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Arabsrcool - December 4


The reason I asked about the # of insem's is because I always had two back to back, 24 hours apart. I'm sure how the doc's handle that is different in each office. I will keep you in my prayers.


I had a HSG early on when I was first trying to concieve after a m/c (6 long years ago). I have not had any further testing since I had my daughter in 2005. I'm guessing the doc assumed the plumbing was fine b/c it had worked before. I'm not sure what all they will test for when I go back for my screening appointment for this study. I think they will probably look at everything!

I doubt your c-section had anything to do with it. Seems like my friends that had the c-section are all now pg and here i am still not! Of course when your ttc, seems like everywhere you look, there are pregnant women. I don't spite them, but I would just like to join them. I will keep you in my thoughts. Keep me posted and have a good time at your son's birthday party.


embowers1 - December 5

I have the SAME problem.... or lack there of. I just did my 2nd and 3rd IUI after a trigger shot. I know I O'd, but I have no sore bbs, no headache, no cramping..... very strange for me AFTER ovulation. I'd love to know what's up with this???


Brianandjena - December 5

what cycle day are you on? and r u on clomid and trigger shot and iui?
I am so confused not having any syptoms.. I mean my nipples are just now becoming a very little tender (nothing to complain about) Very very light dull aching in my belly. again nothing to talk about. and sometimes a burning in my pelvic area .. these things are so slight that there not worth mentioning..

arabsrcool, *HUG* hi. I asked my doc about 2 and he said that when people do that they are just trying to make more money its not more successful..(who knows) did it work for you?


Arabsrcool - December 5


2 insems worked in 2004 when I got pregnant with my daughter. It obviously didn't work the last 9 times(actually 18 insem's when you look at it that way..... WOW that even makes it seem worse). I will agree it does make the docs more money, but you go with what they want in hopes of getting pg. I have been doing those ovulation predictor things and guess what.....according to those I have not ovulated and I'm on day 19 today. Guess maybe all those meds I shot into my body are affecting me in ways I didn't know before.

Don't get freaked out about not having alot of symptoms. It does NOT mean you are not pg. ARe you going back for any more bloodwork/ultrasounds? or are you just waiting to see if you start your period?


welcome! and again to you, don't get freaked out about not alot of symptoms. Our bodies react differently when we put meds in can change how you feel for each and every cycle.



Brianandjena - December 5

Smiles* hi, I'm not going back for anymore check ups or u/s they want me to just wait it out and see if I start and if i dont then take a preg test.(poas)
so,... I also am deathly afraid of needles.
did they give u a trigger shot? I have never done the ov predictor test.
They just give me a trigger shot and then about 36 hrs later I am ov... I think its somewhere areound 36 hrs I think I ov a little early this time or maybe it was just the pain from it being 22mm who
Im sorry to have told you about the 2nd being a money thing I hope I didnt make u more negative..*HUG*


embowers1 - December 6

I am on my second set of IUI. I did one last month, 100mg Clomid, no trigger, positive OPK) And let me tell you, seeing a smiley face on the OPK was a LONG time coming.... I had been testing and temping religiously for 6 months and NEVER saw one! That IUI failed. I think the timing was off.

This time, we did Clomid 100 and triggered at day 14 (with at least 2 mature follies sz. 17 and 19mm) The IUIs were done on Saturday (about 24 hrs. after the shot) and then again on Sunday (about 48 hrs.). I am now on CD 19. I can't test until at LEAST Dec. 15 because of the HCG shot. I got crazy on Monday and decided to pee on a stick just to SEE if it would turn up positive.... and WOW did it! Bright pink in a millisecond!

The first go round I felt sick in my stomach for a few days after, but I had ALL of the pre-period symptoms. Headache, VERY sore bbs, and bloated feeling. Now, I have none of that! I have had some strong cramping today, mostly like a hard pulling sensation in the rt. side. But other than that.... nothing at all.

