Just needed a good cry
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fiso - January 26

hopeful2006, guess what, tomorrow is the day!!! Crossing my fingers for you.


fiso - January 26

Hi jiggidysgirl. So far so good. I'm still feeling tired from allt he stuff-retrieval and transfer-, so I'm concentrating on resting as much as I can. I'm so bloated and my ovaries hurt, that at night, I can't sleep on my side anymore. I have ot sleepon my back. I'm having a hard time with that little detail! I usually sleep on my side or my stomach. So now, I wake up every couple hours because I want to turn but I can't. It hurts.

I was wondering aobut China too. I hope no news means good news.

I had a similar idea to tell my husband last time. But he came home early that day, before I had the results!

Baby dust to all. Fiso


jiggidysgirl - January 28

Congradulations Carrie!!!

I wanted to add a message yesterday early but I did not see any posts from you yet and just in case... I pray the pregnancy goes so smoothly for you. It is your time!!! Enjoy!!! You have so earned it.

Don't forget us if you see us posting things we should not be doing!!!

Thank you for all your support and advice and spreading babydust all around!!!



jiggidysgirl - January 28

Hey Fiso,

How are you feeling? Are you at the 1WW now? I hope that the uncomfortable feelings go away soon for you. I have not gone through that process so I can't imagine what it feels like. Take care knowing there is reward just around the corner. I am sure you are getting just as anxious and there is a countdown in your house too.

Take Care and keep us informed.


fiso - January 28

Hi jiggidysgirl. Doing better, today after horrible cramps in the lower belly last night. I went to see the RE this morning, and there is nothing wrong. It's just the normal course of things. One week down, one more to go before the winning numbers!!!
I lost track of where everyone is. You are in your 2ww? When is your pregnancy test?


hopeful2006 - January 28

jiggidysgirl ,

thank you so much -- I still am in shock - I have to go in Monday and make sure beta is going up like it is supposed to - we strted at 602 so i am hoping that is a good sign that this is a strong baby ..

i am at work right now, but still jump on to see all of your posts -- take care\


jiggidysgirl - January 28

Hey Fiso,

One week!!! That is great. I am always wondering about every sign of my body too.

I am on hiatus from medicinal cures but still trying. I had a cyst from the clomid. I am on day 10 today of my cycle so we will try naturally this month. I got some preseed because I have heard good things about that and I am using acupuncture. I go to the doc next Friday the 3rd to see where we will go from there. I am not sure about going back to clomid and trying an IUI for 3 more cycles or naturally for a while. I get so confused. We can't afford the IVF right now so that is not an option. I have thought about trying Ovulex but that seems to work and not work.

I know it gets hard to remember what everyone has gone through. I would like to be able to have that area down below where I can list what I have already done. Not sure how the other ladies do that.

Carrie, I am sure your levels will be great! I was so excited for you to hear your news. I am guessing you are on cloud 9 at work. I would hardly be able to concentrate.

Take Care to you both. Fiso, we have your countdown now!!!



fiso - January 29

Hey jiggidysgirl, if you want to list everythign you have done (IUIs, and other treatments) , just on on Profile in the top ot the screen, scroll down and you will find "signature" that;s wehre you can enter all your info that will appear everytime you post an e-mail! Easier than all the stuff we are doing!!!
Thank you for your support. I'am observing my body, from inside out, just in case I can see or feel somthing that woudl give me an indication if I'm the right track! But I'm keeping my cool.
I wished everything could have been natural. I had a hard time at my first IUI, it seemed to be so clinical, so cold. But after I accepted that, it was easier.
Time to get the DH to do some home improvement (no football or hockey today!!!), got to take advantage of that!



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