How Do Sperm Count Tests Work?

Sperm count tests work by identifying all of the sperm cells inside a sample of semen. A special dye is used to color these sperm cells so that they can be counted by the test.

How do You Use a Sperm Count Test?

To use the test, you first need to produce a semen sample. This semen sample is then placed inside a test well provided with the test kit. Next, the semen sample is mixed with a dye solution that will help to mark each sperm cell. After approximately 15 minutes, the color of the semen sample is compared to a control color provided with the kit. If this color is darker than the control, then your test is positive for having healthy sperm levels.

Sperm Motility Tests

Sperm motility kits have just become available to couples in Britain. These kits measure the ability of a man’s sperm to penetrate his partner’s cervical mucus. In order to fertilize an egg, sperm must be strong enough to swim through a woman’s cervix and cervical mucus. Sperm motility kits cost approximately $160.

How do Sperm Motility Tests Work?

Sperm motility tests work by forcing sperm to swim through a special barrier. This barrier is designed to replicate a woman’s cervical mucus. The test then measures the number of sperm that make it through the barrier.

How Do You Use a Sperm Motility Test?

Sperm motility tests are very easy to use. All you need to do is produce a semen sample and place it inside the main compartment of the test kit. You press an activation button and leave the test for one hour. After an hour, the kit will tell you if a satisfactory number of sperm have passed through the barrier.


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