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mo - November 30

Lyl thanks for the ticker info...I got mine up!

Lyl, you remind me so much of myself. I was PARANOID when I had to stop prog. Dr said 10 weeks, and I aimed for 12...then 11...then at 10, I was just like, ahhh...what the heck! I had a feeling our SON would hand in strong! Yeah, he's a boy! what you feel is right, Lyl. Your gut will tell you. Same with the sex thing ;o)

Marina!!! OMG, TWINS??? WOW!!! Congrats!!! That is awesome! I'm kind of jealous!!! LOL. You totally deserve it!!! You guys did something right by switching clinics even though they are a little hoity toidy (sp??) and like to deal w. non-human contact ;o) but CONGRATS!!!
What did they do diff this time around that your old clinic didn't do? fresh? sperm donor? what? Your story is a TOTAL inspiration.

I could not be happier for you all!

It's amazing that as soon as you find out you're pregnant, it takes not more than 1-2 weeks for that baby to start sucking you dry ha??? they are smaller than a grain of rice but they make you sooo tired during that 1st trimester. I had no morning sickness but I could barely eat anything. Up till now chicken kind of grosses me out. I crave and eat fruits like it's no body's business, and drink LOTS of water. I hated anything greasy. It me made soo quesy! THAT's been the best part of being pregnant, my improved diet!

Enjoy the ride ladies...

HUGS to all!!!


mo - November 30

[quote author=bdantonio link=board=12;threadid=4396;start=120#57043 date=1227810491]
Marina Congrats on the twins.... I almost cried when i saw that u were having twins..... You so deserve it. Even though my fertility days are over i cant stop from checkin up on all you guys on your quest since u were all there for me when i needed you especially u marina so congrats!!!!!

u r so sweet


Marina - November 30

Yahoo,Mo got her ticker :)!Yeah,dear,TWINS....I don't know if I deserved it(I never wanted to have twins),but we'll take what we got,it's much better then nothing.
After a few days of shock I kinda start looking at what to expect from twin pregnancy.Well,,first my eyes poped out when I saw I'm supposed to gain at least 25lb per baby :o( are you kidding me?!I eat like a bird and if it comes naturally-the hunger-I'll eat,but make myself...I don't think so.I'm kinga jealous how Lisa could eat eveything ::)...)I wonder if I'm going to look like Winni the Poo...Well,I don't have a m/s,but neither appetite.Maybe I'm having all boys there :-\...Everybody who had girls had m/s(did Jen had m/s?)
Mo,I did a lot's of different things this time.I did accupanture,they used dexamethazone and medrol this time and bravelle instead follistim.We used my dh sperm :),my new RE convinced me that all that info doesn't mater when you do ICSI.And we paid for three times(of course, we got to get PG on a first try,but I 'll never regret it!)My dad was joking-buy one get one free(well,not really,ours was more like pay for 5,get only 2 lol),but he doesn't know that,I never told him that his 10 grand were left in my old clinic and were used to pay for the cruise my old doctor went on instead of taking care of me >:( ,how he promised,sincerely looking in my eyes...Or maybe stars lined up right this time-who knows?
Well,we'll see.I know very well,I'll never stop worry,no matter how far I'm in pregnancy,because I went through hell earlier.So,right now ,I'm taking one day at a time and thank God.
Congrats on a boy!Did you want a boy?When did you find out?

How is Lyly and Melissa?


melmar - November 30

Hi girls-hope everyone had a Happy holiday!

Lyly-glad that you are feeling well. I am still on the estrace three times a day and the progesterone shots at night. The RE said that I would stay on the progesterone until at least week 10. I don't care how long I have to stay on them as long as everything is going well.

Marina-glad you are feeling well also. It is overwhelming with twins. I read that you should only gain between 35 and 40 lbs. with twins. Quite honestly, I gained 40 with my ds-so I can tell you it is not hard. Losing it is hard-took me two years to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

As for me-I have spent the last 5 days on the couch with crazy morning sickness and an aversion to every food put in front of me. I had really bad m/s with my ds, but not this crazy aversion to food. Every smell makes me run to the bathroom. I am truly scared how I will make it through the school day tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions as how to make this better-PLEASE tell me. I have tried ginger ale, dark chocolate under the tongue, plain bagels, etc...UGH!



