Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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rapinh - September 12

Hi all!

Thanks for the warm re-welcome Lila! Sounds like you are taking it easy, which is great. I had forgotten about your bee allergy--I hope you are staying away from your tiny yellow & black enemies! I can't remember where you live, but here in Michigan, the weather has been so cruddy the last several days that even the bees are in hiding! You are in my thoughts and I hope everything works for you.

DH and I have never done IUI--our RE always put me on Follistim and timed bding when I was on injectible drugs, apparently my dh's "boys" are healthy enough and strong enough to make the trip without intervention. I asked once if I could/should do IUI and they didn't feel there was any reason. We skipped doing anything this month due to the beginning of school at both of our jobs, but plan to do injectibles/bding as many times as we can in Oct-Dec. I generally get cysts from the med's, so I anticipate we'll only do it once or twice at the most. I am excited to do drugs, though--I feel proactive at least, and the only time I've had a bfp was on the drugs/bding protocol.

I hope everything goes well with your embies, Allison. It sounds like you have had more than your fair share of issues given your signature--I hope this is your time for a bfp. Best wishes!

I can't wait to hear about everyone's results as the month progresses, Lila and Allison with your IVF's and 44/5 and Asunflower with your FET's. I am sending you all of my fertile thoughts!

Long live positivism!
Holly by Golly


Lila - September 12

Hey Holly - sorry the weather has been below par - we are having very interesting weather here in DC for early Sept - a little overcast and mostly in 70s (lows in the 60s). So while not very cheery I do have to say it has been quite comfortable. DH was in Chicago on Business Sun-Tues and he said it was really rainy and not so nice out there in Mid-West - I hope it improves!

Glad to hear you have such a fun plan for te next couple months! I agree it sound silly since usually I hate taking meds but with this it feels good as it helps you feel like you are being proactive and I felt a little more in control. I wish before we moved on to IVF we had done more of what you are doing - we were doing just clomide and IUI was unmonitored so in hindsigth it was a total waste of time (we also have no MF issue) I think injectibles with bding sounds much smarter.

I have a teacher questtion for you (or any of the many other teachers who want to chime in), if you do not mind, I have been talking with a girl on another thread whose DD just started 1st grade and they are having a problem wit lunch. The school only allows 20 minutes for the kids to get their lunch, go from their class room to lunch room, and eat. What you do not finish at the end of 20 min must be thrown away. She says her DD and other kids are really struggling with this - wolfing down food extremely quickly etc. She said that is the norm for schools in her area! Why would schools need to rush lunch so much? I was curious about your opinion since you have a better understanding of why a school(s) might need to do that. To me it sounds crazy - what does a first grader have schedule wise that would justify promoting bad to dangerous eating habits - if you eat quickly you will eat moreprocessed foods and wolfing food too quickly would be bad for digestion. Seems with kids today it is even more important that ever to promote healthy eating habits. I just was so shocked by her story and since there were so many teachers on this site who might be able to shed light on why this happens I thought it was worth throwing out there and asking. Thanks for any advice.

Allison - hope transfer went well.

Brutus - how are you?

Everyone else - hope all is well.


allison - September 12

Transfer went well, but my RE's expression said it all when he looked at the pictures of the embryos. We only put in the 2 half-blasts. He tried to sound optimistic, but I know what the results will be. I think it is better if I set myself up for a BFN. He suggested we try a different protocol next time. He really slammed me with meds this time thinking I would not respond due to endo, but I think it just resulted in quickly producing bad eggs. I am lying around today, have several movies lined up to watch and will return to work tomorrow. Test will be next Thursday.

Holly-great to see such positivism. Hope your plan works out and you never have to go through IUI or IVF. It is much more fun to actually do BDing than what we have done. It has been a really long time for us...I am still so swollen and really sore.

Lila-I'm with you on the quick lunch thing, I think it is really unhealthy. Last year at my DD's school (6th grade) they made them sit down as they came in the cafeteria, by whoever, not with their friends. They have no recess and then wonder why they talk in class all the time. I guess enough of us parents complained and this year they can sit with their friends, but only for 30 minutes.

Thanks for all the positive energy out there. Good luck to everyone in all stages of this game.



Fortyfourfive - September 12

Allison- I really hope the transfer works. It is so frustrating to go through all this and then have so so embies. That is my biggest worry this month. Are any of my 8 embies any good. Second worry is if my lining is back up to par after chemical pg. I bled alot. I dont have that young body to reproduce things so quickly.

Good luck to all and baby dust to all.

Good luck in Afghanistan. Keep your head low and your spirits high armyangel. Stay safe.


Lila - September 12

Hey Allison how is your first full day in 2WW treating you? Gone insane yet? I think I am fast approaching. I am thinking next time I am going to insist on a 5 day transfer if for no other reason to cut down the 2WW a few days!

Any movies you are recommending? We rented The Sentinal (pretty good) and The Inside man(very good) over the weekend. Not to mention I think I watched about 3 movies on TBS and 3 on AMC. I just convinced DH to take a long weekend in NY so hopefully 4 days up there will help the time fly by. I can not seem to keep my mind on my work at all. Usually the first 10 days of 2WW is no big deal and then the last few days are terrible so I was really not expecting to be the anxious and antsy so early.

44-5 Next week is the big day - what do you have to do pre-FET to get the body ready? How much meds does it involve? Unfortunately we did not have anything go to freeze so no FET for me but I am very curious about it and would love to hear what you are going through.

Diana Evans - In case you are lurking out there I wanted to say hi and hope you are doing OK. I saw you post on CP so was hoping you would drop back in.

Angel - How are you holding up? Remember it is perfectly acceptable to take out all anger etc on all those little trainees you have - that is what they are there for right? The perks of being a senior officer! How long have you been in service? How much longer do you have? Will this be your last tour? Most important how is Maxy?

