi Ladies. I heard back from my test and I really don't know what to think. My progesterone increased to 18 so that is better--BUT my beta didnt double- it should have been around 2800 and it was only 2500. So I have to go back again next week for more blood. What do you guys think??


lili246 - May 1

I think you are doing alright. Everything seems good. I don't know much about those numbers but it is not that of a difference. I think you and the baby are ok. Don't worry everything will be ok. Go tot he store and buy more hpt just to make sure that you are pregnant. I am sure that you are because your numbers are not that far apart.

I am praying for you girl!!

Love Lili


Jade - May 1

Lili~ Thanks for your support. You are right- I need to stay positive and be happy. It is just so stressful- especially after mc. I am definitely still preggy bc my numbers are high and I just hope that they increase quickly. How have you been feeling lately? Having some m/s? Is it worse in the morning?


lili246 - May 1

Hey Jade,
ofcourse you are pregnant girl your numbers are up there and there is no doubt about that. I notice that stressing does not like in anything and it just gets worse. I know it is so hard to be positive after all that we have gone through our m/c but you know God has bless us once again for a reason and I am sure that this time it will be successful. I am positive and with alot of faith I trust in God and I know that he will protect us this time with a healthy pregnancy. :)

well it is worse in the a.m. because I get so hungry that can be eating every 30 I eat some cereal in the a.m the 30 mins. later I am hungry again. it gets better after I have my full lunch at noon. But the nauseas are all day they come and go and they are not that bad. Then later after work I go home and eat dinner then I get so tired and don't have any energy to do anything and just lay down in bed and be all lazy. Dh has been very good the past few weeks and letting me be all lazy but lately he thinks that I should start going on walks and start getting some energy but it is so hard it't not that I am being lazy but for reals I feel very tired... ;)
I know this is just for the begining of my pregnancy and after a few months everything will be better. I am getting close to my 2 months so I don't have that long to go and should be feeling better soon.
I just want to enjoy my pregnancy and that everything goes well as it is now.

well Jade stay positive and keep that faith girl!!

Love Lili


Ange - May 1

Jade~ yuppie glad to hear your levels went up for you progestrone. Your numbers for you beta still look good what were they last beta again? Now can you put a ticker and enjoy your pregnancy please. You are the pregnant woman at work now so glow and be happy girl. How many weeks are you?

Lili~ It sounds like you are having hunger pangs. How is it going with your insurance?

Again I am busy at work How are the rest of you ladies doing?



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