Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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destinybaby - February 15

Hi ZoeCalifornia,

Thank you so much for explaining this to me. There is so much to know. I feel really blessed to have come upon this site. I was scared and lost before. I feel ok about this. You are right having a baby i heard the pain is really bad. I don't care about the pain I just want to be a mommy. It will all be worth it. So the entire process is about 2 months before ER? I can't wait.

My RE wants me to come in for blood work on the 2, 3, or 4th day of my AF. What's that about? and my husband has to give them his sperm as well.

How far along with ttc process are you?

Thank you so much again.

Baby Dust To All


BekyVice - February 15

Happy to help! See my profile (below my response) for my up-to-date info! We're just waiting for next week's ultrasound (which will be 5 weeks pregnant) to see if the sac is indeed growing like it should be.

Regarding the bloodwork, expect to give vials of blood about 5 times during this 2 month period. They check constantly for your levels... levels of something different every time. The first one... the one you are looking forward to next week... is to check your FsH levels. You are looking for anything under 9. 9 is pushing it and is getting close to "menopause" levels. Yikes. Mine (at 43) was 6.2, which was considered super-duper, to give you a baseline on which to build. That's how they check your ovarian reserve to see if IVF is even worth it. They'll be doing a sperm analysis on your husband, too. Make sure he gives the best sample by not "doing it" 2 days before the test, but no longer than 4 days before the test. This will tell the RE if you guys also have male factors (they are not uncommon, so don't be shocked). I know when my body-builder hottie husband found out he had male-factor (low sperm count, low morphology, low motility) he was devastated and started blaming himself badly and feeling demasulated. Nip that in the bud and tell him it's more common than he realizes!

You're going to have 150 questions a day. Why don't you start reading Dr. Smith's forum, "Andrology and Embryology" and just see how much you can glean from there!

Good luck!


destinybaby - February 15

Hi Zoe

Thanks again, for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope my FSH level is fine I am 34 and DH 36. :o

I am sending lots of Baby Dust For You. On the other board I saw your post on your research. Don't worry, as I mentioned check out fortyfourfive story. You are wonderful to take this time when you are worried for yourself. :)

I will check out Dr Smith's board. By the way, he has a serious family issue so he will not be around. Saw his post today.

Thanks agian.



LoriTTC - February 21


I just joined this board tonight so I'm new and unsure if I'm even replying properly. I think we are going to be on a very similar IVF schedule. I just went for my day 3 FSH today (actually on day 2) and will begin my BCPs tomorrow. Depending on all my tests/progress the tentative IVF is expected in April. My day three FSH was 8.4 and estraidol 57. Not the greatest but I'm still hopeful.

Keep me posted on your progress and I wish you and DH great success.



destinybaby - February 21

Hi Lori,

Welcome. You will find the women on this board and others to be very supportive. Any questions, ask away.

Yes it seems we are on the same schedule (yea !) I am waiting on my AF which should be coming tomorrow and I should be going to the RE's office on Friday (day 2) and we will see from there.

I am not sure what your challenge is, but for me IVF is my only option (blocked tubes). I have read that some women who have failed with IUIs have success with IVF. So you should get your BFP very soon.

I am happy to have you here to go through this together.



destinybaby - February 21

Hi ladies,

Not sure what the heck is going on my AF is not here yet. It was suppose to be here yesterday and I am still waiting. I feel like a AF is coming, but nothing. My girls are swollen. I don't feel like I am stressed, actually I was looking forward to starting the IVF PROCESS this week. I am always on time 28th days.

Just needed to vent.

Lori, great book to get "The Infertility Survival Handbook" It is just great. take a look at it.



JANE ALLERTON - February 23

Tia: read your post here. I can fully echo your sentiment on this book!

THE INFERTILITY SURVIVAL HANDBOOK by Elizabeth Swire Faulkner or Elizabeth Faulkner Swire.

It's very very practical with very well written comprehensive chapters. It is very fact based with minimal spin or heavy jargon except where appropriate.

I found it in my library, read it twice on loan. Loved it so much as a terrific resource and got it on Amazon at about $15 or so. TOTALLY well worth the money considering how much you spend on IVF, IUI or whatever else. Of the 10 plus books that I loaned or bought on this topic, this is the most satisfying book I've found. Plus a doctor or a whole practice reviewed it.

Considering how much energy regular life, work and the IVF process take, that this woman wrote the book from practical real life IVF experience (with tons of real straight-up facts), it is a god-send. She really did the IVF community a huge service. Any remaining questions you have can always be answered by this board or other boards. But this book will give you a huge leg up in knowledge and COMFORT. Enjoy!


destinybaby - February 24

Hi Jane,

I totally agree, this book did it for me. I had a clear understanding and i appreiated the fact that she went through it to tell the stories. Between this board and that book I am good. Yes it was worth the 15 dollars.

She was funny too :D



allison - February 25

Well, I am back. We had called it quits after our BFN last year, but decided to try ONE more time.

I am doing a fresh IVF cycle with Bravelle/Lupron/Menopur. My retrieval should be this Wed. I seem to be responding very well. We are doing ICSI this time around.

Anyone near me on cycle dates?

Baby dust to ALL!!



allison - March 2

Had my egg retrieval on Thursday. They retrieved 17 eggs, were able to perform ICSI on 15 and 12 fertilized. So far they look great. Last time at this stage there was a lot of fragmentation, none so far this time.

Hope all are doing well, it is really quite on this thread.



airframeangel - March 21

Allison, just wanted to check and see how you are doing! I am here in Kandahar Afghanistan and you and I were going through at the same time last year. I am happy that everything is working out great for you and I hope to be starting as soon as my husband and I get out of here.
Good Luck and Baby Dust to all!




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