Just needed a good cry
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allegonda - January 24

Hello Fiso,
So exciting to read you have had your transfer yesterday, this answers my previous questions i posted for you earlier.

I do hope and pray this time will going smoothly and quickly.

Please keep us posted.



jiggidysgirl - January 25

That is so great fiso. This has got to be your month!!!! I will think great thoughts. I know it is hard to wait and not stress, hopefully you can think of other things or keep yourself busy in relaxing activities.

Do you remember how much your first IVF was if you don't mind me asking? Does your insurance pay for it or pieces?

I am going to Acupuncture tomorrow. I called and made an appointment with my OB to see what we are going to do next. Right now I am taking it all natural! Green tea, acupuncture and I just ordered preseed because I have heard good things about that.

Keep looking at the fridge and save room for the new baby pics I am sure are soon to come!!

May big tons of Baby Dust be thrown on you!


hopeful2006 - January 25


that is strange that you say that you are going to take green tea b/c surprisingly enough the day i went in for my consultation for IVF my RE asked me if I drank green tea and I was like "yes every day b/c i love it" and she told me that was a bad idea and to stop drinking it immediately b/c it would actually surpress the process. I am not sure exactly why, but i will ask her.

Just FYI so you don't unknowingly do anything to lessen your chances.

I have 2 days to go and want to do a test so bad, but am being patient. Good luck to you ..



fiso - January 25

Hi all. Thank you for all your good words. It brought tears in my eyes, (must be the hormones!) to see that people I've never met are so supportive of me. Thank you so much.
jiggidysgirl, we are very fortunate that our insurance takes care of everything. We just have a copayment for each visit to the RE, and the meds. We figured that we will be able to do only 3 IVF fully covered by the insurance. If we need to have another one, then, the insurance won't cover it. I am pretty sure that depending on the state you live in, the insurance companies are required to cover fertility treatments. New Jersey is one of them.
Come on Hopeful2006, you have only 2 days to go. I know that it's the only thing you can think of now but try your best to keep your mind busy on other things. Otherwise you are going to go crazy.
Baby dust to all. Fiso


hopeful2006 - January 25


thanks so much for the support -- two days seems like 2 years when you are waiting for something that you want so badly.

This may sound silly, but i lay on my bed and whole my stomach and pray everynight - sometimes even more than once - just begging God to allow me this gift of life without complications .. i have not gone as far as to promise Him anything yet, but whatever he wants trust me he can have it .. I just want to feel complete - i have been trying for so long to get pg and have had 2 failed attempts resulting in m/c one of them being 16 wks pg and that was definitely the worst ...

I will try just to work - i have two jobs to go to so i wont be home till after 9:00 - then i take my shot and go to sleep - i keep saying just think one more dayof this and you wake up and go to the dr and be positive and say it will be positive results.

Love you guys for all the support and like you said it is amazing to see how many people we don't know in person, but our souls are as one b/c we all know what the goal we are trying to reach is and we all know the pain that we have endured.



jiggidysgirl - January 25

Hi Carrie,

I understand 2 days! I wish so much that this works for you and you can relax and enjoy a pregnancy. That is so exciting that you are this close, no longer the 2WW.

Someone else on this site said to drink green tea that they heard it was better. I think it was Mahogany Heart. That is why I have been drinking it. I don't like it really too much. It is ok. I am going to acupuncture today I will ask her as well. Thank you for the heads up. There seem to be so many things to try and some people say one thing will work and others say another thing will work.... I get so confused. Did your RE have any advice on good natural things to try? Yes, please let me know why the green tea is bad if you find out. Seems like I have heard it is great for everything.

Fiso, thanks for the info. I live in Oregon and they cover 50% of everything except IVF. So that might not be an option for us for a long time. Hopefully one of the other things will work. This hiatus with the cyst is driving me nuts. I go to see the OB on Feb 3rd to see what the next plan of action is. Until then we have acupuncture and any other natural something I can read about.

So, fiso do you do anything else during this 2WW? I am sure you have worn a hole in the floor by the fridge.

We are so blessed to have a sight like this. Before this site I felt so alone during this painful process.

Baby Dust to both of you! I pray this works for you both to give you joy and me hope.



hopeful2006 - January 25


yes i will get you all the information i can -- and i am into homedics and natural remedies as well. I used to go to a Herbologist when i had problems with my back and other issues - he was great and helped me a lot..

As for your cyst - I had one that prevented me from IVF for 2 cycles - they put me on b/c pills for 10 days and it just disappeared - i was so happy b/c i have had cysts in the past that (7 surgeries to be exact) and along with the edometreosis i was really worried i was going tohave surgery #8, but all worked out great ..

i am going to email my dr today to find out some natural remedies and also ask her exactly why she told me to stop drinking green tea .

fiso, hang in there girlfriend - i know 2ww is like 2 years, but hopefully you will get the result you want just like me ..

good luck guys,



I am excited for you about the transfers I have been out of the loop for a few days had alot going on and havent been on line much..
Just wanted to send some baby dust your way..
and wish you lots of luck...



2 days will be here before you know it. Hang in there and keep yourself busy.. sending loads of babydust and prayers your way..


jiggidysgirl - January 25

Thanks Carrie, I look forward to what you can find.

I am about to leave for my acupuncture appointment in 20 minutes. I will ask her as well.

I did some reading and it looks like something called tannins in green tea can cause this but they also talked about the caffiene. I am drinking the green tea without caffiene. As of the first of the year I stopped drinking caffiene hoping that would help. I am looking for something hot to drink to seem like the coffee I miss so much.

Any natural think you can share would be great. I really appreciate the help.