Marina - November 30

Melissa,dear,the only thing I can recommend -try to add Complex B vitamines(the 50mg), and girls told me to get B.Luke "when you are expecting twins..." book,she gives advice what to eat if you have m/s and everything about twin pregnancy.I remember one of them-combination salt and sour,like chips and lemonade.
And try to eat plain crackers before you get up in the morning or even at night.
Sorry you are having it that bad :-\.Wierd,but smells don't bother me at all.Even at work,exept the acrilic and perm solution,but I always hated that smell.Now I'm wearing mask and trying to hide it,so people don't ask me what's going on.But I guess not long untill they figure out.


lyly14 - December 1

Well girls I was feeling better but it seems I feel sickest on the weekends. So wierd. I ate a ton on Thanksgiving but not much since. The thought of food makes me ill. The only thing that has been working for me is orange juice today. I have also been feeling dizzy and very out of breath. I woke up wheezing this morning. I can't even put on my shoes without getting winded. It's horrible and I have a ton of laundry to do tonight. I would just say forget it but I have no clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow and my dd has nothing either. Uhgg! Dh is having a good laugh at my expense about the out of breath thing teasing me I got fat. I did gain about 3-4 lbs but my belly looks like I put on 20!

Marina- With twins I have never heard 25lbs per baby of expected weight gain. That is crazy. I have heard 25-35 with a single and 35-45 with twins. Unfortunately I gained 50 lbs with my dd so I hope that doesn't happen this time. I can't afford that much of a gain. I only lost about 30lbs after I had her and always struggled with that extra 15-20 lbs.

Melissa- Sorry you are not feeling good. Ginger ale never worked for me. I get flavored seltzer and that usually helps. Also plain saltines or even ritz crackers can help. Lemon ices also seem to calm my tummy or a plain cup of decaf tea. Honestly when I feel sick sometimes I can't bring myself to have anything.


Ianmichael3 - December 1

Good morning, girlies :) I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings- I'm sure you did, but I'm wondering if you kept your fantastic news to yourselves, or did you share with your loved ones??? :)

TWINS! Oh goodness, you are doubly blessed Marina!! And I wouldn't buy into the old 25 lbs/per bebe!! no, no! your body will accomodate them and you'll gain whatever you are supposed to gain.... besides, if you breastfeed, or just pump, it will melt off!!! Remember, you'll be feeding two, so I would think it would fall off TWICE as fast! :)

As far as m/s goes, the only advice I could give you is to eat saltines VERY slowly, and consistently. Any kind of tea with ginger in it, that you can muster to keep down is good too.


PS: thanks for dragging me along..... I am thankful you'd allow me the opportunity to follow your pregnancies :)

OH, yes, I certainly had some follies, BUT >:( I f*'d up and messed up on Thanksgiving DAY! I pulled the stick out too early (I think) and so I missed my 'color change'....... needless to say by Saturday morning I went ahead and called the RE's office and spoke to an RN who said, well, we'll just assume it was the day and have you start taking the progesterone anyway. well, DH and I hadn't had intercourse since Sunday or Monday night...... and we went ahead on Friday monring and did the 'deed' so although it might have been during the time when I would have ovulated- I'll never know.

I'm sure you can imagine I have beat myself up pretty bad over it- and still kind of am...... I know I shouldn't, but what really, really sucks is that it wouldn't have cost us a freakin' DIME!!!! We've more than met our deductibles for the year...... so now, I am just awaiting AF >:( So that I can go in to have an u/s only to find out or be told I have another unresolved cyst (which, if I had to say, is sitting on/in my right ovary) and have to wait out yet ANOTHER f* cycle :( UGH.


ianmichael3 - December 4

OK, woa, this is bizarre~ none of the posts are showing up from earlier this week..... geesh I wish there was a moderator on this site that would post information, like: hey, we're going to be changing the website, etc....

Had my blood drawn this morning for my progesterone level & would love to hear everyone's opinion about what to expect, etc.

ALSO! very, very weird, last night i went to the bathroom & had really bad cramping~ do you guys think this is a side effect of the progesterone suppositories? For a sec I thought I had a yeast infection, but read the insert and realized it was just the 'left over' stuff..... i haven't had any of the (sorry this is gross) yellow-ish stuff, maybe a little, but nothing like what I'd thought I'd have....



lyly14 - December 4

Nicole- I know they like the p4 (progesterone) to be over 15 on a medicated cycle.

