Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Lila - October 23

Hey everyone - sorry it has been a while since I posted I have just been traveling a ton and on top of that are cable keeps going down when I am home so no computer acess!

Sunflower - I am so sorry for the chemical I really thought the FET was going to be the answer and that this was going to be it. I hope you are well and you and your DH are helping through what I am sure is a difficult time. I know your faith is strong so I hope that is giving you the strength you need right now. I forget if you have any more frozen - if you do I wish you all the luck I the world on your next attempt.

44 - Oh my goodness what a wild ride you are having!! I am so happy things are now going well and I am sure seeing that heartbeat was the best! Congratu;lations and good luck as you continue on to the next US!

Angel it was good to see you are still checking in - there is not a day that goes by that when I listen to the news I do not think of you, your DH and all your frriends. I wish we could wave a magic wand and bring peace to the ME, Afganistan, Darfur ...sadly the list just goes on and on. I hope you are well and that your preparations are going smoothly. I am glad you are getting excited about cycling again when you return home. I hope that that cycle will provide you with the success you deserve. Do not worry about your DH being 40 by then mine just turned 44 so yours is still a young-un!

Helena - How are you doing? Hope you are well - would love to hear what is going on with you.

Hope everyone else is also well and had a nice weekend.


HelenaS - October 25

Hello Lila,

Thank you for inquiring. I have to start out by saying sorry to everyone on this board. I posted with much frequency a few months back and when I recieved the news that our first IVF was not successful I though I was ok...and I was for a few days, and then I just fell apart. Really fell apart. I stopped posting. I didn't trust that I could lean on anyone, I never really have. I really didn't want to think about it anymore. I couldn't bring myself to check the boards to see how everyone was doing. Anyway, a few weeks ago I read everyone's post since the last time I posted (litterally pages worth). There were so many new people and so many positive things had happend. What I was most struck by was people who hadn't had positive IVF still posted and trusted the others on this board with their grief. I'm ashamed that I wasn't able to do that. I think it would have helped out a lot. Needless to say I was a little overwhelmed. I managed to send out a posted to Sunflower, congratulating her on her good news (consequently, I'm very sorry about the turn of events). I chose to address Sunflower on this first post because she seems to be the core of this sounding board. I left out so many others that deserved "congratulations"(ie 44)--for that I'm sorry. Needless to say. I haven't posted with my FET result because I thought it was unfair that I should post when things are going well and did not have the courage to post when things where not.

I hope that I can rejoin this board.

Sincerely, HelenaS


honeybaby - October 25

Greetings to all and my deepest felt heart sorry to Asunflower hang in there and don't give up you are truly the inspiration to many of us and I just want to tell you that I was so mad when 1st ivf pregnancy failed because I didn't have a clear definition if it was chemical or tubal pregnancy but this second time I am totally leaning on the Lord for his blessing!

I want to share with you that I have too been on the edge and very scare because I have been spotting and this last weekend was on a daily basis that I was preparing for the worse possible, Thak God this past monday had an u/s and my baby has a heartbeat and growing appropriately. I am not doing vaginal caps, instead my RE., switched me to the shots and daily dose just 1/2 cc DH doing them for me. I am more at ease because after searching and reading 44-45 post I know that I am not alone.

I am very much tired and somewhat nauseas but no morning sickness some foods are not seating well in me, I am already into my 8th week and going to OB next week.

I really believe that the Lord has blessed this little one and I am taking it really easy and please please don't give up your hopes and dreams truly only God can see our true desire and understand our hearts so be patient.

I also have to add that this transfer was a blastocyst and of two one is living!

ASunflower again I wish I could reach to you and give you a big hug, to all we understand each other take lots of care and lets pray for one another.

God bless all ; )


Asunflower - October 25

Helena-Nice to hear from you. Never apologize for your feelings. This is such a roller coaster and we all handle it in different ways. DId I hear you correctly that yoru FET was a positive? That is great news! No matter what you need to keep us posted! We are here for you no matter what

Honebaby- Thank you for your support. It has been a long journey and I will someday get pregnant. It is so hard to listen to god's plan when it is not my plan at this time. I will stay strong in my faith and we are rearing to give it a try on our own for a few months.

Thanks again to everyone for your support. My faith does waiver and reading your posts pulls my faith back! Thankyou!


