2WW - First IVF - 3 Year Journey
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dquilleon - August 31

We had a Day 5 transfer on Sunday and are getting so nervous for the results. It is so hard to be excited and then also realistic for the results that are ahead of us on Wednesday, the 5th.

This is our 1st IVF - Deb is 32 - Dave is 35 - we have tried 3 IUI's - none of those worked. Deb has severe endometriosis and has had 2 Laparaoscopy's in two years. This round of IVF, we did lupron, follistem, and menopure and responded very well. Retrieval resulted in 17 eggs - 14 fertilized through ICSI - they transferred 2 blasts - one a 4BB - the other 3BB on this past Sunday. None of the others were able to pass for freezing. We were sad by that but excited about the transfer. The doctor said is was an A+ transfer.

The transfer day was a bit of a circus as when we arrived, the front desk told us no transfers were scheduled for that day. We both freaked out - knowing that the lady called us with the instructions on Day 3 and told us we were a Day 5 transfer. Deb started to get emotional and Dave got a bit nervous - not knowing what to do or think. We are paying over $12,000 for this - you would think they would have us in the schedule for our Day 5 transfer. Anyway, after a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, they finally got it situated and we went down for the transfer. Thank God Debbie got take the valium - Dave was a bit jealous. We were the only transfer that day so we had the full attention of the nurses and the doctors for the transfer. Thankfully, it all worked out OK and we left with two pics of the embyos and a pic of the actual transfer.

We have been doing progesterone shots every night. Our progesterone level was 40 on Tuesday. Now, we just wait and hope for the best. This site has been very helpful for us to read as we continue on this journey to start a family. Not sure what symptoms to look for - Deb has had an increased appetite and some cramping the last few days.

We are counting on this working - Dr's seem to think we are excellent candidates for IVF so we hope they are right. Any support or advise you all have for us, please feel free to pass along.

Many blessings to all of you that share this journey with us. We know what you are going through and pray each night that God provides the strength and support to every couple challenged with infertility issues.


mj - August 31

Deb & Dave,
I know that this will be one of the most challenging times in your life. The 2WW is nothing but awful but I am so glad that you found this website. So many of us have been in your shoes and know the torture that you are going through. Since I have been here (July) many of us have been blessed with positive results and some have not but one thing is for sure, this message board really helped us get through as we waited patiently (or as patiently as possible) to find out the outcome.

Let me tell you that if you read through many of our stories you will see that everyone is different and experienced different symptoms so be careful not to over analyse what you are or aren't feeling. I for one had cramping right up to the day of my blood test and even some afterwards. It has taken me a while to feel any significant pregnancy symptoms, I am 7 wks and just barely have experienced some nausea or hunger. Others didn't have cramping and felt nauseous early on so it just depends.

Your story sounds so similar to ours, we have also been trying for 3 years and before our IVF we tried several IUI's ... some with clomid and some with injectables. Our first IVF worked for us, we had a Day 6 blast transfer and transferred 2 as well. We just found out that we have been blessed with 3!!

Just hang in there, can you imagine... you only have 5 more days and it will fly by! I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers.


keisha - August 31

hey you two i am in the 2ww as well but my situation is diff. i have had 3 children and after my 3rd i had my tubes tied thinking i was done but that marriage ended and then i married my dh last year before we were married we had my tubes untied he had went thru infert with his first wife and never had a child she had a tubal preg. and a m/c so we were sure it wasnt him after my surgery in june 06 i became preg in aug 06 but miscarried a couple of weeks later i ve had 3 m/c since so yeasterday i returned to my dr to see if we could try something else he gave me hormones and clomid to start my next cycle but... i ovulated last week and now i am having some of the strongest preg symptoms so ... now here we go again i will either start meds when i have a period or i will be preg again this month and hope we did it on our own and everything goes well my fingers are crossed and at least if this doesnt go well i will know next month we are doing something more proactive best wishes to you guys i really hope all goes well for you two thanks for letting me share my story and if i can help with any preg questions let me know ive been there a few times lol


dquilleon - September 5

We just got the news that we are pregnant. We are so relieved. Still so early but we are excited to have reached this next step. Deb's progesterone is over 40 and the blood work was at 299 - not sure what all that means but the nurse said it was really good. Thanks to all of you for your messages and support!


