Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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honeybaby - October 17

Hi Girls,

I am so happy for 44-45 and Asunflower and why not me too. I went this past monday for b/w and u/s and my beta is doing great and we were able to see the my little baby I am today 6 weeks and will be going next monday for more b/w and u/s and maybe then to hear the heartbeat. I am very hopeful that this is it!

And yes to all of you who are in the process of transfer or retrieval I send you my best and showers of baby dust!

We are static at home and I will be in touch.


Asunflower - October 17

44 -You are the one keeping me strong through this. I know you started with a low number as well and you prevailed! Great new for you! Keep us posted! Please pray for DH and I for our beta tomorrow!

Honeybaby-You are moving right along! Congrats and keep us posted on the heartbeat! I can't wait to hear your news.


Kris - October 18

Asunflower-You and DH are in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with your beta tomorrow.


Fortyfourfive - October 18

Well things can turn around in a heartbeat. I was leaving a patients house today and felt wet in my pants. It was a half hour drive until my next patient and when I got there and checked my pants they were soaked in blood. They just happened to be white. She gave me a pair of pants to change into and I called my doc. I go in the morning to see if the baby is still there. There was a big chunk that looked like a blood clot in my underwear and I wonder if that was the baby. I dont have any cramping really just acky. I cant believe this is gong to happen again. I hate this.


Asunflower - October 18

I am so sorry 44. I am praying for you and hoping for the best.


airframeangel - October 18

44, I am so unbelievably sorry and my heart is aching for you right now. Are you feeling any better? I know that is a dumb question, but I really do worry about all the girls here!

Baby dust to all


Asunflower - October 19

Official Chemical Pregnancy. Beta is down to 12 already. I am at the end of my rope, ready to give up all hope. Thanks to all who was thinking of me and praying for me. I guess it is just not in the cards for me.



Just getting up to date with the posts today wed the 18th... did you go to the doctors today? My heart goes out to you i was thinking about you earlier tonight we went to a mass at our church afterwards we stayed and lighted a couple candles and said a little prayer and while i was praying i mentioned you personally and asked god to give 44 & all of us women on this site strength.
trust me i am not a holy ruler but sometimes thats all you can do is pray!!
your in my thoughts...


Fortyfourfive - October 20

Thank you all for your thoughts

Asunflower - sorry for the chemical pregnancy = again. It is so hard to get a positive and then have it turn negative.

I went to the doctor and the baby was fine. It really hurt my cervix for him to do the exam and my cervix felt like it was on fire. The doc felt that my cervix is irritated from the progesterone suppositories and taking the baby asa makes it bleed more than it should. I now take 2cc of progesteron every day. Ouch. My butt is getting sore. I spotted some today but nothing crazy.
Hubby cried right with me when we saw the heartbeats. This is really tough some times. I dont know how we all do it, time after time.

Baby dust to all and once again. Thank you all again for your prayers.



airframeangel - October 20

Asun, sorry for your chemical pg... it rips little pieces of my heart out when I hear anything less than a BFP! We all deserve it but it is a long road. At first I thought I was being punished for something I may have done when I was younger, but then I realized that sometimes it is only that we drew the short straw and are going to have hard times. My marriage and my faith is stronger because of all this.

44, those butt shots are for the birds! But if they help that lil baby we do what we have to do.

Update on my last failed cycle: RE says that I stimmed very fast and that they want me to try next time a smaller dose of the meds so I can stim longer. My body will have a break in Afghanistan, but when we get back - game on. I am going to have my 30th and my husband his 40th birthday in Afghan. We were just starting to think about how old our child/children would be if we got pregnant next time and he is freaking out about college and sharing his social security! LOL. He is too cute. One thing I have learned is that getting angry doesn't help, but I just can't give up.

Baby dust to all!



Asunflower - October 20

44-45 Did you say heartbeats? Do you have 2 little ones in there? I am so glad to hear things are ok. What a scare. Best wishes!


Kris - October 20

Asunflower-I am so sorry to hear about your chemical I wish you didn't have to go through this. You are so strong and your faith is amazing. I wish you the best in future cycles.

To all you other ladies good luck with your BFPs and with your future cycles.

Fortyfourfive-I also had heavy bleeding and clotting at the beginning of my pregnancy. I was also on 2cc of the PIO and it wasn't fun since I had to continue through my entire 1st trimester.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


allison - October 20

44-5, I too had AF-like bleeding with DD at 12 weeks. It was very scary. Rest and take it easy.

Asunflower, so sorry to hear about the chem preg. None of this is fair at all.

Hope everyone else is doing well.



Fortyfourfive - October 21

Hi all - it was only one in there. but lots of heartbeats - Ha!! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Thank you all for your bleeding stories. It helps to know what others have gone through it and has been ok. I am really getting tired though. The heartburn is starting also. Hello pepcid. Tums dont work.

Take care all and baby dust to all.



great news... I have mentioned you to my husband a few times when I have posted or read posts and now when I sign on the computer hes already asking how is 44-5? we were both glad to hear all is well..
take it easy...
best wishes



Lila - October 23

Hey everyone - sorry it has been a while since I posted I have just been traveling a ton and on top of that are cable keeps going down when I am home so no computer acess!

Sunflower - I am so sorry for the chemical I really thought the FET was going to be the answer and that this was going to be it. I hope you are well and you and your DH are helping through what I am sure is a difficult time. I know your faith is strong so I hope that is giving you the strength you need right now. I forget if you have any more frozen - if you do I wish you all the luck I the world on your next attempt.

44 - Oh my goodness what a wild ride you are having!! I am so happy things are now going well and I am sure seeing that heartbeat was the best! Congratu;lations and good luck as you continue on to the next US!

Angel it was good to see you are still checking in - there is not a day that goes by that when I listen to the news I do not think of you, your DH and all your frriends. I wish we could wave a magic wand and bring peace to the ME, Afganistan, Darfur ...sadly the list just goes on and on. I hope you are well and that your preparations are going smoothly. I am glad you are getting excited about cycling again when you return home. I hope that that cycle will provide you with the success you deserve. Do not worry about your DH being 40 by then mine just turned 44 so yours is still a young-un!

Helena - How are you doing? Hope you are well - would love to hear what is going on with you.

Hope everyone else is also well and had a nice weekend.



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