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Jade - April 23

Well ladies my dr appt today went good. I had my beta checked and it did indeed double- 125. It was 50 on Saturday. I have to go again one last time on Friday to have it checked again. My progest. was good too. Yeah. Things are looking good so far.

Renee~ I am so glad that you got your peak. I think this may be your cycle. You will have a nice relaxing 2ww. I hope you have fun on your vacation. When will you leave? It is good that your RE appt is the same day as you expect your AF- that way they can start meds or ultrasounds on time. Hopefully you won't need it. I will pray for you.

Ange~ How are you feeling? Af due to show up (hopefully not) on Friday?

Lili~ How is everything going. Feeling okay?

Blessme- I didnt have good luck with ovulex, but if you feel you may be pregnant you should stop taking it.


RNORST - April 23

Blessme, I usually stopped taking it a week or so before af, I had no side effects after. So are you going to test on Wed? Good luck, girl.

Jade, I'm so happy for you, you did it!!! I leave for vacation on Suday. I'm looking forward to it. Hope it helps me get that BFP, if not I'm excitied to go full force with the re. God gave you the perfect timing, I hope mine goes the same way. You will have a Christmas baby!!! Thanks for the prayer, I really need them, i want this so bad. I'm also praying for you and your lil bundle. Did you have any preg signs? What did you all do, The fermna and pre-seed anything else?

Love Renee


Jade - April 23

Renee~ Thanks for all your prayers and support. I really think that is what made the difference this time. I really prayed and read my Bible and decided that no matter what happened, God was going to help me when the time is right. I used the femara. I used preseed. I also used my Ov-watch......I drank green tea 1 a day until O. But I think it was just finally my prayers being answered.

I think that this will be your cycle. Especially seeing as how you have your Re appt lined up already. Then you wont need. God has a great way of timing things.....Are you going to ride the rides with your son. I know you will have a fabulous vacation....


Mahogany Heart - April 23

Hello Ladies,

How is everyone, I'm doing fine? I'm waiting for another BFP!!! Keep the Faith!!!

My Baby Shower was this weekend just passed and it was a success. I'm very thankful.

Love and Hugs


Mahogany Heart - April 23

Oh My God Jade,

How did I miss you got a BFP!!! I'm so happy for you. You Go Girl!!! I'm so happy. Now change your ticker!!! I guess I missed it by that as well and plus I been so busy. I'm about to cry it is a beautiful thing when a ttc gets a BFP!!!


RNORST - April 23

Jade, I know that it was all God and the right timing. Thats what I was thinking the other day, no matter what I do it wont happen until, God says its time.

I was telling Lili, that God loves us so much, He wants us to have the prefect timing, and the perfect timing would be this month, right before the re and also this way I can have fun on vacation and ride, rides with Will.
Well this would be prefsct timing for me, but maybe not for God, I trust Him and I know it will happen when He is ready.

I just felt O pain on the right side, I'm going to do yoga tonight to relax and enjoy bd and not stress about it, and prayer extra hard!!

Love Renee


lili246 - April 23

Jade is right if you feel pregnant then stop taking the ovulex. I think it says to keep taking it all the way until you feel pregnant.
Hey girl hope that you get that bfp!!!

Hey girl so you are having a new years day baby and I am having a christmas baby isn't that awesome :)
Lets keep praying for you baby's and for our girls here at the forum hope they can catch the baby dust!! :)

I am sure you are going to that BFP this month keep the faith girl!!
Just keep doing the yoga and use preseed it will help you cause it help me and Jade. I think that preseed if a wonderful thing.
I owe you one girl because you got me to buy the f.m. and then recommended me to buy the preseed and I think that all helped. I am sp happy and I will do all my best to help you get that bfp. I am sure god is watching over you and you will be getting that most wanted bfp next. Have faith!!!! :)

I am feeling good just tired and wish I could be home but here I am at work and barely opening my eyes. It is so hard but I hope I can bare with it. It is for a few months only and then I will feel better. :)

well girls have a great day!!

