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Ange - October 10

hey lyly~ I had my ER on the 9th because I wasn't quite ready yet when they did my u/s on Friday. They got 12 eggs out of the 12, 10 were mature :) THey called me this morning and 8 fertilized :) . I go for ET on FRiday hope my embies stay strong. I am praying hard they do. I will keep you posted I am so bust with the move and work. TIme is flying by .... Keep me posted on when you start. take care I will let you know their quality tomorrow



RNORST - October 11

Ange, I'm praying for you, so after Friday you will be in the 2ww??
Good luck girl!!
Try to relax and take it easy, that will help.


lyly14 - October 13

hey Ange just checking in. Did you have the trasfer? How were your embies ? I pray everything went well and you had strong embies!!!! Let me know how things went.


Ange - October 14

Renee& Lyly~ Thanks for your prayers I need them. I had my transfer on thursday because the qualilty of the embryos were not so good. I have 3 embies in me now they are not the best grade and I am enjoying there time in me as long as it may be. I am trying to be hopeful but for now taking day by day. I have had alot of discomfort since the ET so I am in bed and will be here for another 3 days. I got two weeks off from work so I only go back the day after my beta.

thanks again i will keep in touch


lyly14 - October 14

Ange-I am sorry to hear about your discomfort and the quality of your embies. So they did a day 2 transfer? Out of the 8 that fertilized you put in 3, so were you able to save any embies for another transfer? Sometimes the best place for the embies to grow is in you. I am praying for you and your embies. Hope at least one implants and you get your bfp. Try to stay positive and take it easy. Keep us posted on how you are feeling.


RNORST - October 15

Ange, I'm thinking of you and praying for you! When is your beta?
Good luck girl.
Love Renee


Ange - October 17

Hi girls,

Yes they did a 2 day transfer. Three are in but none were saved they just didn't make it. I am trying to stay positive but feeling like it is coming to the end. I am glad to be home because I have a hard time to focus on anything these days. Thanks for your prayers and you are both in my thought always.



lyly14 - October 19

Hi Ange- Don't give up hope just yet. I know it is hard but try to stay positive. When do you go for the beta? If it is negative will you be able to do another IVF cycle? Many times it takes more than one cycle. I am still praying for you. Baby dust to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mjforney - October 19

Ange... Please stay positive....Have hope and faith. I am sending you tons of baby glitter!!

When is your beta?

Wishing you the best. Take it EASY..RELAX..... Since you have embries in you think of yourself as a mommy already and hold onto hope!



Ange - October 21

Lyly and Michelle~ Thank you both so much for your positive words. It means the world to me. I have my beta on the 25th. THis is my last try in the TTC journey. After 15 years I need closure. I know alot say that it doesn't always work for the 1st cycle of IVF but after this long of ttc I can't do another plus it costs way to much and I am not insured. I paid 15,000 I can't keep doing that. I will let you know on beta day nomatter what

Michelle~ COngrats on your blessing. I wish you a healthy pregnancy


Ange - October 23

Well Girls I couldn't wait for thursday to come fast enough so I did a HPT and guess what BFP!!!! :) :) :) I can't beleive it. I am trying to take it easy till my beta and not stress about what the numbers might be.

lots of luv



lyly14 - October 23

OMG Ange- That is great! I am so happy for you. Keep us posted on the numbers and rest up!!!!!!!

I went in this morning to the RE for the first IVF consult. He did the mock transfer (which went well) and did cultures it looks like I will be going end of Nov. or beginning of Dec.. So........Hopefully this will be my bfp! He has me starting BCP tomorrow, which I am concerned about but I am so happy that this is getting closer.


lyly14 - October 26

Hey Ange- just checking in to see how the beta went. Did you get the results back? I am praying for good numbers and hope this bfp sticks! Lots of baby dust to you.


Ange - October 31

lyly~ sorry it has taken me awile to get back to you. We just moved to our new house on saturday and we still don't have internet yet, they are coming today thankfully.

Great news about your ivf cycle in november. That is so close. It goes by fast. I too was on bcp and had bad headaches from it I just felt overall yuck while on it. I was very happy to go to the stims.

My beta wasn't good on thursday so they did another one on monday and it was perfect. My 1st beta was 28 and my second was 190 I guess my little bean took longer to stick. I go on November 12th for an u/s :)


lyly14 - October 31

Ange- Congratulations!!!! I am so happy to hear that your numbers are going up. I was worried when I didn't hear from you, but I understand moving is hectic and with the good news, posting was probably the last thing on your mind. Take it easy and don't do too much. I bet you are excited to go for your u/s! Keep me posted on how you are feeling.

As far as me, yes it is so close. Dh and I went for all the blood work , now we just have to sign the consents and set the estimated dates. I don't really have any side effects from the birth control (it's been a week), but I still worry about being on them. I am at risk for developing clots and the bcp increases the risk. I asked my RE about blood thinners, but he felt that the risk of using a blood thinner was greater than the risk from the bcp since I have never actually had a clot. He originally wanted to stay away from the bcp and told me I didn't have to take it but it was easier to control my cycle that way. If I didn't take it I had to monitor for ovulation and I have missed it with those stupid opk's , so I would have had to be monitored with u/s and blood work. I would rather save all that for the actual IVF , since the bcp is only short term and the stims also put me at risk I figured this was the best way. Anyway, I got to get back to work.

Hope all is well with everyone else!
Jade-If you check in, how are you doing?


Ange - November 11

lyly~ so sorry it has been awhile again life is up and down these days. I started spotting last wednesday so i had to go in because I am O- and if you have any bleeding when you are pregnant and O- you need to have a rhgram shot. So they did a u/s at that time and found a heartbeat :) phew!

I clotted with the bcp I also bled for most of the time I was on it. But it was only 23 day of my life I was fine and was able to continue. I am so praying for you keep me posted on when you are starting your cycle. I know this will work for you.

take care
btw my house is finally coming together :)



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