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Jade - September 23

Hi Ladies. How is everyone?

Ange~ How is the process going? Done with the menopause shots yet? When is your first u/s? How is the house situation? Have you sold it yet?

lyly~ That really sucks about your insurance. What a pain? Do you think you o'd on your own this cycle?

LMD~ How are you?


LMD - September 23

Sorry ladies it's been awhile - this last week has been so crazy. ER was actually yesterday. It was originally supposed to be tomorrow but my cycle moved way too quickly. I was so so nervous yesterday but the procedure went well and I feel fine today. They were able to retrieve 5 - now it's one day at a time for me to see what happens next.


lyly14 - September 24

Jade- I normally do O on my own. My AF is like clockwork every month. I think my cycle was a bit screwed up after 5 medicated cycle and this was the first natural cycle since that time. Anyway, they haven't been able to find anything wrong with me, all my tests come back good, except for risk of miscarriage ( I am pre-diabetic, have antiphospholipid syndrome and postive for MTHFR). It seems that dh has a problem with his sperm. So even if I do O it won't do much good. Anyway, I really don't understand it all since we have had three pregnancies over a year and half period and now haven't been able to get pregnant and have been trying since the last miscarriage (1 and 1/2 yrs ago). The woman that I spoke to at the insurance company was really rude, I looked back at all my diagnosis codes from my records and all the ones my doctor has used were for female infertility. So there is hope that they may cover it , depending on what info my RE provides them. They have no record of male infertility problems, so I don't see how they can deny me. Anyway they are taking their sweet time with the medical review process. I am going to call again this coming week and see if they have an answer. How are you doing? Any m/s ? Hope all is well with you.

LMD- I am glad to hear your cycle is moving along. I wish you losts of baby dust so you can join Jade and the others! Keep us posted on the transfer.

Ange-How are you doing with all the shots? It's not so bad once you get used to it. In the end it will all be worth it.


Ange - September 25

Lyly~ glad to hear you mom is doing better.I hope it works out for you and your insurance. I know how hard it must be for you dh not being there. We are paying for the icsi -ivf on our own as our insurance does not cover it. There is somethings you can't put a price on and life if one of them. goodluck the injections aren't so bad but I am not looking forward to 4 in one day.

Jade~ How are you doing? Oct 1st is getting closer...:) Well I as for me I am still doing injections for the menopause( burseline) I go on thursday for my first U/S and start Gonal and luvaris that day. I am doing yoga and trying to relax. I stop drinking coffee on thursday that is going to be hard. They I am one week of injection then I go for the ER and ET. My house has not sold yet I am not worrieng about it anymore. I made peace that what ever is meant to be will be and we will follow that path. I was very stressed last week about it.

LMD~ did they do icsi to all 5. when do you find out how many go back in? Did they tell you you need to rest after the ET. I am getting a note for two weeks off after the ET. How was the ER were you awake? Did it hurt? this is my fear... pain. I wish you lots of embies keep me posted


RNORST - September 25

Ange, Hi girl, How is every thing going? So you have a u/s on the 2nd? Is that to see all your eggs?
I wish you the best.

Love and prayers for all you ladies.


Jade - September 25

Ange~ Hey girl. I am doing good. Feeling a little m/s but definitely not complaining. I am anxious for Monday then maybe I will be a little more relaxed (doubt it though). You are getting so close now. I cant wait to see how your u/s goes. Then you start exciting. Time will pass quick now. So is your ER definitely on the 8th or will they have to see when your follies are mature? Is your dh getting excited?

Lyly~ I hope you get that insurance stuff straightened out soon. What a pain. It seems strange how you have had previous pregnancies and now all of a sudden nothing! I wish they would figure that out. Keep me posted. I am feeling some m/s, but definitely not complaining. I have my u/s on Monday. I will keep you posted.

LMD~ Let us know how your follies do. Are you doing a 3 dt or a 5 dt?