Nix - September 5

Congrats Deb and Dave!! That is wonderful news!!!


keisha - September 5

congrats you guys that is great GOOD LUCK !!!


dquilleon - September 10

Thanks so much again to all of you for your support. Deb went to the Dr. on Saturday and her beta was up to 950. The nurse thinks we may have twins but won't know that for a while. We have our first baby scan on Tuesday, the 18th. What exactly will we find out at the baby scan? Are there any specific questions we should ask our doctor? We go for another blood test tomorrow.

MJ - we read your post over and over during our two week wait time. It gave us so much hope and support. We love reading the success stories!

Keisha - thanks so much for sharing with us. How is everything going?

We continue to be very excited. Just praying for a healthy pregnancy.


JENNY22074 - September 10

Congratulations Deb and Dave on your blessing...At your first scan I suspect that they will check to see that the pregnancy is in the proper place, how many gestational sacs you have and then possibly see if they can see the heartbeat...I am not sure how far along you may be on the 18th...Not really any questions that I asked other then double checking what they said and having them repeat everything because it was just so unbelieveable...Any questions that you can think of are welcome and not stupid to the RE's office...They know what you went through to get here...I also was told that they were thinking twins when my first beta came back at 336 and then my 2nd came back at 1570...I am having one little heaven sent miracle which is just fine for me...Again congratulations and welcome to the next stage of your journey...We all think the 2 ww is tough just wait until your first OB or the time in between u/s before you get released from you RE...Those are very fun and stressful...Don't look too much into what symptoms you may or may not have...Easier said then done...Trust me...Talk to you later.


Januarygirl - September 12

Congrats Deb and Dave! That is wonderful and very exciting news. Can't wait to find out about the heartbeats and whether it's one or two!

My name is Kelly and am on the 2ww!!! It's driving me crazy. This is my second cycle. The first ended up being a baby girl delivered on January of 06. This time we did a transfer and the embroyos were rated Good. I am 5 days after transfer and I feel a little uneasy and crampy. I don't remember feeling this way the last time.

I guess only time will tell! Anyone else out there on their 2ww??


keisha - September 12

Hey you guys just stopped by to see how things are going for you sounds really good and twins would be great huh well i had 2 girls 15mos a part and i swore it had to be harder than twins lol 2 in diapers (but diff sizes) one on the bottle while you are takin the 1 1/2 yr olds away one walking the other crawling i miss those days i wish you guys all the luck in the world keep us posted


bdantonio - September 12

Usually on your first scan they check for lacement for the sac and what they call an egg yok it the ntrition until the placenta is attached and fully formed. You can not see a heart beat usually until week 5-7. I have been doing fertility for 5 years pregnate 7 times a 2 1/2 yr old girl im 17 weeks now and i have had 5 m/c. I have had two many first scans. Good luck


dquilleon - September 18

We went for our first baby scan today. We are having twins - the babies each have their own sack. They were able to see heart beat flickers in both. Our next scan is October 2 and at that time, they said we will be able to see even more progress of the babies. Our due date is May 15th. We are so excited and relieved. Thanks for all of your continued prayers on this journey and please know that each of you are in our prayers each day.

Deb & Dave


Nix - September 18

omg!!! Congrats!!!!! Twins - that's fantastic news! I am really happy for both of you!


keisha - September 20

Thats wonderful you guys


Sirenexyz - December 17

Congratulations Deb and Dave on your success ..............
Just read your story and want to share and learn something from you.
We are also trying from three years. Today (12/17) I got positive pregnancy test result from my first IVF cycle. We have also transferred two embryos. Not sure yet twins or single.

Can you please let me know when I should be able to know if it twins or single and from what test (blood or ultrasound). According to you the twins babies should have there own sac right ? I am so scared as I don't know what will happen with me.


bdantonio - December 18

twins can share a sac if they are identical. If both embryos took then you will have two sacs. Everyone forgets u always have that chance of twins with one embryo of it spitting and being identical


Sirenexyz - December 18

Hi bdantonio,
Thanks a lot. It really help me in this journey of IVF. I did not have any idea that one embryo can even split to two. It even scaring me more. I have heard if twins are identical then it might cause some complicacy. God knows what will happen. I am so worried.



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