Love Lili


Jade - April 23

Renee, I thought of something else. My Re told me to put 2 pillows under my hips BEFORE bd and I tried that this time. I always stuck it under after bd but he said specifically before......

MH~ Thanks so much for your support. I will change my ticker. Did you get lots of goodies at your shower for Chance?

Lili~ We will keep the prayers coming and maybe soon we will have to change our board to a BFP board bc everyone will be preggy.


BlessME - April 24

Jade Im glad to hear that all though you took all those ingredients you THANK GOD formost. Congratulation again!!!Im so happy for you :)

RNOSRT thats the best thing one can do RELAX. Hope you have a wonderful time at yoga. So you get pain when you O? I've read some women do get pain. I sometimes get pain around were my ovaries are suppose to be, but I dont think its because I ovulate. I dont really know what the reason is.

If AF doesnt show up I'll test on Sunday.

Take care ladies.


sarah soveran - April 24

hi everyone my name is sarah and i was on ovulex sometime ago and was on the ovulex bored.... and stoped because i was slowly losing faith even though i had so much support.... but im back to say that i have not yet become pregnant it has been 4 years ttc and it is very hard.... i found out i have pcos and im on metformin now im not sure if any of you have heard of that it is supposed to help you become pregnant. and if that does not work i will try clomid does anyone have any advise for me thanks sooooo much and ladies keep faith because i now realize that there are miracles and everyone deserves one.


Ange - April 24

Jade~ I am happy to hear that your beta doubled. That is great news. Are you still in shock? I am so happy for you. I am doing good playing the waiting game I took a test last night but it was bfn. But still think it was tooo early.

Renee~ I think a vacation during the 2week wait is what everyone should do. I hope you enjoy yourselves. We will miss you when you are gone.

Lili~ I am so excited for you have you told your family yet. Or you are going to wait till you are 4 months? I am so happy for you soon we will all have bfp

MH~ glad to see you are doing well. Are you still in pain? I hope you got alot of goodies at your baby shower. Isn't it great to see bfp in this group finally. I think the door has opened now and we will be seeing more. Take care

Blessme~ how are you doing? did you test? I did and got a bfn. oh well if no af by friday i will test again

Sara~ Welcome to our little group. I don't have pcos but I have been ttc for 14 years now. don't lose faith it will happen when the time is right.



Les23 - April 24

Hello everyone.
I am taking clomid. The month before when the dr had me come in 7 dpo to check my progesterone level I had not taking the clomid and the results came back at a 7.2 which from what I understand they want at aleast a 10 without medication. So this past cycle while clomid the test came back at 22 which was a for sure sign that I ovulated. So I was super excited thinking maybe we conceived that time. Well AF showed on Saturday which made my cycle 29 days and that is really rare since my cycles range from 32- to like 50 or 60 days. So I need to start the clomid tomorrow I will be on day 5 of my cycle so I am really praying that this time it will happen.
DR said she will go 6 months for me on the clomid.


lili246 - April 24

You are right pretty soon we will have to change this forum to a success stories BFP because I do have the faith that everyone will be getting the BFP very soon. Keep the faith girls!!

Well my parents know that I am pregnant and a few of my closes friends, but that is all the rest of them I will just tell them when I start showing and by the way I am going it might be My clothes is starting to be tight. So yeah around my 4th month I will tell my boss aswell. SO he can be prepared when I take

Have faith girls your turn is around the corner we are sending you all lots of baby dust!!

Love Lili :)


RNORST - April 24

Lili, thanks for the encougment, I did you the yoga last night and used pre-seed.

Jade, I wonder why the pillow before, did he say why, was it because of the pre-seed? Thanks for your advice I will do that today.

Blessme, I do get O pain, this month the pain was alot less, Thank God. It swiches each month for one side to the other, depending on which side I O, this month it was the right side.

Sarah, I cant help you with that other med, but I have been on Clomid and I had no side effect, I only made one egg, which I would make one egg with out the clomid, but I was only on 50 mg. I see the re on May 7th to set up IUI with 100 mg of clomid. I pray that I get a BFP this month so I wont have to go though that. Have you seen the movie facing the gaints, if not watch it, it will help you with your faith. We are all hear for you.

