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Guest44 - September 20

This site will not keep me logged in so I signed in differently.

I had my monthyl bunco group and everyone was great. As usual the two that cannot help but say stupid things did. The one had to sit down and try to tell me and 2 others about the 8 hours day she spent trying to save a dying baby in the nicu. I just got up and refreshed my drink until she was done. Why would I want to envison a dying baby right now. The other older women always has to make a rude comment about anything and then if you dont appreciate it she accuses me of being hormonal. (She has done this for a year now.) I went to the next room and looked at my friend and loud enough for her to hear I said "well that was rude of her wasnt it." She had a hard time looking me in the eye the rest of the night. Everyone else was supportive and actually wanted to learn about what happened and what I was doing about it and not lecturing me. They all looked worrried when I said we would try again if the doctor said it was ok. I guess I dont blame them I am worried also. January will be here before we know it.

I went to get a bunch of labs today and they had to poke me twice. Fun, fun. It will be interesting to see the results. In 2 weeks we get the results of the fetal tissue back. My insurance ok'd seeing this new specialist so that will help with meds and lab costs this time. Yeah!!!!!

I went back to my natural brown with highlights and not my light blonde. It is drastic but I like it.

I hope all are well. Take care all and baby dust to all.

PS I hate infertility.


justme - September 20

So glad you went to bunco and survived. That took courage and I am glad you stood up for yourself.

I didn't realize that this was you at first. :P Dumb me!

I am interested to hear how all of the tests they are running come back. I really hope that your dream will come true soon.



pj - September 21

glad to hear your insurance is being co-operative. that can really ease some of the burden.
sorry you have to put up with jerks even in a circle of friends, but i'm glad you took care of yourself. (and i'm glad to hear that you got out.)
i hope the tests reveal something that your doc can use to help you.
and we're with you. we all hate infertility!
the comment about your hair makes me wonder what you look like though. you know how we get mental pictures of people, and i wonder if any of mine are anywhere near what each of you looks like. oh well. sorry for the sidetrack.
take care and keep us posted.


WantsBaby2 - September 21

It's always us against the fertiles. Let people say what they will. You have the perserverence to go after what you want! Maybe people are just envious of that quality in you. I am glad you went and survived. I am sorry other women are so insensitive.



brittonbrunson - October 3

All of the people that I work with think I we are childless by choice. I try to keep a straight face and a smile. I deflect and defer their constant inquiries no matter how good intentioned. They lament over their children, their babies, their leaky boobs etc. Then without fail, someone always turns to me and says, " Oh, Diane you just don't know...You just wait, IT"S SO HARD". I smile and say "Whew, I believe you." What I'm really thinking is: "yeah, that MUST BE HARD. Imaging that, sleeping with your husband, missing the next period, sailing through pregnancy/delivery twice in the two years I've known you." Occasionally, I have the desire to tell them my whole sordid story: (the surgeries, the injections, the isolation, the hormone shifts, the strain on a marriage, the financial burden of infertility). But I'm sure that their patronizing comments and speculation would change to pity and non-stop gossiping. Sorry I'm ranting. :-[


Fortyfour - October 4

I loved your rant. Do it anytime. People are telling me alot about adoption lately. I guess they dont think another treatment will work. Take care all.



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