The 2 week wait symptoms
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mjforney - October 7

So...My transfer was on 9/28/07 and I find out on Wednesday 10/10 (my dad's birthday by the way!). My symptoms have been so apparent but not sure what they are related to...transfer..shots...suppositories.. I would just love to hear from everyone what they are feeling.

My breasts have been sore and are subsiding now a little. I have cramping and tingling in my ovary and uteral area. I could take a couple naps a day, I am so fatigued! Today I woke up and I feel "tight" in my abdomen and my lower back is achy! I am not complaining I actually am glad that I am havig some sort of change in my body.

I am praying for a positive on Wednesday...

How are you ladiess??? :)


Eddie - October 7

Hi Michelle, i am nearly 15weeks pregnant from a 5dt of frozen embies. The first symptom I noticed as I wasn't taking any progesterone was a aching lower back. I also about a week after transfer noticed I was short of breath which was odd for me as I am normally quite fit. Didn't notice my breasts so much and yes I was tired.

ARe you going to POAS, I hope you get a positive this Wednesday. Good luck.


mjforney - October 7

Eddie:Thanks for the feedback and support. I am new to all the abbreviateions. What is POAS?? Thanks! :) Congrats on your pregnancy! Was that your 1st IVF??


mjforney - October 8

I figured out what POAS is...DAH! My husband will not let me do a hpt. He is adament that I wait until my blood draw. It is driving me crazy! I have to respect him, but let me tell you it is taking everything to hold me dack from sneaking one! Lol~!~


lisa13 - October 8

hi guys

first time on any forum; don't know any abbreviations

I did ivf for the first time. Saturday the 6th; we did a 5 day transfer going in on the 17th for pt. cramping, back ache and swollen brsts. I think that is pretty normal.

any advice:)
thank you so much


mjforney - October 8

Hi Lisa. Good luck. ARe you taking it easy? I stayed in bed for 4 days. I know that is obsessive but I loved being waited on so I just took advantage of it! Plus I am still not carrying anything over 5 lbs...which means I am not carrying groceries in either HA!

I am still cramping and breasts are still sore. I have my blood draw on Wed. 10/10...I am so nervous.

How many did you transfer? Is this your 1st IVF cycle?


lisa13 - October 8

Dear Michelle;

this is my first ivf :) we I had 12 eggs and 11 fertilized. They put 2 embryos in on day 5 which was 10/6. Is this your first ivf? I have done anything and i am not going back to work til thursday but then i am constantly on my feet. I am excited for you wednesday is coming up are you going to do a store bought test. I am still cramping; hoping it is implanting did you do 3 or 5 day? It makes me feel better to talk to some who is going through this. what kind of projesterone supplement are you on hope to hear from you soon

I will pray for you


mjforney - October 9

Hi Lisa:
I am so addicted to this web site because of all the wonderful support on here.

Our story:
In 1996 my husband was diagnosed with malignant neoplasma ependymoma (Cancer
of the central nervous system). We were only 25 years old (I was finishing college) and we didn't even think of freezing sperm until it was to late. In 1996 they told us that my hubby was 100% infertile from radiation and other treatments. So we went on with our careers. In 2000, and out of curiosity, my hubby had another semen alanysis which resulted in a tiny amount of less than 500. Just 500 little sperms.... we thought, wow, there is suppose to be 40 million! We amazingly got pregnant with our miracle daughter Hannah in
April 2000 just a month after his analysis of 500 sperm. It was a shock and the chances were so slim.

Since Hannah's birth in 2001 we have tried and tried to get pregnant on our own, but no success.
Than in 2003 my husband's cancer spread to his brain and attacked his pituitary and he was given less than 60 days to we didn't even thinkof freezing sperm. BUT...he is still here and alive and feeling
better. So.... fertility started in Jan. 2006.
We used donor sperm and tried 8 IUI's. None took. After the first IUI the Dr. called me and told me I was pg after my blood draw, she than called me
back 3 days later and told me that she made a mistake, wrong patient! I was devastated. we switched Dr.'s.

After the IUI's we thought of adopting because I was so afraid of IVF. China declined us due to my hubby's health and tere are too many hoops to jump through here in California so...

We decided to do IVF with ICSI and they retrieved 10 eggs, 8 mature and 6 took fertilization. They transferred one cell 8 grade 1 and one cell 8
grade 2 on 9/28/07...and the wait starts!

My hubby will not let me do a home pregnancy test, my friends have been begging me to!!... I have been taking it so easy, I stayed in bed for four days!

