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positiveGirl - April 20

Hi Lili, :)

A VERY BIG CONGRATS !!! I am very happy for you. I am been away from this board for a long time. somehow got busy at work and daily chores. You have been so patient and so helpful to all. :)

I did 2 IUI(failed) and now doing double IUI with injectables. Please pray for me. Since last few months I am totally realxed and calm. As it's no use getting obssessing over it it does not help.

May I ask what were you taking/herbs/medications this month? My Dr. as put me on baby asprin, folic acid. I a taking green tea and EPO.

You take complete rest. Try doing Yoga it helps keep you calm, relaxed and have more energy.

PositiveGirl..... :)


RNORST - April 20

Hi girls, it's been a while, hope you are are doing good. I think I will O probably Monday. My f.m. says high, its been that way since tuesday. I'm starting to get cm, so thats a good sign. I have been drinking fertili-tea, its not too bad, I drink 2 cups a day. Havn't really notice any thing yet.

Hey have you girls ever been to the chriopactor? The lady that does my fertility massage wanted me to go so I did. My plevis bones are really our of place, that could cause infertility, all your nerves are connected in your back. I looked up chriopactor and infertility on the internet and there is tons of stuff on it. It's worth a try.
We are planing to see the re the day we get back from vacation and start IUI that month, but the chripator is giving me more hope, I dont know if we should try on our own a few more months or just go head with the IUI like planned??

Jade, when do you excepct af? So you will do the surgrey and IUI this next month, May? Maybe we can go though it together!!

Lili, Take it easy and relax!!

I'm praying for all you girls.
Love Renee


Jess - April 20

Does anybody know how Vidia is doing??? I'm a little worried not seeing her on here anymore....

Congrats to Lili!!!! Good to see a bfp.


Jade - April 20

Hi Ladies. I am sooo excited the board is back. I sure missed talking to you guys.

Well my surgery is tomorrow at 10:00. My AF shouldn't come until next week....HOWEVER, I went today for blood test to make sure I wasn't pregg--- and guess what---- I might be preggy. Now don't get too excited yet bc I did have a trigger shot 12 days ago. So my RE said there is a chance it could be from that. But most of the time it is out by 10 days. SO tomorrow morning I will go in before my surgery and have another blood test. If it goes up- BFP for me.. If it goes down - surgery.... So I took a hpt this morning and I say the faintest of faintest lines. The kind that can make you blind. I went in for my blood test- beta was at 37. (5 being +) This afternoon (because I am a POAS-aholic) I took another one and it was totally darker. I could see it with just a glance. AHHHHH-- I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. Anyone have any experince with trigger shots?


lili246 - April 20

Positive girl,

Well thank you so much!! I always keep myself positive and with faith. I know that you girls will become pregnant very soon, have faith I am praying for all of you sister's lots of baby dust!!

Well I only took my prenatals, take my temps every morning and used one tme preseed. Don't know but I O very early in my cycle a week after my period so it was very weired but I am happy though. I also used the fertility monitor and the first day I tested which was CD it should high fertility and the next day CD 10 it should peak so I bd on the peak day and the morning after that which should another peak aswell I guess it only took those 2 days of peak and that is when I got that bfp. I actually was more relax that month and practice 2 times the yoga which was a big help. So that is what I did hope that it helps you.

thanks girl I am wishing you all the best and hope that you get that bfp.
Hey I know I am worry about Vidia aswell. Hope that she is doing well.

I am praying for you girl hope that you get good news this month, take it easy and relax.

What is that good news you might have???

Have a great weekend!

Love Lili


lili246 - April 20

OMG girl I have so much faith like I always have told you that you might be having that BFP!! OMG please post right away and let us know what it comes up to. I should say not to do any surgery until you are sure about that bfp. I am so sure you are pregnant and I will be praying for you. Hey if you see that very fainted line which may play with you and might think that you are just dreaming of that second line well believe it because it happen to me it looks very line almost nothing but that may be a big sign that you are pregnant within the days pass it will become darker.
I am praying for you and hope to hear good news!! :)

Love ya



BlessME - April 21

Jade wow thats great news!!!! I'm keeping my fingers cross.

I missed talking to you girls, I even registed for another forum somewhere else but I dont seem to be getting the support im getting from here.

Rnorst I've been to the chiropracter but not for fertility but for back pain. I also read a lot of articles about acupuncture fixing fertility problems. It never occurred to me that massage could fix it.

As for me I went to the OB/GYN and she said I had a vaginal infection so she put me on meds for a week. Dont know if I ovulated or not I tested from 4/07 - 4/14 but none came out positive.

Well Im glad we are back.


Jade - April 21

Okay ladies. I took another test this morning ( I know- I am pathetic) and it looks lighter. So I am thinking it must have been the HCG. I am going in for a blood test @ 8 and then (if neg) surgery @ 10. Please pray that all will go well with my surgery. I will let you guys know what I find out......


