The 2 week wait symptoms
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Zippy - July 30

I don't know if this will help you, but they say that you can detect HcG hormone 10 days after a 5 day transfer, if that helps you at all. Transfer date is usually Cycle Day one, so if you're at 20 you should definitely be able to get an EPT and see something. Call the 800 number (take your cell to the pharmacy) and ask what level of HcG hormone their test picks up. Many are different. I should have made a note of the brands, but some measure at 25, some measure at 50, and some measure at 100. All of which are considered "pregnant," but if your HcG level is around 50 and you take a test that only reads levels of over 100, you're going to get a disappointing negative.

Does that help?


Marina - July 30

If you know ecxactly when you did ovulate(which is not reliable with over the counter ovulation tests,only u/s can show this as a fact)),count 12 days after the ovulation day and you can use E.P.T. from the pharmacy-they show the result when HCG level reaches 20.


Ianmichael3 - July 30

Zippy :) THANK YOU! Yes that info does help and is familiar to me ( with the all too well known surfing time on the internet ). The trouble is I think the transfer day 1 versus my cycle day 20 is very different. Per my Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, I should have ovulated somewhere between July 21st or 22nd, so that is about 10 days ago. I'm such a chicken! I'm afraid it just won't be positive... so I sit and stew :P

Marina ;D Thank you too! Now I know I shouldn't test until closer to Monday, August 4th, which would be day 25. OMG, this whole 2WW thing is so crazy. DH and I won't start Fertility testing until September. I'm going to be 35 on August 21st and would have loved to been pregnant before the 'cut off' for being considered "high risk" :'( Oh well, I suppose God only knows the IF and/or WHEN we have another (our son is 5 1/2 yrs old) conceived naturally after 10 months (but only after I used an ovulation predictor kit).

Thanks again ladies, I really appreciate your feedback!


Ianmichael3 - August 1

NOPE, no preggers this month again :( huge bummer. BUT, I have GOT to remember we've only been trying since my polypectomy for 3-4 months..... but that's still like 5 cycles :(


bdantonio - August 1



stephlw - August 2

Hello Ladies,

My name is Stephanie. I am a new member to this forum but I have been lurking for a while. I am a 23 yo healthy female with a 33 yo healthy husband. But for some reason we cannot get pregnant. We have been actively trying for nearly 3 years now with not even a blip on the radar. My hhusband had a vasectomy at the age of 24 and then a reversal about 3 years ago. His count is fine, my hormone levels are normal, yet nothing.

Earlier this year we decided that we are going give IVF a try. We tried a full cycle once in Mar 08 with no joy. At that time we froze 6 embryos for later FET. On July 20th we did our one and only FET. 3 of the babies did not thaw properly =( So the Dr implanted the 3 remiaining embryos and I have been in my 2WW since. Well today was the 14th day of my 2WW and still nothing. I tried a E.P.T. and got a BFN. Twice! ={ But I am nearly 7 days late for my normal cycle. I have been reading the progesterone I am taking can delay the onset of a period; but 7 days? I am SO worried. I got to the clinic tomorrow for my blood work and to see if the procedure worked; but I am afraid of the results coming back a BFN. What can I do. I finished my 2WW with no problems; no bleeding, no cramping, but also no "normal" 2WW symptoms.

Has anyone else here completed their 2WW with no bleeding, yet still have a BFN?

Is the Progesterone keeping me from starting my period?

ANY Input will help.


mo - August 3

Steph, first and foremost welcome. See what tomorrow reveals. Remember that home pregnancy tests have a low threshold and are only qualitative (that is, the are either yes, or no; no numbers). So the blood test may reveal taht you are pregnant, but the levels were too low to be detected by a HPT.

also, i'm wondering why you're doing IVF and not IUI since your anatomy is completely normal??

Also, what day transfer did you do? Day 3 or 5? what were the embryos' quality?


mergirl - May 12

I'm new to this forum, but I'd love to go through this with someone I know is going through something similar. We've been TTC for about 2 1/2 years. We just did our 1st IUI last week Thursday. I have 7 days before I can test. I am worried that the "symptoms" I'm feeling are just related to the hormones. Anyone have advice on how to tell the difference? Is there any way? Anyone else in the 2WW right now?



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