Ange - September 26

Renee~ I am doing good very anxious now. Tomorrow I go for my first u/s to see if I can start the other fsh drugs then on the 2nd - 5th they will see how they are progressing and then we do the ET on or around the 8th it all depends how fast I go. I hope you are doing good you are in my thoughts daily.

Jade~ Glad to hear your doing good :) Monday will be hear before you know it. ET will be around the 8th it could be before or after it all depends. I will keep you posted. talk to you soon



RNORST - September 26

Ange, you have such awsome plans. Just keep praying, God will help you though this, with a beatiful baby!!!

I'm praying for you!!! Keep me posted om how things are going.


Ange - September 27

Renee~thanks for your prayers :) I am went for my u/s today and all in good so I am starting gonal after work.

gotta get back to work I hope everyone is good


RNORST - September 27

Ange, I'm glad everything looks good, Keep me posted on all your step. Your on your way, girl!!!
By the way, I'm doing great.
Love Renee


Jade - September 30

Ange~ How are the shots going? Not too bad, huh? So you have an u.s. Tuesday? Will they tell you your day for er? I cant wait for you. I am so excited. I have a good feeling. Keep me posted.

LMD~ How is everything? Did you have your transfer?

Lyly~How are you? Any insurance news?


lyly14 - October 3

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well! I have some good news and bad news. It took long enough (3 weeks ) but the insurance company finally got back to me. They approved the IVF! The bad news is they won't pay for the ICSI since it is a procedure for male fertility issues and he is not on my plan. Anyway, hopefully we will not need the ICSI. So now I just have to call the RE to find out when we can start. I can't tell you how excited I was yesterday when they called.

Ange- how are the stims going? I am wishing you lots of great follies. Keep us posted on how it is going.

Jade-I am so glad things are going well for you. How was the u/s?


Ange - October 4

hi ladies~ Well all is good here. I go tomorrow for another u/s. On my last one they found 12 follies on my ovary. 12 follies on one ovary is great. They reduced my stims a bit. I am starting to feel full now lol. Anyways I will find out tomorrow when the ER and ET will be. I will keep you all posted. I sold my house and moving in my dream home I am so happy but tired cause I have to back before the transfer because I am on bedrest for awhile after.

Lyly~ Great news about IVF being covered! Icsi is about 1500.00 more hear it might be worth is to pay for it if he needs it. when are you going to start? goodluck

Jade~ How are you doing today?


lyly14 - October 4

Ange- Congratulations on selling your house. Looks like things are starting to fall into place for you. I pray this cycle works for you. That is great about the 12 follies too. Are they all on one ovary? We have an appointment on the 23rd to see the RE. They are going to do cultures, a mock transfer, and sign consents. I guess I will know more then as to when the actual start date will be. As far as the ICSI, I think we are just going to try without out this time. If things don't go well with the fertilization process during the IVF we will consider paying for the ICSI then. Who knows, so many people have told me that a single sperm analysis doesn't really mean much and could have been bad because of recent illness or any other factors. I am hoping that was the case and he will have better results when we do the IVF. When I was on clomid we had good post coital tests with foward moving live sperm. I am skeptical about the one time results, but obviously since we have been trying since the last miscarriage in March of 06 we haven't gotten pg, so something is not quite right. I am confident regardless of the cause of infertility IVF is the right path to take.


lyly14 - October 10

It has been really quiet around here lately. Where is everyone?

Ange- How is it going? Did you have the ER on the 8th? Let me know how you are feeling. Hope all is well with you. I am praying for a BFP for you!!!!!


Ange - October 10

hey lyly~ I had my ER on the 9th because I wasn't quite ready yet when they did my u/s on Friday. They got 12 eggs out of the 12, 10 were mature :) THey called me this morning and 8 fertilized :) . I go for ET on FRiday hope my embies stay strong. I am praying hard they do. I will keep you posted I am so bust with the move and work. TIme is flying by .... Keep me posted on when you start. take care I will let you know their quality tomorrow




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