Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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Brutus - September 8

Hello to all~
My ER went very well today. RE said I have seven eggs. I had about 15 follies on Tuesday~So does that mean that 7/15 actually fertilized? I didn't get a chance to ask today and am just now processing everything w/out the happy pills :)
Slow going today just a little crampy but alot better than I planned for. We are doing 5-day transfer so I will be waiting by the phone. I will keep you girls posted.


Lila - September 8

Hey Brutus - Hope you are recovering well post ER. Did you get a fertilization report today? Hope you got good news - let us know when you have a chance.

Allison - Are you up for transfer tomorrow or do they think Day 5 for you? Hope you are doing well and hanging in there.

Angel my thoughts are with you - hope you are holding up.

Catherine/Helena/Sunflower/44 any of you guys still out there? I miss you guys. Hope school is going well.

I am headed in tomorrow for day 3 ET. I will not get any info on status of the embies till right before - so frustrating. So much to decide tomorrow I would really like to have some info first to help make all these decisions. I really hope and pray they are growing and we have somthing to transfer tomorrow.


allison - September 9

Lila, they are thinking 5 day transfer and since I heard NOTHING today, I assume I am not going in tomorrow. I cannot believe they only update every other day. I broke down and called the lab today and they closed early at noon. I am assuming that no news is good news, that hopefully they would have called me if there was nothing left...I guess I will know sometime "late afternoon" tomorrow. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!

Good luck tomorrow with the ET, loads of baby dust and sticky thoughts. I will pray tonight you have an easy decision tomorrow. Go get lots of movies on your way so you will have something to do while you are lying down forever. I just haven't figured out who will change out my movies ;) I guess DH will have to babysit the DVD player for me!!

Brutus, I had 18 follicles, but after I woke up from ER, they said I had 14. They will not know fertilization until I think 20 hours. I assume the other follicles either had immature eggs, or no eggs at all. Does anyone else know the answer here?


Asunflower - September 9

Hi Lila- Good luck today! Keep us posted. I am sure you will have great embies today. I am just waiting for AF to start so I can move to this FET.

Allison- I think no news is good news. It is frustrating to wait but you will have great blastocysts to transfer. Good luck!


Brutus - September 9

Hi girls~
They took seven eggs out and all seven fertillized. I am waiting my daily call now to see how day two went. Is anyone doing the progesterone shots yet? We start ours this evening :( I've really enjoyed the break with no shots since Tuesday.
Good Luck to All!


allison - September 9

Brutus- great news!!! I am doing Prometrium by mouth 2 times a day and Crinone gel at bedtime, no shots for me!! That is awesome you get a daily update, my lab says they don't want to mess with the embryos, so only check every other day.

They called this morning and said all 6 are at 6-8 cell stage, but all are fragmented. Could someone help me out here and explain....



Lila - September 9

Hey everyone my ET seemed to go well this morning so I am home on bedrest. Abby (dog) just insisted it was dinner time so I made my one trek down stairs to feed her and thought I would take the chance to check in with everyone. We went ahead and transfered all 4 (basically because in IVF land I am apparently an old coot so 4 is a good idea). Two of them were 8 cell great quality, one was 8 cell good quality (little fragmentation) and the last was just at 6 cell so a little slow. We are routing for all of them but again at my age (38) it would be excellent if one of them stuck around. I've been giving them pep talks and bribing them all day - yes, even at cell stage I have resorted to child rearing by bribery! Willing to try anything.

Sunflower it was good to hear from you. How long does a FET cycle take from start of AF? Are you looking at transfer by end of this month? Hope you are doing well.

Brutus - WOW excellent fert report you must be beyond thrilled. They sound like rock star embies so I know your next report will be great.

Allison - I would not fret too much about the fragmentation if the clinic is confident to let them go to blast I think you are doing fine. Dr Jacobs always says the problem with many clinics is they "bail out" if the embies are not looking great and transfer on day 3 so like I said your RE must like what he/she sees so have faith. Try to enjoy the weekend (trust me the bedrest/sitting around thing is not all it is cracked up to be - very boring) and Monday will be here before you know it. Good luck on trasfer.

