Is anyone ready to start a new IVF cycle?
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ColleenC. - September 23

Oh by the way, the forum would not let me sign on under my original name, so I had to add a period to my name to make it different. It kept logging me right out about 30 seconds after I logged on. Has anyone else had that problem? 44 - I think you mentioned something earlier about having a problem. I have actually been trying to post for a couple of days, then I finally decided to re-register.


allison - September 23

FINALLY I can post!!!! I have been trying every day for nearly 2 weeks now!!!

I got a BFN on Thursday and immediately AF came on strong. I figured it would be negative since our embies didn't look so good. We will meet with RE in a couple of weeks to discuss our next plan, if we decide to do it again. Originally DH and I planned on doing 1 cycle, but we will see.

Colleen, great to hear from you. I started on here right as you were ending your cycle. I was wondering what happened. Good luck with the FET in Nov. Keep us updated.

Baby dust to all.

Hopefully it won't be forever when I can post again. I am assuming this is why it has been so quiet lately.


Fortyfourfive - September 23

Hi ColleenC- Nice to hear from you. I had to reregister in order to post. It is so frustrating.

Brutus - Sorry about the chemical pregnancy. It so hard to get a positive and then find out it not going anywhere.
I only do embryo transfers since I use a donor so I do not know the stress of the stimulation. I do understand the stress though of finding out how many eggs my donor has and how mature they are and then how many they retrieve and then how many fertilize. My fresh and frozen shot protocol is the same. Folic acid and baby asa, estrogen and progesterone.

Allison - sorry about your neg test. Age is on your side though, keep on trying. Baby dust to all.


allison - September 23

If anyone else is having trouble staying logged in, this worked for me....

I logged in and checked the box "always stay logged in", then I left the site for awhile and came back, it let me post then, and I did not have to log back in.

It's worth a shot, it is so frustrating.


allison - September 23

Is anyone taking oral Prometrium, and has anyone had any side effects?

Last Monday I drove to work, but when I got there was so disoriented and had no idea how I got to work or what I was doing. The girls put me in a wheelchair and took me down to the ER. They did every blood test known and a head CAT Scan and nothing turned up. It took me about 2 hours to start returning to normal. My beta was actually negative on this day, so I figured it would be on Thurs too. The ER doc called my RE who said it could be the Prometrium, but was really unsure and to discontinue it and continue the vag Crinone Gel only. It was really scarry, DH had to drive me home and watch me for 2 days. The neurologist cleared me to return to normal activities, but if it happens again, I have to have more testing.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone else was taking the stuff and if there were any problems.



Fortyfourfive - September 25

Hi Allison - I have taken prometrium twice to get my period after being on the pill. I never had any side effects except abd bloating. Take care.


Lila - September 26

Hey everyone!!! I am so glad we can post again - like all of you I got locked out and was sending emails to admin about the problem and I finally got an email today that everything was fixed - YEA! I even tried re-registering like you guys but it locked out my new name too before I could ever post. SOOO FRUSTRATING.

It is good to catch up with everyone:

44 and Asunflower - best of lucks on your FETs it sounds like you are well on your way

Colleen - it is good to hear from you and I am glad you sound strong and like you are looking forward to a FET in Nov - good luck.

Honey Baby Best of luck - your ET sounds great!!

Brutus - I am so sorry about the BFN. I hope you are doing OK, healing, and figuring out what is your next step is going to be.

Allison - same for you I am so sorry about the Negative, it just sucks. Please take it easy and take care of yourself - that prometrium scare sounds pretty rough. I am also on Prometrium but I take it vaginally not orally and so far everything has been fine with it. I also wish you luck in figuring out your next step.

Army Angel - How are you doing? Hope all the packing is going well in your preperations for Afganistan. You have been in my thoughts alot lately. I really think your time will come soon so stay safe while over ther and keep us updated on how you and DH are doing.

As for me.... as of today I am 4 weeks,6 days! So far everything has gone really well. My first Beta was 250, the second did not quite double and was 484, but the third was 1346 so everthing was back on track. My first U/S is scheduled for 10/6 and I am so excited. I know a million things can still go wrong but I am trying to stay positive and hopeful. Thank you all so much for all the support. I did not really have any symptoms during the 2WW but it was tortue not being able to get on and chat with you guys.

Anyway it is good to be back and hope everyone has a great day.


ColleenC - September 26

Lila - Congratulations! I am so excited for you. Everything sounds wonderful! Keep up the good work! It is so nice to hear that this ivf thing actually works sometimes. It gives the rest of us hope.


Lila - September 27

Thanks so much for the kind words. I have to say I was the most surprised person in the world when I got the positive. I had completely set myself up that this was just a first round, that the RE needs to learn what works for you, etc and after all the IUI negatives I kind of thought maybe I was not capable of a positive.

I still have tons of hurdles to get through and since we did not do PGD (not enough embies) we also will need to do some testing down the road - which truly petrifies me, but for now I am excited and trying to just enjoy the fact that my body actually can get pregnant (after 38 yrs and never a positive I had my doubts). Anyway thanks so much for the support I really appreciate it and everyone here on this board.


allison - September 27


Congratulations!!!! I am so very happy for you!!! You bring a little more hope to me today. Continue to take great care of you and the baby(s). I forgot.. how many did you transfer???



Fortyfourfive - September 28

Lila - congrats - Keep on growing little one.

I test friday. I feel nothing except I pee all day long. I know that it is a side effect of prometrium so who knows.

Baby dust to all.


Lila - September 28

44-5 - Good luck tomorrow!! Did everything go smoothly with your FET. I was pretty symptom free as well during 2WW so hang in there. How many did you transfer? Do you still have some left frozen?

Hope you have a great day and good luck tomorrow


Lila - September 28

Hey Allison - saw you were logged on - how are you doing? Hope all is well and thanks for the kind words.


honeybaby - September 28

HI All

I am trying my best by being patient, what I can get over is this back pain I have today it feels like pins and needles I wonder if it is my own tension causing it. I am still doing shots of progesterone my first pregnancy test is until Wednesday and Friday will be the result. I am scared and nervous my DH is very excited and our little boy too, he knows that mommy has an egg in her belly. I am going to rest my back the pain is getting intense and also listening to my mom's problems with my sister in-law is making me sore.

Brutus I am sorry about your BFN results we all know how you are feeling but don't give up your hope.

Lila Congrats too!


airframeangel - September 28

Hey everyone, just wanted to drop a few lines. I have been off work a few days, not by choice. We had a good friend killed in Iraq on the 13th and we laid him to rest on the 22nd in OH. His name was CPT Matt Mattingly and he was a great man. I have been a wreck and I am doing better now that almost a week has passed.

I am so happy for you Lila! I hope you keep in touch, I really do think about all the girls in here and keep them in my prayers and in my heart. How many embies did they transfer for you?

Brutus and Allison, sorry for the BFN, it really sucks and I know how you feel. DH and I have started looking into adoption and I just want to know why everything we do to try to have a child is so expensive! We do well, but all of this is just draining our nest egg!

My husband left on Monday for a 3 week training excercise and I am so bored and lonely in this big ole house alone! Before you know it we will be on a plane back to the sandbox! EWWWW.

Baby dust to all!


Fortyfourfive - September 29

Hi all - Thank you for all your kind thoughts. I home tested tonight and a BFN.

We transfered all of our embies so if we do it again it will cost about 25,000 with donor and ivf fees.

I am pretty angry at this time. I have wanted to have a baby since my twenties. Why does God me the desire to have children but not the ability. What message am I missing?



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