FYI, I talked to my doc about the double-up method. He started our clinic in Richmond, VA MANY years ago and has great success. It does make sense if you think about the timing. You usually O after 32-38 hours after a positive OPK or trigger shot. So 24 hrs, and 48 hrs. makes sense to cover all fo the 12 hour windows of opportunity.


jeni_turner - December 6

Hey gals,

Hope you all are hanging in there ok...This waiting is terrible! I've been trying to keep busy, but it's always in my thoughts.

I'm so glad to hear someone else has experienced the same lack of normal post-ovulation symptoms!!! I thought clomid would make them worse!
I am cd23...crampy, back pain, bbs are actually starting to feel full....
I have my beta on Saturday!


Hello! What cd are you on? I hate needles too, but I'd rather have the blood draw and know sooner! You'll find out either way, though. Hope all is well. :)


Arabsrcool - December 6


don't worrry, you didn't make me any more negative about the 2 insems. It is one of those things, it is what it is. I did have the ov. shot, which I gave to myself in the stomach. I used Ovidrel the last time but prior to that I had to use HCG, which had to be given in your posterior. It was difficult sometimes to find someone to give me the shot if my husband was not available(he works 2nd shift). The needle on that baby was HUGE. However the Ovidrel was a breeze. I had a huge phobia about needles before all the ART, now I can stick myself anywhere with about anything!

When can you take the pg test? Keep me posted.


I so hope you are pg! The lack of period symptoms is good it you had all of them on the last cycle. I did the same thing with a pg test on one of my cycles, but the postive was only a product of the HCG shot. It made it harder when I started my AF. Keep me posted!


HI, how are you? You are in the countdown stage! Baby dust for you. I will keep you in my prayers.



bdantonio - December 7

ronda I was told you can test 10 days after the ovidrel shot that is what i always used. I have had 7 sucessful iui;s however i have lost 5 due to m/c.


Arabsrcool - December 7


Thanks for the info. Sorry to hear about m/c, but its great that you are pg. Wow 7 IUI's. That is physcially and emotinally alot but I am so happy for you!





bdantonio - December 7

yes 7 it never got easy


jeni_turner - December 9

Hey girls,

Well, BFN beta yesterday. Don't know for sure our next step. Dh wants to try IUI again with stronger meds. I said I didn't want to take clomid again.
Anyone else get really sick/nauseated on clomid, especially towards end of cycle? I had that clomid nausea + a virus and was quarantined to my bedroom for my son's bday party. I know most of my illness was due to a virus, but I always end up sick on clomid! :-\


bdantonio - December 9

jellybean i have taken clomid alot i never get nauseas just bad headaches. However i concieved on clomid 7X so i believe in it. Did you do a trigger shot? What mg of clomid?


Brianandjena - December 9

Jelly. I am sorry to hear about the bfn*HUG*
Im glad they are moving onto more agressive treatment.. tell us what u will be doing? injectables?
Baby dust to you! ~Jena


jeni_turner - December 9

I was on 50mg clomid. I had taken it before without IUI and it made me very nauseous at end of cycle the first time. The second time I had an appendectomy and this time I was nauseous + a virus at end of cycle! I think it does something to my intestines. Who knows.....

Did you ov on your own w/out clomid? I always had positive ov tests before clomid. With it I only had 1 dominant follicle.
Do injectibles make you sick?


bdantonio - December 10

I dont ovulate regularly. I will get a period maybe once to twice a year without being induced. So my chances of O on my own is slim to none. 50mg of clomid never got me BFP i needed 100mg. I also used the clear blue easy Oulation kit no the disposable one the you buy the sticks for and the monitoring system thatyouput them in. You have to test your urine alot more. I found it more acurate hen the disposable ones. SCost more but worth it. I still hae it for some reason. I paid too much to trash it even though im getting my tubes tied after this pregnancy. I think i got sick at first with the meds but that was over 5 years ago. I think my body just adjusted to them. The last tiem around i just got head aches.



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