My doc said that my cyst will go away on its own. I got it from taking clomid. have you ever heard of anyone actually getting pregnant and having a baby from clomid? The more I read the less I trust clomid for ovulation. I am a little scared of the ovulex because you have to make sure to stop taking it when you find out you are pregnant and I woudn't want to take it at the wrong time. Looks like it worked for Peaches though and someone else.

Thank you again for the support and information.

(Only a day and three quarters left!)

aka Jiggidysgirl


hopeful2006 - January 25


Ok you let me know what you find out and I will get the information to you as soon as I know ..

Yes my coworker has twin boys 11 years old that she conceived after Clomid (two cycles) .. she told me to try it, but my problem is not the eggs it is blocked tubes and scar tissue and endometreosis causing me not to get pregnant. so hopefully IVF is my answer ..

talk to you soon -- trust me i am trying not to think about it, but it is hard -- but NO HPT b/c i know that if it is negative I will be sooo dissapointed and then it could actually be wrong - so we will wait - DH begged me not to take any tests so I agreed.

take care,


jiggidysgirl - January 25

Hi Carrie,

I just got back. I am so relaxed. If you get a chance to do acupuncture if for nothing else to guide you through your pregnancy it is great. I know this sounds odd but I had a dog of mine do it for arthritis and he would just lay and drool. That is when I started to believe in it because he does not have the placebo effect we do. I now see why he did that.

She said that she has heard some bad things about green tea. She cannot handle the caffiene in it. I guess it is the tannins in the green tea and black tea that can cause some problems. I wonder if Mahogany Heart has heard this?

She suggested a red tea from South Africa called Rooibos Herbal Tea, Earl Grey. It is naturally decafinated. It smells odd but tastes pretty good. She puts honey and milk in hers but I like my teas plain.

She also talked about keeping my body warm this time of year etc.

Thanks for the clomid boost. The doc on this website talks really bad about it and I am starting to doubt it especially after going through 3 cycles of it. By OB says it will work in 3's so if it has not worked in the first 3 cycles it probably will not. How did you find out you had blocked tubes? What is the test for that? I am trying to get the insurance to cover the laproscopy because I have an idea that endometriosis is possibly my problem. Did you have some of your endometriosis taken off during a laproscopy? Sorry for all the questions, I am interested in what others have tried and what worked and did not.

I am sure your DH is right to ask you to wait. It has got to be difficult. But no AF so far right??? That is a sign. I have read on many of the posts about others that took a test and it was negative then took another one 2 weeks later and it was positive. Do you have a doc appointment set up for Friday???

Hang in there, you are almost one day down!!!



hopeful2006 - January 26

Hi Heather:

Oh I totally believe in acupuncture I think it is a wonderful form of relaxation - unfortunately i don't think it is covered by my insurance .

I still have not heard anything back from RE about the green tea - sorry for the lack of info, but she did say that it was not good the day we consulted before we even started treatments.

Yes I have a blocked tube on the left from an eptocic pregnancy that almost ruptured and they had to go in and get it. She saved the tube, but it is damaged . I found that out by doing the dye test where they lay you down and put a balloon in vaginally and fill it with dye and then watch where it goes on the songram machine - i could see where the block was myself - I think it is called the HSG exam and it is not painful and takes about 10 minutes. Yes I had 6 ovarian cyst surgeries via laproscopy, but each time she did not laser off the endometreosis completely and it coming back, so i went to a Pelvic Pain Specialist named Dr. Marvel in Baltimore, MD and he did my last laproscopy and he got everything and also found out that i had the bladder problem (interstitial systitis) something like that were my bladder lining is very thin and when i drink acid drinks, carbonated drinks, caffiene or sugar i get extreme swelling and it presses down on other body parts and can cause serious pain - so i have cut out sodas, coffee and just about everything except Crystal Lite ....

NO AF and no signs - just my normal nausea in the am. from pre-natal and a little crampy last night, but nothing that would have worried me.

ONE MORE DAY - NOT EVEN REALLY - JUST HAVE TO GET THROUGH TODAY AND HOPEFULLY IT WILL FLY BY .. as soon as I wake tomorrow a.m. I go in for my pg test at 7:00 a.m. and I hope she will not torture me too long and will call me before lunch.,

I have already decided if it is positive I am going to not call my hubby, but I am going to drive to his job with a card and a teddy bear that says I love my Daddy and just hand it to him ...

I think I have prayed to God like 100 times this week hopefully he is not sick of hearing from me.

Take care,

PS -- Any news from China????



jiggidysgirl - January 26


Only a half a day left!!! Please say no signs of Old AF.

That is a great idea that you have to tell your husband. That will be so special.

I have not seen any recent posts from China. I just tried to look around.

I might ask about getting that test to have my tubes checked. I don't want to go through tons of stuff if nothing will work but IVF.

My insurance does not cover acupuncture either but it is $60 per time and I can handle that. It is expensive but not IVF expensive. Maybe I should move to New Jersey for a bit to get the insurance for IVF.

Sounds like you have a lot of great doctors close by. You must live in a big city. We are in a real small town, not too many resources.

Let me know how its going... hang on you are almost there.

Fiso, how are you holding up? Carrie is leading the Baby Dust trail!!!



hopeful2006 - January 26


I know I am like tryin ;) to be good and not watch the clock...

Yes I live in Maryland - we have awesome dr's here and I am also very lucky to have great insurance that covers all of my IVF for up to three times ...

You should ask about the test to see if your tubes are blocked - it does not hurt and it is easy and they may be able to give you some answers to many of your questions - i know it made me understand why we were not getting pg on our own after 2 years of trying really hard after my m/c.

I know I have not heard from China either -- I am hoping that she is just too busy celebrating her BFP to bother with us ..

Fiso, hang in there and good luck



fiso - January 26

hopeful2006, guess what, tomorrow is the day!!! Crossing my fingers for you.



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