IVF anyone?
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Marina - November 30

Jaimelee,this is an interesting quiestion.My clinic won't let me do the fresh before we used frozen from the previous cycle.But if yours did,logicaly you have to pay one fee for ALL your embryos,not separate, for each time.


jamielee - November 30

Thanks everyone, Marina thats what I was assuming but like I said there are only 7 so I thought it would be 1 fee. Congrats to you on your pregnancy! Congrats to you as well Jamie!!


lyly14 - December 1

Jamielee- My place charges seperate for each batch of embryos you store. They do not store your new embies with the ones that are already there so they charge a new seperate fee. After my first ivf I had 3 embies that I froze. I paid a storage fee for the year but used them a few months later. Well that was also a failed cycle so we tried again and stored 4 embies (with a new fee for the year again). Go figure. With my place it is by batch.


Ianmichael3 - December 1

Hey there Ronda- how are you doing??? I've been wanting to call or stop by- but was busy with the weekend stuff. I MISS you terribly at work!!!!

I messed up and pulled the stick out of the monitor too early on T-day, which, I KNOW was the day of my color change :( SOOOOOOOOOOO, now I've got to wait for frickin' AF to arrive, only to probably be told I've got a residual cyst (more than likely on my right ovary, if I had to say), and have to wait yet ANOTHER cycle, which puts me into the first of next year and subject to my deductibles ALL OVER AGAIN. :( This cycle and next cycle's IUIs would have been covered at 100% :( GRRR.


JamieP - December 4

Ok this is very weird. Not sure what has happened to the board but lots of posts missing and hard to get around.


lyly14 - December 4

Hey girls- This is very wierd! I think they are trying to get rid of all the garbage on the site. It's about time somone did something.

Well I had my first ob appt with the high risk doctor. No u/s! I was so disappointed. He wanted to have me come back in 2 weeks for that screening sono for downs but let me schedule it for 1 week instead. He said the worst thing that could happen was that I would have to come back in another week if it was too early to measure the fold in the neck. Then he looked at me and said "I don't think you would mind an extra sono!" Ha Ha he is sure right.


bdantonio - December 4

i am soooo lost on this site


marina - December 4

I absolutely hate it


marina - December 4

I understand cleaning up the site from porn,but get rid of all our tickers,posts.Did they really have to change everything around?!


vw79girl - December 5

whoa okay... this is wierd. I miss our tickers and photos. :( and smiley faces etc.

Had a good day today, lots of helpers to feed the boys with me and give me breaks. So thankful for that.

Good to talk to you tonight Lyl :)


lyly14 - December 6

so quiet around here. is it the change in the website?

Hope all the babies and mommas are doing well and of course all of us preggies!

Li- it was really nice to talk you. I know it must be so crazy with the 2 boys being home. It must be nice to have the helpers.


lyly14 - December 6

Hey girls- Just wanted to let everyone know that I received a response to an email I sent the editor. I was told the changes were done to get rid of all of the porn and spam posts. They are hoping to add other features over time.


JamieP - December 8

It seems like everyone is steering clear of this board now. Although I think if you did not have this exact page bookmarked it is almost impossible to get to it. I tried getting to it from the home page and I couldn't.

I hope everyone is doing OK.


Resh72 - December 9

Ok...i'm not a fan of this new site :( i understand the need to get rid of the porn and spam but geeeez...did they have to get rid of our tickers and photos too!!!???? i miss seeing all our journey babies.

Lisa, glad you are getting some help - don't know how you manage without it.

Lyly...thanks for contacting the editor...hopefully they will add back those features quickly. how are you feeling? have you had another u/s yet?

how are the rest of you preggies?

Ronda, Debbie, Julie...how are you and your little ones?

Ronda, thanks for sending the pics...your two little girls are just beautiful!

Hope the rest of you girls are great.



marina - December 9

Well ladies,I had the last u/s yesterday at the clinic before my "graduation".
Guess what? Now we having TRIPLETS...Well,for now.
One embryo split into identical twins.They all have a strong heartbeats.
Oh,it's never boring ,isn't it?
Tomorrow I see high risk doctors and we'll decide what to do next.


marina - December 9

Another thought-maybe we all should move somewhere else?To another forum where we will be able to use photos and tickers?



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