Jade - April 21

YEAH BFP FOR ME!!! I am soo excited. I went to the hospital and was all set up for surgery just waiting for the results. My RE called my cell phone (which I wasn't supposed to be using) and told me it was BFP and I got to leave. This is the best day. I have to go back Monday for more blood work to see if my beta doubles. It was 37 yesterday afternoon and 51 this morning.


Ange - April 21

Hi girls, ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

It has been awhile. I am sooo happy for OUR BFP is this group. CONGRATS TO LILI AND JADE!!! WOW! ;D

Jade~ ;DI have goose bumps. I am so happy for you.....FINALLY! Happiness is coming to you. How is DH? Strange that the dr told you about dh sperm and you rejecting it. I guess one slipped in lol. You must email me [email protected] So we can keep in touch in case we lose this forum again. Please don't leave us totally we still want you to come and talk here.

Lili~ ;DHow are you doing today. Still very tired? take it easy and soon enough you wil see the doctor to hear your baby's little heart beat.

Renee~Good news with the chiro. I will try to see what they say. My cousin keeps telling me to go. But I am afraid of cracking my neck. I heard alot of people feel good for a bit then they start to feel worse. Maybe that was years ago or a myth.

Blessme~ sorry to hear about your infection. So you feel better now. I hope you get that bfp too. Remember never two without three. so it could be you.

Jess~ I haven't seen her on. I hope she is ok and comes here if she needs support. How are you doing?

Well girls we ttc this month since I O'd later. We used preseed this month too. I really saw the difference. My cycle is one week later so I should get AF until next friday. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and not thinking about all the signs I have LOL. I wish you all lots of luv and babydust! ;D



BlessME - April 22

Hey ladies have anyone of yall has ever had a vaginal infection?

According to the nurse there are a thousand ways one can get one. I dont have any symptoms or signs that I have one. She gave me Medication for it but I might wait till AF shows up to start taking them, just in case.

Ange i think we are on the same boat, the waiting game. I too do not want to mistake any signs that I might get.

Well take care. Wish everyone luck.


Jade - April 22

Ange~ Thanks so much. I was pretty surprised myself. Especially since the Re said this wouldnt be my cycle. And I was off for surgery and IUI next time. THE POWER OF PRAYER...... I will still stay in touch- I feel so close to you ladies and truely missed you guys when the board was broke. This may be you cycle. Good news happens in threes, you know?! I used preseed also and maybe that is what helped the "swimmers" I think it may be good stuff. I go in tomorrow for beta to see if they double so I think I will feel more relieved after I see the results. I am going to send you an email now so I can have your address saved in case something happens to the board.


lili246 - April 23

Congrats girl I am so happy for you!!!! Take it easy and rest alot :)

COme on girls this is great we are getting more BFP and we need more so keep on having the faith that soon all of you will in getting that BFP! Keep on trying and have the faith :)

Love Lili


RNORST - April 23

Jade, Congrats!!!! I'm soo happy for you. Let us know what you fine out today, I hope I get a bfp this month so I dont have to go though IUI. God is awsome, NOTHING is to impossable for GOD!!!

Blessme, the fertility massage is good. You should find some one and get it done.

Ange, you should try the chroipator, I dont think it like it use to be, he never did crack or pop my back, they have some fancy machine, it didn't hurt at all.

Well girls I got a peak this mornung on my f.m.!! I will not bd to much, so that I dont stress about it. I hope that getting ready for vacation will help me not think about it. I will be on vacation during the 2ww, the day we get back should be the day af comes, so the 2ww should fly by. The day we get back I will see the re to get IUI set up. I hope I get a BFP so I dont have to do IUI, but if af comes at least I will have help from the re. God will help me though this. I trust in Him.

Hugs and prayers for all you girls


BlessME - April 23

Good Afternoon ladies...we're getting some BFP thats great!!!!

Yall have been of great support to me.

It seems like this has been a very long month, 3 days till testing but dont really have my hopes up. Will see how things go, right now im feeling emotionally down.
I stop taking Ovulex 2 days ago just in case. I dont have any symptoms that AF is going to show up, but again I dont have my hopes up.

Thanks ladies for your support.

One more question, I know some of the ladies in here took Ovulex. I wanted to know if yall took ovulex up untill ovulation or did yall continue taking throughout the whole phase?

Once yall stop taking Ovulex did yall have any side effects?


Jade - April 23

Well ladies my dr appt today went good. I had my beta checked and it did indeed double- 125. It was 50 on Saturday. I have to go again one last time on Friday to have it checked again. My progest. was good too. Yeah. Things are looking good so far.

Renee~ I am so glad that you got your peak. I think this may be your cycle. You will have a nice relaxing 2ww. I hope you have fun on your vacation. When will you leave? It is good that your RE appt is the same day as you expect your AF- that way they can start meds or ultrasounds on time. Hopefully you won't need it. I will pray for you.

Ange~ How are you feeling? Af due to show up (hopefully not) on Friday?

Lili~ How is everything going. Feeling okay?

Blessme- I didnt have good luck with ovulex, but if you feel you may be pregnant you should stop taking it.



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