How Does the OV Watch Work?

The OV watch works by detecting sodium chloride ions on the surface of your skin. Throughout your menstrual cycle, your body releases fluctuating levels of these sodium chloride ions. About six days prior to ovulation, a surge in these ions occurs, making it a useful indicator of your fertile days.

The watch, which is worn close to the skin on the wrist, detects this ion surge and informs you of four fertile days prior to ovulation, and of the days on which ovulation is actually occurring. Because the OV watch provides you with more fertile days in your cycle, it can help to increase your chances of pregnancy considerably.

How Do You Use the OV Watch?

The OV Watch needs to be worn snugly against the skin for at least six hours a day. It is recommended that women wear the watch at night, while sleeping. Every 30 minutes, the watch takes a reading of the ions released by your skin. The watch then stores up to 12 of these readings, and provides you with information as to which days in your cycle are your fertile days.

Begin wearing the watch on the first day of your menstrual period and continue until your fertile days are detected. Every month, you will need to replace the sensor pad on the OV watch to ensure that it is working properly.

Cervical Mucus Tests

Cervical mucus tests are designed to analyze changes in your cervical mucus. Throughout your cycle, the texture and consistency of your cervical mucus changes. Prior to ovulation, cervical mucus becomes thin and stretchy. This test helps to determine when your cervical mucus reaches this state, predicting ovulation.

It can also help to determine if you may be experiencing cervical mucus problems. Cervical mucus tests are widely available and cost between $30 and $200.

How Do Cervical Mucus Tests Work?

Cervical mucus tests actually work by testing a sample of your saliva. As your cervical mucus changes, so does the make-up of your saliva. Some tests monitor the way in which your saliva dries: prior to ovulation, your saliva should dry in a fern-like pattern.

Other mucus tests work electronically, by measuring the electrolytes in your saliva: as ovulation begins, the electrolytes in your saliva will change, and this is recorded by an electronic monitor.

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