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marina - December 10

Well,Lyly,what happened is she probably did not notice the split babies on a first u/s at 6 weeks,but she did mention something like 99% it's only 2 there.Well,I said of course not more then 2,we transfered only two.She was like,oh,you never know.Yeah,right!And sure it happened to me!Like news about twins wasn't enough.God really have sence of humor(forgive me ,I don't want to offend anybody)
And there we go-Baby B split,she still could not make the clear picture of all tree,but in seperate pictures.
I guess my "fun" just begins and I'll have to go through some tests to decide who is staying and who is going.We might have to reduce twins if there is no membrane beetwin them,I guess they'll have to do the chorionic sillus sample to make the decision.


ianmichael3 - December 11

lyly: I am SO sorry to hear about your asthma! I struggle with it off and on, and have deliberated requesting a fast acting inhaler.... I'll be thinking about you...

How is everyone else? I really miss the instant emails when someone replies to a post :(

AFM: I'm pretty sure my body is trying really hard to have or start a period. I have really painful BMs the day of or prior to starting, and I am having that today :( it sucks.... I'm hoping to talk to one of the RN's at the office & get the ok to just go ahead and stop the suppositories if my HPT is negative tomorrow.... The whole time crunch issue is what I'm dealing with now- I've got to try to get in an IUI or the hysteroscopy/laproscopy by 12/31! :(

Feeling pretty down and hopeless & I really don't want to put a downer on you guys!!



ianmichael3 - December 11

Marina~ WOW! I'm praying for you & that decision, it can't be easy.


lyly14 - December 12

Nicole- When are they doing a blood pregnancy test? Hope you get lucky and get a bfp! By the way I have heard that painful bm's with your period is an indicator of endometriosis. Have you spoken to the RE about that?

AFM, I went in for my ultrascreen for downs today and the baby wasn't big enough to measure the fold of the neck. So....... I have to go for another u/s in a week to ten days. How much does that suck? Not. I am so excited I get to have another peek at the baby. Everything looked good today. Got to see the baby's face hands, feet, etc. The hb was great 168! Ok now I am getting excited but still worried about m/c. Hope everyone else is doing well.


ianmichael3 - December 12

lyly- your little bean is just growing away in there! no worries! :) I could never get enough of hearing that little heartbeat.

Nope, no blood test- they said to stop the suppositories and go in for an u/s next Wed and pre-op w/ the RE for the laproscopic surgery- not sure if they'll do hysteroscopic, since I just had surgery to remove a polyp in March.... so they too think I have endo.... we shall see. If I had to guess, I'm chalk full of it. :(



Marina - December 15

Nicole (and I hope Melissa will find us)-we all moved to a new forum,,click on Message board,then clik on Pregnant after treatment and click on Sharedjourney girls.
We'll be waiting for you there.Too bad I didn't know yours and Melissa's e=mails.
I hope she'll find us one day!


mommymommy72 - December 16

Thanks. I think this thread is hopeful and I can use all the hope I can get.



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