Ange, so you will test again on Friday, Good luck my finger are crossed for you. I know the 2ww on vacation will be nice and the day I get back will be the day af is suppost to come, and of course this week is very busy getting ready for vacation, the 2ww will fly by. I will also miss you guys alot. If the cruise ship have internet, I will write to you guys.

Les23, that stinks that af came, but at least your cycle was more normal, then having a long cycle. I will be on clomid next month with a IUI, if I dont get any luck this month. How many mg are you taking?

Well girls I got another peak today and temps when up from yesterday, 97.9 to 98.3. So I think I'm in the 2ww. I will bd again tonight since this is my 2nd peak. I did bd on sunday and monday and if I do it again tonight, I should have it covered. I did use pre-seed last night and I really think that helps keep the swimmers up there, I still havn't lost any:) I think that the massage and the chiropactor is really helping, before I had Will I never had any O pains, and then after I would get them so bad, that some times my legs would get numb with pain. My pain wouldn't always be that bad, but the pain would last for 1- 2 days. I was reading about O pain and it said O pain usual last for a few min. to a few hours, and mine before was a few days. This month I have O pain on the right side for about 5 min and that was it :0). Maybe my body is back to normal, with the help of the chiro??

I go see my massage lady tonight, because she has this other lady that does accup. and she whats me to see her and this lady wants to look at my tounge?? I guess see can tell things about your body, by looking at your tounge?? I will let you know tommorow what she tells me.

Prayer and baby dust to all
Love Renee
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BlessME - April 24

RNORST "I did use pre-seed last night and I really think that helps keep the swimmers up there, I still havn't lost any:)" This made me smile, the DH is always asking me "how are my little guy doing are? are they still up there" I hope preseed did its job.

Its funny also i've never heard of anyone wanting to see you tongue for dyagnostics (not sure if thats how you spell that :) but hey they would know thats what they do for a living.
You know I do get the occasional pain on my side but it never occurred that the reason for that was ovulation i just figured somethin was wrong with me. It doesnt happen often but maybe when it happens next time I'll keep a note of it, hopefully it wont happen till 9mths from now.

I hope you have a great time on your cruise, we'll miss you if we dont get the chance to talk to you. Enjoy the
sun 8)

Ange sorry to hear it was negative but like you say it might be to early to detect. It says that you are in CD 31 what is your average cycle length? I put I have a cycle length of 33 but sometimes its longer than that. I dont want to test yet because i dont want to see a BFN!!! There has been too many times i get excited thinking I am - i test- and negative:( If AF hasnt shown up by monday I'll test then, but even then I dont want to. Sometimes that excitement of thinking that you might be pregnant brings a little bit of happiness. I just hope that this is our time Ange. Wish you luck im really hoping to get some more BFP ;D

Jade did the doctor tell you the reason putting a pillow before? I sometimes put a pillow during BD, this raises my pelvis about 6" DH says he can get further in there like that. Sorry if to much info.

Sara and Less welcome on board.


shan1234 - April 24

Hello Ladies, ;D
I’m new to this forum, I have been posting on the Ovulex forum, but it just seems that I don’t get any reponses – only from BlessMe (Hi BlessME) :). I need some buddies that will encourage and support me through this journey. I have been reading this forum for the last two days and there is a lot of support, which I need right about now.

I'm Shan, 28, happily married. :) I had a miscarriage in May, 06 when I was 10 weeks along. The baby stopped growing at 7.5 weeks but my body refused to let go, so I had to have a D&C. I have been ttc since Oct. 06 and nothing. Now I’m taking Ovulex and the only side effect that I have noticed is that I’m tired a lot.

RNORST & BlessMe – What is pre-seed? Is that something that my dh will enjoy?

Jade – Does it have to be 2 pillows? I have been using 1 pillow after we bd. I didn’t know you are suppose to use 2 pillows and before you bd. I have learned something new today. :)

God bless us all!!





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