Lila - October 26

Helena it is great to hear from you and as said you have nothing to apologize for this is a very difficult and personal journey for all of us and you need to do what feels right for you. We are here for support regardless.

I am a little confused like Sunflower are you saying the last FET was successful??! I certainly hope so and wish you all the best as you wait for the U/S. Please keep us posted on how things are progressing.

Sunflower as always your strength is amazing. I wish you lots of luck and positive thoughts as you figure out what is your next step.

Honeybaby good luck with your OB appointment next week.

44-5 Hope all is well and that things are going great for you and the bean!


HelenaS - October 26

Hello All,

Yes, I did recieve a BFP from my FET on Oct 14th. My beta numbers 10dpt were 283, 12dpt (today) were 457. I started to freak out because they had not "doubled" but the nurse said they want to see a 60% increase in 2 days, not double. She said not to worry, that everything so far was good. I'm still worried :-\.

During my follow up phone call with the nurse coordinator I was given yet another laundry list of medications I now need to take: Synthroid (elevated TSH levels), Predisone (to replace Medrol), and Prometrium (more progesterone). Has anyone heard of any of these medications. I also have to go back for an IVIG w/in 1 wk. Is anyone doing this? I'm so happy, but so overwhelmed. Also, is anyone else taking Lovenox? This is another that I have to take until 2 wk post delivery.

Sunflower, This IVF stuff is truly out of our hands but our faith is fully in our control and in the end it's our faith, hope or courage that will make this journey successful. You will be pregnant one day, and when you do this time in your life will not seem so pronounced. You have gives everyone on this board strength, advise, and sheer Chutzpa when we've needed it...those are the truest markers of a mother. It WILL happen!!!

Baby Dust to All.


Lila - October 26

Helena - Congrats!! I am so happy for you. I can not comment on most of those medications but I am on Prometrium - it is just progesterone. Are you doing it instead of or with PIO? I am instead of and I take 3 a day vaginally - started after retrieval and will be on till week 13 (most I know go off somewhere between week 8-12).

As for the beta numbers you sound similiar to me my first was 250 and the second was 484. my clinic was fine with that but I was a nervous wreck so they let me come in 2 days later for a third and that one was 1346 so then I could relax and try to hold it together for the next 2ww till the US. It sounds like your numbers are fine as well. Congrats!!!


HelenaS - October 27

Hi Lila,

Thank you . I'm suppose to take another Beta next week on Thursday, but like you I don't think I can wait that long. My u/s is not scheduled until Nov 13th. What is a PIO? Is that the injection? I'm taking 1 Progesterone/Estrodial combo suppository + 2 Prometium suppository at bedtime. I take all of these at bedtime, and none during the day. I am glad to have your numbers to share it makes me feel a lot more confident.

Have a good night everyone.


nob - October 28

Beta HCG count of 59 is good after 14 days from Transfer ? . Nurse says to continue the progestrone injections. Doesn't look promising...


allison - October 28

Congratulations to all who have finally won this battle. May your little blessings continue to grow strong.

My heart goes out to all who had BFNs and those who had BFPs, and then turned out not to be. I am so sorry.

As for me, I have decided to end my ride on this rollercoaster. Although we only did one round of IVF, we are done. We were truely blessed 13 years ago with DD and now she will be an only child. This is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I just don't think my soul can handle another let down.

We will always share a bond, my sisters of infertility. Thank you all for your kind words of encouragement and shoulders throughout the past couple of months. May God bless each and every one of you.



HelenaS - October 28

Hello All,

Allison, it doesn't matter if you've tried IVF once or a zillion times. You and your DH are the only ones who know when it's right for you to continue or end the "rollercoaster". I'm sure it wasn't a decision made lightly. I hope your heart is calm. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Nob, I'm no expert in Beta numbers. They really do run a long range. If your nurse is saying to continue meds there is a good reason. Positive thoughts help immensely. So far so good :).

Lila, I was looking back through posts, I thought I read that you went if for an u/s on 10/9. Did I read right? How did this go? How far along are you?



HelenaS - October 28

Oh, I forgot

44, how are things going?

Sunflower, how are you doing? You've been in my thoughts and prayers.