OK I have watched "The Fugitive", "Perfect Murder" and 3 Law and Orders and I am bored. I keep trying to read but my brain keeps wandering with all this baby stuff so I just read the same paragraph over and over. Love all the TLC I am getting from DH and the being waited on hand and foot is not so bad but I am ready to be done with this phase. Anyone have a time machine I can borrow, jump forward 2 weeks to see how this thing turns out? Crystal ball? Magic 8 ball? Anything? I went and had a nice run this morning figuring that would be my last for a while - all those times I came up with 101 excuses to not work out and now of course I crave it! Very interesting how this whole things changes you and effects you in both expected and unexpected ways.

OK back to bed, thanks for the chat.


rapinh - September 10

Hello all! I posted on this thread about 18 pages and more than 6 weeks ago, so I apologize if I appear to be intruding to those of you who've joined the thread in the past few days/weeks. I have been reading up on all that has been happening with everyone on almost a daily basis, but feel silly posting because I have absolutely nothing IVF-related happening in my world! So, in answer to your call Lila, I thought I would at least say hi!

I have all of you in my thoughts and prayers--I hope you have fantastic cycles and optimal results! Lila, sounds like you are doing fantastic and that your ET went well. I hated the bedrest, but tried to remind myself how important it was. I actually got hooked to Grey's Anatomy that way--a girlfriend bought me all the episodes so I watched the whole first season and part of the second during my downtime.

Brutus and Allison--it sounds like you will have several embies to transfer given your results. It only takes one...keep the faith! Make sure you ask your RE's about your fertizilation reports and fragmentation in the event that they don't share that info with you. Everything in this expensive procedure is a little more information into what's going on--fertilization rates can indicate lots of stuff and I believe fragmentation can lead to other parts of the puzzle. Knowledge is power, so seek it out and don't take no for an answer! :)

Sunflower--hope your year is going well. It's so busy at this time of year--can't wait until things get into a rhythm at school so I can breathe a little! I'm sure you can relate. I am anxious to hear all about your FET as that is our next calculated move, although we are not planning to do it until end of the year/beginning of 07.

I am with you Lila--I am very curious about how the others who posted here are doing. I haven't seen posts from shansy and how she's doing with her bfp, I'm curious what happened with Colleen and her results, I wonder if Helena started the FET...these were some of the many people who helped me get through my 1st IVF and I think of all of you as friends and allies in this war against infertility. I hope everyone is well, maybe they'll read this like I have and will check in too.

Take care everyone--while I may not post (for lack of anything to share), I am following all of your cycles and rooting for the best every step of the way!

Best wishes! Holly by Golly


Asunflower - September 10

Hey Holly by Golly and Lila. I am still here in the IVF land. I have FET on the 29th. the FET is short. I did 1 round of BCP, waiting for AF, then go for u/s and bw and then just do shots every 3 days up until about 4 days prior to FET and then start Progesterone as well. Not too bad. Not so many meds and u/s. I am praying this is it! I will keep you all posted!


Lila - September 10

Hey Holly, it is great to hear from and don't worry if you want to post and it is non IVF related that is no big deal. You guys were great to let me join the conversation way back when before I even started and I had no IVF news then. I figure by this point we are all friend and if you want to share anything just jump in. Remember we have all shared some of the most private, amazing and scary things and feelings we have ever had to go through (and at least for me I have posted and shared way more with you all then I have to any of my "real world" friends and even many family members) so if that does not make us friend I do not know what does and friend are not limited to one topic! So jump in any time you want and share away and if you just want to lurk for a while that is great too - just know we are thinking about you and wishing you good thoughts. By the way this of course applies to everyone out there (Helena, Catherine, Colleen, 44...everybody).

I know you are planning that FET at the beginning of the year, but did you decide if you are going to try any IUIs in the mean time or are you just relaxing and BDing? Hang in there and if my cycle does not work it looks like I may be back with you in Jan since I will take off a little time between cycles to take care of my bee allergy.

ASunflower your FET is coming up really quickly! How many frosties do you have? If memory serves you were always a great responder and had lots of the little guys get to blast so I am really routing for you. Do you know how many you are going to trasfer? Have you heard from 44 wasn't her FET close to yours?

Allison I think your 5day transfer is tomorrow so GOOD LUCK! Any word today on how they are doing? Have you thought about how many you are going to transfer? I thought I had read with blasts they could trasfer far fewwer than with 3 day since they had already proved increased viability, is that the case with your clinic?

Brutus I don't think you mentioned if you were doing a 3 or 5 day trasfer. If it was 3 that would be today so I hope it went really well and you are in bed right now taking it easy. If it is Tuesday then good luck and let us know how the little ones are doing.