Brutus – Have not heard from you in a while – did you transfer yet? Hope it went really well. If you are waiting for a 5DT that is great news and good luck. Let us know what is going on.

Catherine – Hope you are well. Gone to any more good football games? Redskins shanked the field goal to lose in final minute last night – so disappointing. Even with new investor/owner Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the stadium! Of well.


Brutus - September 13

Hi Guys~
I am officially couch bound! ET went good this morning. After a 5DT with all seven embryo's that were taken out they all fertilized and we had two this morning that were "head of the class". We will get a report in the morning on how the other five progressed overnight and will make a decision then about freezing. Our RE recommended to put back only one unless we wanted twins~one it was. We go back next week for a blood draw and hope for BFP.
I am keeping you all in my prayers.


airframeangel - September 13

Hey Lila,
I have been in the army for almost 8 yrs and I am thinking about making a career out of it so I am sure I will have plenty more deployments coming up! The way it has been going since 9/11 is that I am home for a year, gone for a year. This war is really taking a toll on all the soldiers with so much time away from family. I am so blessed that my dh is in the service too and we are very understanding of "the way it has to be" and are truly happy. There are many divorces in the military and I can't imagine losing my dh after a deployment like so many troops. And Maxy is just perfect! He is our spoiled lil baby!

Allison, I hope you get a BFP! You have to stay positive because negativity will only bring sadness!

Brutus, good luck on your BFP!

Thanks for the kind words 44!

Baby dust to all!



Fortyfourfive - September 15

Lila - WIth a Fet I take estrogen starting the 3 day of my cylce and then twice until pg test. I start progesterone shots and supp about a week before until pg test. I take solumedrol and an antibiotic for 10 days.

Has anyone had a 6 cell embryo turn into a blast on day 5?? We do not have any 8 cells in this batch only 2 6cell -2 4cell and junky ones. Bumms me out. I hate to have to pay for another donor. '

Take care all and baby dust to all.


airframeangel - September 17

well ladies, how is everybody doin? The week was super busy for me, we have about 3 months to pack for afghan and we had about 14 hour days all week!

I know most of you are resting during the 2ww, and are probably watching a ton of movies and just layin around! That means you are doing the right thing!

Sorry to hear that you are so bummed 44, but I have only had 6 cells for day 3 return and don't know how that works. I wish you luck and maybe you have a fighter embie that wants to be your lil bundle of joy!

Baby Dust to all!



Brutus - September 20

Hello to all~
Well I went in this morning for my blood draw after waiting what seems like forever and it looks like I have to wait a little longer. My HCG level is 12 which is "minimally positive" :( I have to go back on Friday and hope that my number doubles by then. 25-35 bring ideal.
I hope everyone is doing well.


Fortyfourfive - September 22

Brutus- I will pray for doubling for you. I think waiting for the doubling is worse the wait for pg test.

I had 4 bastocysts transferred yesterday 2 were grade3 (excellent) and 2 were grade 2 (good). Pregnancy test is next friday. Besides nausea and heart burn today I feel good.

Anyone else post transfer? It sure has been slow on here lately.

Baby dust to all.


Asunflower - September 22

Fortyfour- I go next Friday for my transfer of FE. I go on Sunday to check my lining. I will keep you posted!


Brutus - September 22

Hi guys~
I hope everyone is doing well. It has been slow around here lately. I went in for my 2nd beta and BFN :( So now I will wait until my second period and we will try FET.
FortyFour/Asunflower-any advice or big differences on the FET are helpful. I have been catching up on your past posts' re:FET since they now apply to me.
Baby dust to all!


Asunflower - September 23

One thing is for sure, it is alot less stressful. I only have to do shots every 3 days for now and then 5 days prior to ET I have to do PIO shots. I am hoping my body enjoys the fact that I am not on so many meds. I also get to trasnfer 4 embryos since the chances for a FET are less. We will see if it gets me anywhere but I am praying for the best. I know the BFN's are hard but you will get through this and just focus on the next steps and keep on trucking!


ColleenC. - September 23

Hi Everyone!
It has been a few weeks since I have been on this thread. I guess I classify as one of the "old timers". I did my first IVF cycle in August and ended up with a BFN. My husband and I took it pretty hard, especially because my RE seemed overly optimistic for us. I actually wish now that he wasn't as optimistic as he was. I am definitely more of a realist. Anyway, my pregnancy test was my first day back to work as a high school teacher, so the timing was not splendid. For the past few weeks we have taken some time off of thinking about IVF and focusing on our jobs (for a change). I did want to apologize for suddenly dropping off of this thread. I feel really bad about that because all of the women on this thread helped to support me so much through my cycle. Especially since my family and friends have no idea what I am going through, it was nice to turn to a group of people that understands. My husband and I have decided to pursue an FET in November. It sounds like, from many of your posts, that it is much more tolerable than a fresh cycle. I have updated myself in the past two days reading everyone's posts. It is so nice to see so many woman jumping aboard the thread.

Lila - it seems like yesterday that you were just starting. Best of luck to you in your 2ww. I know, for me anyway, that was the toughest part. Relax and keep your mind as busy as possible.

Holly, sunflower, and 44 - I hope you all get the BFP you so deserve. You all give me such strength to try again. Afterall, if at first you don't succeed...

To everyone else - a blessing of much baby dust to you no matter where you may be in your baby dreams journey.



ColleenC. - September 23

Oh by the way, the forum would not let me sign on under my original name, so I had to add a period to my name to make it different. It kept logging me right out about 30 seconds after I logged on. Has anyone else had that problem? 44 - I think you mentioned something earlier about having a problem. I have actually been trying to post for a couple of days, then I finally decided to re-register.



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