Clomid--shot for ovulation?
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jeni_turner - November 17

Hey all! This is my first post. I have been reading and finding support from this site for a while now. My husband and I have been ttc #2 for about 14 months now.
I just started 50mg clomid for an IUI later this month.
My question:
Should I request a shot to make me ovulate once I have mature follicles? I'm scared the OPKs won't detect a surge and we'll lose this cycle!


lyly14 - November 20

Jellybean-it doesn't hurt to talk to the your dr. about the trigger shot. Especially if you have missed the surge in previous cycles. It happended to me one cycle on the clomid and I left the RE crying when he told me the follies were gone and we missed it , but go home and bd just in case. I felt so depressed and wasn't suprised when I got a bfn that cycle. Iif your concerned it is definitely worth asking. It is hard enough when you get the news of a bfn, you don't need any added stress that can be avoided if possible. Good luck and much baby dust to you!


jeni_turner - November 20

Hi Lyly,

Thanks for your reply. I think I'll ask at my next appointment...which is a Day 10 sono on Thanksgiving morning! Fun stuff! ;)
What's your story with clomid?


Brianandjena - November 20

I am getting ready to start my 2nd round of clomid- trigger shot- iui... I will pray for you. Let mus know if the doc does the trigger shot.


jeni_turner - November 21

Hi Briana,

Thanks for your post. I know it's disappointing when af comes, but at least you can move on to another cycle and quit waiting!
I'll let you know what the dr says. Thanks for your prayers!:)


lyly14 - November 21

Jellybean- I did four cycles of clomid -all failed and I hated the way the clomid made me feel (wished I had switched to injectibles earlier. I ovulate on my own and my cycles are very regular, however my progesterone was a little low in the second half of the cycle and the re told me the clomid would help produce better follicles and the follies would produce more progesterone. The first two cycles I made 2 nice size follies on the lowest dose of clomid. First cycle went well detected surge and had timed intercourse. Second cycle missed surge ( was devastated ). Third cycle decided to use trigger shot. Only made one follicle and my lining was starting to thin out. 4th cycle they increased my dose still only made one follicle but my lining was good. Decided to move on to injectibles. That failed too and found problems with dh's sperm. RE said to try IUI but I didn't want to waste more time so we moved on to IVF. I just started the meds for my first cycle of IVF with ICSI. Hope that wasn't too much info. Let me know how it goes thursday.


Brianandjena - November 21

how long before you know if ur preg?


lyly14 - November 21

Jena- I wont know for a while. The process of IVF is long. I have a week left of "down regulation" where they shut your body down basically into menopause, so they can completely control your egg production with injectible stims. The beta is usually done 14 days after the egg retrieval, so it all depends on how long i take to stimulate my eggs. I made 6 follies pretty quickly on the injectibles without the "down regulation process", so who knows. If all goes as planned, I think I should find our right before Christmas. Wouldn't a bfp be such a nice gift?!?


jeni_turner - November 21


No, it's not too much info. I appreciate the info.
I also ovulate on my own...according to OPKs. We are "unexplained" at this point.
We have a 3 year old son (ds?). I was also off the pill for over a year before he came along...but we were not actively trying like this past 14 months.
I had a c-section with him and wonder if I should have a lap. to check for endo....That's really one of the last tests for us.
We're really questioning how many attempts we should make and how far we should go with the infertility treatments. It's so stressful and EXPENSIVE! I'm staying home now and I don't want to have to return to work and put one child in daycare to afford to possibly have another!
I'm wondering if we should just be grateful for ds and move to adoption (state, not private...too expensive)
Any thoughts???


lyly14 - November 21

Jellybean-I also have a child. She is going to be 9 at the end of the month. She is from a previous relationship. Funny you mention adoption, dh and I have discussed it. He feels its the way to go, but I kind of feel like we should exhaust the possibility of trying to conceive our own child before we go that route. And as long as a I have insurance coverage I feel like I would regret it if I didn't at least try the IVF. It is really a personal decision. The treatments are very stressful and even with insurance coverage copays can really add up. If you feel that adoption is an option you should at least explore it.


jeni_turner - November 21


Thanks again for sharing...Yeah, insurance coverage would make a difference in our decision for sure. That's great that yours covers IVF. Ours only covers 50% of IUI charges and nothing else!
It's a tough decision and my husband wants to try a little longer before moving on to adoption. I would actually like to adopt either way....I just don't know how many times to try before moving on, you know?
I guess I'm preparing myself for a bfn with this cycle b/c the percentage of success is so low. :-\


lyly14 - November 21

Jellybean- That stinks about the insurance. This whole thing is stressful enough. I totally understand what you are saying. I guess you just have to try until you feel mentally incapable of going through it anymore. Or you are just ready to accept the fact that it is time to move on. Either way, it is a very personal decision. Try to stay postive no matter what path you end up on. Good luck and keep me posted.


Brianandjena - November 22

Good luck. keep me posted. I am very unfamiliar with ivf. I will pray for you.


lyly14 - November 23

Thanks Jena, I go for my first u/s with bloodwork on sat to see how the shots are working. I will keep you updated. lyly


jeni_turner - November 24

Hey all, an update:
Urg, urg.....

11/22 (Thanksgiving): Day 10 sonogram (1 follicle, size 16)
11/23: positive ov test, IUI, sonogram (1 follicle now at 18.7)
11/24: ov. test positive again---
told to come in for another sonogram to see follicle collapse + another IUI--- no!
We decided to wait until tomorrow (Sunday) to have another sono and the nurse said we could get a trigger shot if follicle is still present. That means another IUI within 36 hours...urg.
This is a very frustrating process...Our first IUI may have been a huge waste of time & money!
Isn't the point of clomid to have more than 1 dominant follicle??? I think we'll move to something stronger next cycle!!!


Brianandjena - November 24

Hi Jelly,
I am on my 2nd cycle of clomid 100 mg. It isnt that bad.
I am also getting ready for my u/s on friday and iui on monday(i think) I also get a trigger shot sometime in between there.
Are they doing 2 iui's on you.? I am also "unexplained" and husband has some low count and morphology issues..
Good luck keep me posted!
Ps. I am on day 4 of 5 clomid .


jeni_turner - November 24

Hi Jena,

They were going to just do another IUI today b/c my ov test was still pos this morning. Then they were going to do a sono to check for collapse.
I asked if we could wait until tomorrow b/c it's expensive . If the follicle is still there, they are going to give me a trigger and schedule a 2nd IUI. The nurse seems to think I may be getting false positives b/c they're neg at night.
I think they should have given me a trigger yesterday after my IUI since the follicle is mature, but still there!!! I guess it's not their money, right? :-\



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