IVF anyone?
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lyly14 - November 1

Hi Jade- I am still spotting. It is mostly brown every time I wipe, but once in a while I have bright red like I did just a few minutes ago. The whole thing still freaks me out but there isn't even enough that I need a pantyliner so it's not like it is heavy or constant. I have my next beta on Wed the 5th and first sono on wed the 12th. I feel better that my numbers were rising despite all the spotting but I am still uneasy about the whole thing.

On a happier note, I took my dd and the puppy trick-or-treating. She was a police officer and he was a prisoner in black and white stripes. They were so cute and they both had so much fun. Of course I took the puppy home after a half hour and continued with dd and her friend


JamieP - November 2

Lyly sorry to hear you are still spotting although it doesn't sound that bad. I am guessing you lost one very early on and it is just making it way out of your system. Try not to stress too much about it. Although you will probably be a little like me and worried the whole pregnancy!! I wish I could totally relax and just go with it but it seems impossible for me to do.



vw79girl - November 2

I have great news!
They told us tonight that the boys will be coming home real soon. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks! I was told a week and a half to two weeks which would be right around my actual due date! I am so excited. We are taking a CPR class on Tues. and we brought the car seat up to do that test when they are ready. They are receiving shots and all of the things necessary to get discharged. :) I couldn't believe it when they told me all of this today. Their feedings are going great (all by bottle now) and Ben is now 7 lb. 4.2 oz. and Paul is 6 lbs. 8.8 oz. It's like someone turned on a switch and voila! I am not totally getting my hopes up but to think that they will be home for Thanksgiving is the best gift we could ask for!

Jade---I wish they could give us an exact date :) I was told that my ins. covers the RSV shots. I bet your Lion and your Penguin were absolutely adorable.

Ronda...hope you feel better. Being pregnant and sick can't be fun.

Lyl...talk to you soon, it's been a busy couple of days. Glad you had fun trick or treating. That is cute that you dressed Pudgie up too.

Jamie, hope you are doing well. I can't believe you are 16 weeks already!


JamieP - November 2

Great news Lisa. When they told us that hopefully we would be able to take our baby home (after only 8 weeks) at the end of the week we did not believe them and then the day before they said 'tomorrow is the day' and we were totally unprepared. We had to go through the house and spring clean to ensure there was no dust anywhere and buy a bunch of stuff! I am so excited for you. Get ready girl!!!


vw79girl - November 2

thanks Jamie. I am doing some cleaning now while I can. Taking down all of my Halloween stuff today and going to tidy up the place so it's easier when that day does arrive. I feel like I am dreaming. This is going to be the best holiday season ever. :)


Jade - November 2

Lyly~ That sucks about the spotting although it doesn't sounds like it is too bad. Maybe it is just from the prog shots or something.I know you will be so excited for your ultrasound and maybe feel some relief after that. I can't wait for it!

Lisa~ That is so exciting. I know you are thrilled with that news. It is great that they are taking all feedings by bottle now. That means they will be home soon. Will they send them home at the same time. My boy came home 5 days sooner than the girl. But it was a surprise. I called one day to check their feeding schedule and they just said to come and get her. I was shocked bc she had lost weight the day before and they told me it would be a few more days. So get prepared girl!!


lyly14 - November 3

Lisa- I am so excited for you! That is such great news. I bet it will be really nice to hold the boys in your own home.

Only 2 more days until my next beta. I pray my numbers are still going up nicely.


vw79girl - November 3

Lyl, I bet your numbers will be in the 5-6000 range!!! :)


lyly14 - November 3

I hope you are right Li!


JasJulesMom - November 3

Lisa- I am so excted for you. I know the holidays will be amazing for you. I am so excited to have my kids all together. My family finally feels complete.

Lyly- I hope you get great news Wednesday. Have you told dd yet? How is dh feeling?

Ronda- I hope you are holding your baby soon.

Jamie- When are you scheduked for your level 2 ultrasound? Do you want to know the sex of the baby?

Anyone hear from Jen? Hope she is doing well. i bet the triplets will arrive soon.


lili246 - November 3

That is great news I am so happy for you and your dh. I bet you can't wait. But I am so happy for you guys. Hey seem like the boys gain weight in an instant that is great to hear that they are doing great. I am so happy for you girl.
You will be having the best gift for thanksgiving.

Thanks for keeping us inform.

Love Lili


Jules614 - November 3

Meg - you are welcome about the add. You have three beautiful kids - love the blue eyes!!! You are truly blessed.

Ronda - Good luck going natural. Did you go natural with #1. Your day will be here soon!!!

Jade - Twins, challenging - that must be an understatement. Yup, took my ldest trick or treating. Have pics posted on facebook and myspace.

Lyly - I would not worry about the spotting - many of my friends spotted their entire first trimester and went on to deliver perfect babies! I can't wait to hear your beta on Wednesday!!!

Lisa - That is awesome news about your boys. What was your due date again???



lili246 - November 3

Samantha and my son are the same age and about the same birthday they are not to far apart.

When so you go back to the doctor? Have you dilated more? I wish you the best girl, keep us in touch.
Good luck!



vw79girl - November 3

Jules, today was my scheduled C sect lol. and... my due date was the 16th.

Thanks for all of your support girls!!! Keep praying for us!


lili246 - November 4

I enjoy so much looking at those cute pictures of those awesome lil boys. They are so precious and OMG they have grown so much. Hey they seem all ready to go home. They sure are brave lil boys that fight against everything to be in this world, you should be so proud. I bet you can't wait to have them home.
I love your pictures so much and those cute comment you make on them it makes me laugh and make my day.
God bless them :)



jenfrancis - November 4

hey ladies, i finally have good internet at home. I have to go up stairs to get to it, tho. I am doing fine.

I feel big as a house. I will try to post pics to my spaces acct. Hubby is in Nebraska for conferences this whole week, so i have to take it easy, I dont want to have them while he is gone.

I go see the doc on Thursday. Last ultrasound I was told A was 2.12, B was 2.13 and C weighed 3.3.

I have given up the diabetic diet and I eat what I please. Any and everything.

My mom and sis have tickets for Dec 10-15, but reading Lisa's posts have me scared they will be in the NICU for a long while and their visit will be wasted!

I still only have two car seats and maybe only about a month worth of diapers. I wont be having a shower, so depending on myself and husband for providing everything will be hard, specially since I have not really worked for a while.

I am less miserable than before, probably since I accepted that they are all girls. I set up my one crib. I put the linens in it, and getting the room ready.

Well let me go, LYLY hang in there! I am sure you will be in the 4-6000 range!! Take it easy!!!



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