IVF anyone?
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Goofy5796 - October 29

Lisa- thats good they will get the shots for the next few months! Where are you located? I am in MA


JasJulesMom - October 29

Lyly- Hope your numbers are great. I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR.

Lisa- I am so sorry you have to go through so much worrying. I really feel for you. I know how much I worry and she was full term and healthy. I am praying for your little guys and hope they get home to you soon. Paul is a fighter and sounds like he will continue to do so.

Ronda- How are you feeling. Your little girls is almost the last of the group. We are waiting for her. Jenny I am sure will soon follow. Get as much rest now because believe me you will not get much later...lol

Afm- I am busy and exhausted. Baby still not completely latching so I find myself pumping, breast feeding and making bottles of formula for the times when there is just not enough breast milk. Add the schedules of dd and ds and this is one very happy yet very tired mom!!


Goofy5796 - October 29

TYTY- cant wait to hear the news!!!


lyly14 - October 29

ok girls the numbers are in.......... My beta was 194 on Monday and today they are 438! :) I am relieved for now. I go back in a week for another beta and my sono is 2 weeks. So now I wait, but I have some peace of mind for now. I just wish I would stop spotting.


JasJulesMom - October 29

Great News Lyly. I am SOoOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you!


lili246 - October 29

Congrats your lil girl is so beautiful she looks so big in that picture she oesn't seem like she was just born, Look at those wonderful eyes she has. I am so happy for you congrats again.

Sounds like great news keep it up and try to be positive and take good care. I would say if you avoid sex for now will be good. Try to rest alot and prayig that the spotting goes away. Take it easy and best wishes!

I wanted to ask you if you have seen the chinesse gender prediction have any of you looked at that and actually got what it says. it is base on your conception month and at the age of conception.
As for me it says with both pregnancies that Iwas going to have a boy and I did. I just wanted to know how reliable that was...

have a great day

Love Lili


Jules614 - October 29

Meg - I am on facebook under [email protected]
Check me out.

Lisa - Thanks for the info - kaitlyn is crying gotta run


vw79girl - October 29

I am located in NH. Manchester. :)


Jade - October 30

Lyly~ That is so exciting that your numbers doubled. I know you feel better for the moment, but you are right you probably won't feel completely at ease until you are holding your baby. Now the long 2ww until your u/s.

Lili~ Angel is cute in the picture. He looks like such a little man.....lol We aren't up to much. Wednesday is playdate with my twin friends.

Lisa~ yeah 60ml is 2 oz. That is great that they are doing 5 full feedings a day. Is the 60 ml considered a full feed? Are they offering the bottle 8 times or do they rest they other 3 feeds and use the tube? I am so glad the u/s came back normal. Did they say how long the b/w would take?

Jasjules~ Congrats! Your baby is such a little cutie.

Jules~ Your little ones look alot alike. They are beautiful.


Jules614 - October 30

Thanks Jade. How do you enjoy having twins? My sister just had twins. I can't believe how well she handles it. My head spins with just my 2 daughters who are not twins!



JamieP - October 30

Lisa, my little one had the RSV shots. They give them every 28 days during RSV season. The problem is that the shot is the actual antibodies whereas other shots are a tiny amount of the illness and your body produces the antibodies - they need them every 28 days as the antibodies can only survive that long in your body. They only give them through RSV season but they might want them to have them next RSV season too although as your little ones were never on ventilators they may not need them. Ventilators do a lot of damage to the lungs. The shots are hellishly expensive!! It is based on weight and the bigger they get the more expensive the shots get.

Lyly so pleased to hear your numbers are doing what they should. Great news! Try and relax and not think about the spotting. But if you get too stressed out about it just go back for another Beta - at least it eases your mind for a little while.



vw79girl - October 30

I would imagine my insurance would cover the shots. wouldn't it? I mean it covers everything they are having done now.

Jade, the bloodwork should be in a week from now. They increase their feeds every few days but yes that is considered a full feed. :)

The boys had their eye exams today and everything is still fine so that's another positive.


Meg - October 30

Lisa, our insurance covered the shots definitely in the NICU. It was when they were getting them at the peds office that the insurance gave a little bit of a hard time. Our ped disputed it and they did get covered. Your boys will probably get them until April or May, if JaimeP said that they only give them until RSV season ends. I guess that it is why our twins only got them May or so, and why they never got the shots the following fall/winter. We also had to have flu shots before our twins came home from the NICU and also anyone who would be coming into contact w/ them on a regular basis also had to have a flu shot. Our twins were born in Dec. so it was prime season for sickness.

Thanks for adding me as a friend on facebook! Your daughters are so very cute.

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Halloween with your little ones :)

Keeping everyone in my thoughts and prayers, esp. Lyly!



Arabsrcool - November 1

hi girls. Sorry its been so long since I checked in. This site has been giving me fits getting signed in.


This will be my second child and I am planning on a natural delivery.


Yeah I feel like the last in the birth row!. I am really uncomfortable(have been, but its just keeps getting worse). Still trying to work and I'm exhausted. My nasty head cold is back, so now I am all stuffed up with a headache. I see the doc again on Monday, hopefully I will get to go to the hospital on Monday (or before would be ok too!). Hope your little one is doing well.



Jade - November 1

Julie~ Twins are fun so far, but challenging. I think if I had one first and then twins it would be crazy but since these are my first I don't know any better, if that makes sense. How old is your sister's babies?

Lisa~ How are the boys? We are still waiting on approval from my insurance for the RSV shots and both mine were on vents in the NICU. I guess they are pretty selective on who gets the shots. You are getting close to your original due date.....that is exciting. I know they will be coming home soon. Don't you just wish they would tell you an exact day that they can come home. That used to drive me crazy, but I know if they could tell you they would!!

Did everyone take the kids trick-or-treating? We just went to my fams and dh's fam. I had a lion and a penguin......they were precious!

Lyly~ When is your beta this week? Are you still spotting? I had brown spotting for a while and he couldn't find a cause for it.


lyly14 - November 1

Hi Jade- I am still spotting. It is mostly brown every time I wipe, but once in a while I have bright red like I did just a few minutes ago. The whole thing still freaks me out but there isn't even enough that I need a pantyliner so it's not like it is heavy or constant. I have my next beta on Wed the 5th and first sono on wed the 12th. I feel better that my numbers were rising despite all the spotting but I am still uneasy about the whole thing.

On a happier note, I took my dd and the puppy trick-or-treating. She was a police officer and he was a prisoner in black and white stripes. They were so cute and they both had so much fun. Of course I took the puppy home after a half hour and continued with dd and her friend



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