OK I am going back upstairs to watch more movies (I think this will be #7 - good thing I love movies). It is such a beautiful day it is tortue to just be sitting around indoors today but whatever it takes I am willing.


Fortyfourfive - September 10

Hi everyone, I couldnt sign in the reg way so new name for now.

I started my estrogen shots and we will do the FET on my daughters bday. Sept. 21st. we have 8 embies left.

Good luck to all. Baby dust to all.



airframeangel - September 10

Hey everybody. Sorry I haven't been on in a few days. That bfn really hit me hard because I get so frustrated because I just don't know WHY it doesn't work! I am still here to support you guys in the struggle, I can't wait to hear about the BFP's that I am praying you all get!

Just remember, God doesn't say "no", he says "not right now".

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Allison, good luck with your transfer tomorrow! I am here for you and will help you make it through the 2ww! How many embies are you putting back?

Lila, thanks so much for the kind words, I really feel very close to you all because no one in my family or none of my friends have IF problems so I can't really talk to them about it. I work with 34 men all day long and I don't think they are interested in my talk of ovaries, they cover their ears and yell earmuffs if I even try to talk about girly stuff! LOL. I just feel like our IF problems make us kinda like sisters or extended family because we have IF in common and it is a very emotional struggle!

Well, I am just going to eat really healthy and continue to stay in shape so we can try again in 2008. Baby dust to all!



allison - September 11

Not good news today. 3 of my embies look "really bad", 1 is at morula phase (day 4) and the remaining 2, only half of the embryo is at beginning blast stage. Embryologist recommended going ahead with transfer as she has seen one person become pg with such embryos. I am not hopeful.


Lila - September 11

Hello to all:

44-5 Glad to see you back and good luck on the 21st - that is my Beta day so hopefully it will be a good one for both of us!

Angel - Glad to see your post. I am sorry this is so difficult for you. As we all know there are no words that really help but we are here to support you and all the "girly talk" you want and need. The BFNs suck - there is no getting around that but hopefully with time it will improve. If you and DH will both be in Afghanistan does that mean you will be together or can you be in same country but still stationed apart? I am hoping it is the former. Have you had a chance to consult with DR about this past cycle and discuss how it can be altered next time? I have heard others say that starting to put together a plan for next time (weather it is in a few weeks or a year) is still very helpful mood wise it putting the BFN behind you. Hopefully your RE has some ideas about next time and you can focus on that. Best of luck to you.

Allison keep the faith. I hope transfer went well today and remember those embies are still growing and therefore they are still in the game. I have been using the website of a clinic in Chicago to understand all the embryo development stuff. It really is a great site you might want to check out and all the pictures are very cool as well as educational. I think Dr Smith said at one point that only 20% make it to blast so with 50% of your embies still in the hunt I think you are doing fine. I know you want to be pragmatic and have realistic expectations - I am the exact same way - but I really think you are doing fine so hang in there. Remember lots of rest and recovery all afternoon and let DH wait on you hand and foot.

The website is
it helps


Lila - September 11

Allison I just say the Docs response to you and that is wonderful. Hope you can take a big deep breath and relax now. 2WW is bad enough but at least this way you can go into it with lots of medically supported hope!


rapinh - September 12

Hi all!

Thanks for the warm re-welcome Lila! Sounds like you are taking it easy, which is great. I had forgotten about your bee allergy--I hope you are staying away from your tiny yellow & black enemies! I can't remember where you live, but here in Michigan, the weather has been so cruddy the last several days that even the bees are in hiding! You are in my thoughts and I hope everything works for you.

DH and I have never done IUI--our RE always put me on Follistim and timed bding when I was on injectible drugs, apparently my dh's "boys" are healthy enough and strong enough to make the trip without intervention. I asked once if I could/should do IUI and they didn't feel there was any reason. We skipped doing anything this month due to the beginning of school at both of our jobs, but plan to do injectibles/bding as many times as we can in Oct-Dec. I generally get cysts from the med's, so I anticipate we'll only do it once or twice at the most. I am excited to do drugs, though--I feel proactive at least, and the only time I've had a bfp was on the drugs/bding protocol.

I hope everything goes well with your embies, Allison. It sounds like you have had more than your fair share of issues given your signature--I hope this is your time for a bfp. Best wishes!

I can't wait to hear about everyone's results as the month progresses, Lila and Allison with your IVF's and 44/5 and Asunflower with your FET's. I am sending you all of my fertile thoughts!

Long live positivism!
Holly by Golly



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