Lila - October 28

Hi Helena - as of today I am 9 weeks 3 days. I had my 6 week check back in beginning of Oct to confirm that there was a fetal pole and sac and heartbeat. everything was great at that check and the heartbeat was around 112. 2 weeks later at the 8 week scan things still measured on target and the heartbeat was 166 so again everything looks like it is going the way it should. After the 8 week scan I was "graduated" from mt RE so on Tuesday next week I will have my first OB appointment and will be 1 day shy of 10 weeks! I am really regreting that I did not do PGD and will do Nuchal Fold test Scan at 12 weeks and then decide if I will do CVS or Amnio but I know we will do one or the other so I think until I know those results this still does not feel like it is really happening. I am sure you KWIM it is always one constant worry after another that starts the day you walk into the RE till the day you walk out of the hospital (I am sure to only be replaced by w whole other set of worries LOL!).

Hope you are doing well. I am sure everything on the Thursday will be right as rain and then the next appointment is the fun one - I got to both see and hear the HB and my RE even takes an image for me to take home that shows both the embryo (I forget at what week you can call it a fetus) and the heartbeat and that was a great treat.

44 - How are you doing? When is your next check up/scan? Please keep us posted.

Angel - have not heard from you in a bit I am sure you are so busy getting everything in order. I am thinking about you and so hope everything works out so you can cycle as soon as you and DH get home next year.

Allison I hope you are doing well and agree with the others - only you and DH know where you are on the journey and when is the right time to move on. I wish you all the luck and I am sure your DD is a great comfort to you at this time.

Nob - HCG numbers do range so there really is no normal but from listening to other girl's stories your's really does sound just fine. I have heard of much lower and sure it was a bumpy start but everything did work out and the result was a healthy baby that was no different than any other pregnancy wether is starts at 20, 55, 250, or 2000 on the initial beta. Keep the faith, continue your meds and stay positive.

Hope all else are well


Fortyfourfive - October 29

Hi everyone -

HelenaS - it was so nice to hear from you and see that your now pg. Congrats. I was going to ivig but doctor decided against it. I do baby asa, 2 folic acid and a lexapro once a day. I do a 2cc shot of progesterone once a day also. I do a shot of estrogen on tuesdays and thursdays.

I really am sick right now. THe last 3 days have been continuous nausea and I threw up twice this morning already. yuck. I do my 8 week ultasound on Tuesday.

Sorry I cannot address everyone right now - going to go lie back down. Darcie


shansy - October 29

Hi everyone,

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted and so much has happened with all of you. Congratulations 44, Helena, Lila, Honeybaby, and Nob- how wonderful for all of you.

Nob- I started out with a HCG level of 57, so hang in there...I am currently 14 weeks pregnant.

Asunflower- I am sorry to hear your unfortunate turn of events, it is so wonderful and refreshing how strong you are when you post- it is truly inspiring to me.

So far things are going OK with me- I was diagnosed with a subchorionic bleed at 11 weeks after a very scary night when I had a lot of bleeding. I have been on bedrest since and go back next week to check on the bleed...I had never heard of this condition, so I was shocked- just when I thought I was getting "safer" by nearing the end of my first trimester. Anyways, the risk of a miscarriage is raised a bit by these, but the majority of the time, your body will try to heal itself. I am just praying all goes well.

Again, Congrats on all of the BFP's!!! I hope everyone has wonderful and uneventful pregnancies!! :)



honeybaby - October 30

HI All: Everything is going O.K. for me Thank God, I graduated today from my RE, I am on my way to see my OB tomorrow, well after minor spotting today my RE saw 2nd sac empty : ( yeah that rocked me down but this is what the Lord has stored for me so I am grateful for this 8 healthy weeks. I am blessed to say that no morning sickness yet...but very tired and sleepy for most of the day!

I send all my best to you 44-45 don't eat anything greasy or drink anything that contains caffeine I am abstaining myself from fried foods, spicey and my DH delicious Italian sauce.

Congrats to the girls with BFP's and all my best wishes to the rest that are trying, and my support to Allison in her decision, Asunflower there is hope for you I believe in miracles once again!

I will miss my RE and his staff but my OB knows all about my case so I feel that I am moving into good hands. I will be in touch with you

BabyDust is in the air and I want to share it with you



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