AFM, I had my ob appt. today. No u/s! I was so disappointed when he told me I was going to have to wait 2 more weeks (what? It's already been 2 weeks, now a whole month with no sono!) Any way he is letting me do my scan for downs at 11 weeks instead of 12. He said the worst that can happen is I would have to go back at 12 weeks for another one (wouldn't that be great?!) I go back next friday for the u/s and blood work. He asked me if I wanted an amnio but I am not going to even consider one unless I come back high risk from my screenings. I don't want to increase my risk of m/c. Okay so he told me that I will have an u/s at 11 weeks 16 weeks and 20 weeks and in the last trimester they will monitor me closely to make sure the baby is gaining weight correctly and its growth is not stunted by my medical conditions. I love this new doc. He was so understanding about my worries and working with me to ease my mind!


ianmichael3 - December 4

lyly~ WOW! That's so much stuff to remember! Holy Cow! I'm hopeful for a healthy happily screaming baby for you on your delivery date!! BTW... I just realized, no more tickers..... is it just me, or are yours all gone??



lyly14 - December 6

Hey girls- Just wanted to let everyone know that I received a response to an email I sent the editor. I was told the changes were done to get rid of all of the porn and spam posts. They are hoping to add other features over time.


ianmichael3 - December 8

Hi everyone, yes, lyly, I received the same response & that they'd be adding more options over time, too~ hopefully sooner than later :)

Well, we had sex last night and I spotted, so I'm assuming AF will arrive no later than Thursday. I'm calling the RE to see when I can stop taking my progesterone suppositories & to talk about having a laproscopy/hysteroscopy to Rule out endo.... my mom had it & had a radical hysterectomy at 40.


OH, by the way, I'm not receiving notification emails of new postings.


lyly14 - December 8

Nicole- You could be spotting because of the progesterone suppositories. They can irritate the cervix and cause spotting especially after sex. If you can get one iui in before you have to pay the deductible again I would go for it and if that is a bust get the testing. If you can't get the IUI in time then go for it. You might as well get everything checked out.

AFM- I am having a hard time managing my asthma. My ob warned me not to let it get out of hand and told me to go to the hospital if I needed my inhaler too frequently (before the recommended time). It says 2 puffs every 4-6 hrs and I am only getting about an hour out of it. I didn't want to go hospital so I went to the regular doc yesterday and she put me on another inhaler but I am not getting much relief yet! She told me if it doesn't start to help within 3 days to go back but I feel pretty crappy. I really don't want to go to the emergency room but I may have to. With my dd I ended up in the hospital for a week on tons of meds.


marina - December 9

Lyly,how is your astma?I wrote you an e-mail yesterday,I hope you are feeling better.What do they do to you in this case?
Like I said ,it's never boring-we found out we are having triplets...One embryo split into 2 identical twins.I'm seeing hi risk ob tomorrow-will see what we are going to do about this.Never ever thought it might happen to me!


lyly14 - December 9

Marina- OMG! Triplets! Holly cow. It seems pretty late to split into twins now. Did they just not see it before? That is absolutely crazy. Keep me posted on what the high risk ob says. I guess you will consider reducing to twins. I would imagine they would have to leave the identicals alone. I would think it would be hard to reduce one of those without affecting the other. As far as my asthma I am on 2 inhalers, but still having some trouble. I may have to go back to the dr and see what they say. With my dd i ended up in the hospital for a week on IV steriods and nebulizer treatments so we shall see.

Melissa- How are you doing? Looks like you and Marina are both preggie with triplets. Amazing!


marina - December 10

Well,Lyly,what happened is she probably did not notice the split babies on a first u/s at 6 weeks,but she did mention something like 99% it's only 2 there.Well,I said of course not more then 2,we transfered only two.She was like,oh,you never know.Yeah,right!And sure it happened to me!Like news about twins wasn't enough.God really have sence of humor(forgive me ,I don't want to offend anybody)
And there we go-Baby B split,she still could not make the clear picture of all tree,but in seperate pictures.
I guess my "fun" just begins and I'll have to go through some tests to decide who is staying and who is going.We might have to reduce twins if there is no membrane beetwin them,I guess they'll have to do the chorionic sillus sample to make the decision.



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