The 2 week wait symptoms
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bdantonio - November 21

Jena actually now that i read everyones info on a trigger shot i dont know if ovidrel is a trigger shot. Ovidrel you give the night you ovulate to help the eggs mature.

Also im doing pretty good trying to take it easy.

I also agree with Jenny fertility issues are stressful you have to talk to him. Is the RE giving dh meds for his issues? He prolly is also blaming his self that you guys are having problems. Wehn i found out that my dh was okay and it was me with the issues i blamed myself for us not being able to have kids. Talk to him find out whats going on in his head, you maybe shocked how he feels.



Brianandjena - November 22

Jenny and bdantonio,
*HUG* thank you both for responding to me. I was Just so hurt that he wasnt giving it 100%. But I took both of ur advice and talked to hime and I started the clomid today . so I am really trying and He is going to put real effert in cutting back.
Thank you again. Isnt that great news about Kristen. Have either of you heard from amy?
take care ~Jena
ps. I am going to need you guys to get through this next 2ww.


bdantonio - November 22

jena you know we are here for you especially me where can i go lovely bedrest lol.



Brianandjena - November 23

LOL. THank you *HUG*


JENNY22074 - November 23

Jena - best wishes and I am glad that you brought your concerns up to DH before deciging to fully cancel anything...I hope you had a great Turkey Day despite the negative that you got earlier this week...Best of wishes and I will be praying for a BFP this time as well...Talk to you soon.


Brianandjena - November 23

Thank you very much! I also am praying, And my Turkey day was awesome. HOw was urs?


JENNY22074 - November 23

Jena - it was good...We had a great day except for the fact that DH had to come home early because he had to be at work at 4:30 this morning...He is a maintenance supervisor at Wal Mart...So he had to be there to help with the doorbuster stuff...Oh well he gets holiday pay for it so I am sure we will put it to ggod use!!!!...I am happy that yours was awesome...Talk to you soon.


Brianandjena - November 23

Hey everyone,

Just an update:
I am on day 3 of 5 clomid. and on the 30th I go to look at follies (u/s)and make sure they are the right size and I made enough... then I will get the shot probably that night or so. then I will go back on the 3rd for iui.
So.. we will see then that dang 2ww... omg .. here we go


JENNY22074 - November 23

Jena all will be okay this time...We are here for you.


Brianandjena - November 24

*HUG* thank you. I am atleast knowing what lies ahead and that makes a big difference to me..
How are you feeling?


bdantonio - November 27

how is everyone?>


Brianandjena - November 28

Hi, I am okay . Just waiting until the 30th so I can go to see how many follies my body made. I will keep u posted.
How are you feeling?


JENNY22074 - November 30

Beth - how are you doing?...I have been reading what has been going on with you and the little one...I have been under the weather a little with a horrible cold...I have the head congestion, watery eyes, sore throat, sneezing, and he worst part is when I sneeze I sometimes leak urine since little man is loving being around my bladder right now...Stuffy/runny nose...I am taking Robitussin but does not seem to be helping any as of right now...Boy you don't have much longer to go before you little miracle is here...I can't wait to see pictures of her after she is born...I will also be joining you at the end of Jnauary with the home all day thing...Not on bedrest but the retail store that I work at is going out of business by the end of Jnauary and they are not sure about me transferring to another store that late in the pregnancy so I have decided if all goes well to just stay home and look for something else after the little man gets here....ALl right I will talk to you all again later.


bdantonio - November 30

Jenny i have 10 weeks and 5 days till secheduled c-section and i cant wait. i am so uncmfortable she is still breach and it is very uncomfortable. Everyone always says to me its just around the corner but being home all the time and not being able to do much makes that corner feel like 10 city blocks.


Marina - December 1

Hi there,
Gosh,you guys everywhere,I still can't figure out how this site works,there like 5 same topics and you post everywhere...
Jena!Did you have your retrival today?I've been reading back ,some of you here for a long time.Wow, some of you guys realy went thru hell.This is my first time and I don't know if I have it in me-fight time after time,not lose hope ...I have a huge respect for all of you for doing this and not just living after success but supporting others and shearing your expiriences.Thank you!


Brianandjena - December 1

Hi I went to the doc today and got ultra sound and seen I have 2 follies. one 16mm and one 22mm. so they gave me a trigger shot and I am going back on Sunday to get iui.. *wish me luck**excited*
How are you doing?
thank you for checking in on me.



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