Clomid--shot for ovulation?
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jeni_turner - November 24

Hi Jena,

They were going to just do another IUI today b/c my ov test was still pos this morning. Then they were going to do a sono to check for collapse.
I asked if we could wait until tomorrow b/c it's expensive . If the follicle is still there, they are going to give me a trigger and schedule a 2nd IUI. The nurse seems to think I may be getting false positives b/c they're neg at night.
I think they should have given me a trigger yesterday after my IUI since the follicle is mature, but still there!!! I guess it's not their money, right? :-\


jeni_turner - November 25

SO, I had another sono today to check for collapse..The follicle is still there and measuring at 26mm now. I guess our IUI 2 days ago was a waste...Those ov tests are not very accurate with clomid. I always had a very definite positive before clomid...
I asked about the HCG shot, but they just suggested another brand of ov test and said to wait until Tuesday.

Just for future reference:
Can anyone tell me how bad the injectibles are? How bad are the shots? Give them to yourself?
Lyly, I know you tried them. What did you think? How bad is the IVF process? How are you feeling?


Brianandjena - November 25

I just posted to you on another site prior to reading this one. thank you for responding. I am wondering why they just dont give u the trigger shot. that would eliminate the tests all together.
Did they say its to late? the follies are still there?


lyly14 - November 25

Jellybean- I just posted to you about the injectibles on the other board, but I did not mention that I easily do them myself. As far as IVF I am having some issues myself right now. I have been doing injections to shut down my system for about a week now. I went in for my first u/s and I have a cyst on my left ovary. I am suppossed to start the gonal and repronex tomorrow, but that may not happen now with this cyst. I am so frustrated because I have never had a cyst before. I go back in to the RE for bloodwork and u/s Monday morning to see if the cyst shrank at all. Keeping my fingers crossed, but it doesn't look good. As far as the IVF process itself. I was a bit nervous before I started, but the more I know about it the better I feel. Having gone through the injections before, it really doesn't feel much different.



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