Right now I am taking the suppositories (estrogen and proges) vaginally, folic acid by mouth and the wonderful (trying to be positive) progesterone oil shots every evening in my backside!
My breasts have been hurting but feel better today and I have not had any more cramps since Friday. But I have been very very tired. I could take a
nap 4x a day is I had the time.

I went back to work but am able to control the amount of time I am on my feet.

I have had 5 friends go through IVF and all have gotten prego on their 1st try, one with twins. So...I am hoping and praying.

I will be praying for you as well.... I got your e-mail, you can also communicate with me that way!

What state do you live in?



lisa13 - October 9

Dear Michelle,
thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I feel like I have known you for a while. You and your husband have a tremendous amount of courage, love and strength in you hearts....... I am inspired by you.
Our Story;

My husband and I got married june 19, 2004 and then my mother suddenly
passed away October 7,2004(yesterday was 3 yrs) of a bronchial infection with complications; my father came home from work and found her laying next to the bed; it was a horrible time; we decide to wait to try to conceive. A year later we tried with no luck; Then we went into fertility; 4 month clomid; 4 month follistim shot and iui. the 5th month we got pregnant and miscarried 5 weeks later. We then took the summer off and here we are on our first Ivf. I am 36 years old and I live in Buffalo Grove Ill. I manage a retail shop so unfortunately not looking forward to thursday but i will try to take it easy.
How is your husband feeling ? I hope good. Ill be thinking about you on wednesday and wishing you luck. how old is Hannah? How is she dealing with all this; Where do you guys live?


mjforney - October 9

Dear Lisa;
I am so sorry about your mom. Your dad will soon be embraced with his own little Prince and/or princess soon and will bring light back in his life!

How many fertilized eggs did you transfer and what was their grade? we did a day 3 transfer, My Dr. does not like to do Day 5. I don't know why (he told my hubby and I didn't pay attention, I was too nervous).

My hubby is doing well now that they have put him on chlomid for his low testosterone. We were both on chlomid last year and stealing each others meds! HA! Our house was very hormonal I must say! Lol~

Hannah is 6 years old and is the reason I want another child so bad is because of her. She has been such a joy. I have not told her, or my teenage nieces, much about what I am going through. I dont want any girl, kid, or teen to think it is this hard to get prego, I want them to think that it is is easy to get prego! HA!

Hannah really wants a brother or sister. She came home upset one day from school. She told me that when they introduced each other at school she was the only one that did not have a brother or sister so she told the class her sister was named Zoey (our dog). I told her that was OK... Zoey is a part of the family afterall...

We live in Northern California in a small town (Hidden Valley Lake).

How are you feeling right now? Please be careful when you go back to work. Have someone do all your lifting over 10 pounds. OK??? You are the Manager so please delegate!

Talk to you soon... xoxoxox


lisa13 - October 9

Dear Michelle;
My dad has been amazing. Were actually doing the shared risk progam were you pay 25,000 up front; you have 3 ivf cycles each time it does not work you get 70% of 1/3 of the money back; If it works the first time you get nothing back.
My dad is paying for it which is amazing of him. We would not be able to do it other wise. I have a sister with 4 kids 9,7,5,4 3 girls and a boy. they are amazing. my dad is great with them he tells me he needs another grandchild the 4 he's got are ingnoring him hehe. We did day 5 transfer 2 both 4aa. The doctor said that is good what do you think? I still have cramping and my nipples are killing me. I had the weirdest dream last night? Is that happening to you?
oh don't worry Ill be delegating What do you do?
one more day don't be nervous.. g-d has a plan; ill be praying

xoxoxlisa talk to you soon!


mjforney - October 9

Hi Lisa; ;D
Wow. what a plan that the clinic offers. I never heard of that before. We had to just pay the flat $13,000, although we have spent a total now of $25,000 with all the other stuff and the donor sperm.

My cramping has gotten better and my breasts are not as sore. Day three after my retrieval was the worst for me. It hurt so bad at night, I felt like mu uterus was going to burst and going to the bathroom and putting pressure was painful. Its much better now though. I have had some strange dreams as well...that's funny that you mentioned that! Do you think it is the meds and stress??

Yep..One more day. I am so nervous. I can not stand it. They are going to call my hubby because I do not want them calling me. They said that if it is a negative they call and say, "Im sorry, its negative" and hang up... ikes, that would just break my heart! I am curious to see how my hubby tells me if it is positive. Since I found out about Hannah and had to tell him I figure its his turn to know first! :)

For work, I travel all over Northern CA for a large retail grocer. I handle their sexual harassment, discrimination investigations and conflicts and I also handle all their ADA Compliance and their EEO compliance. Baisically Human Resources. My job works great for me because I make my own schedule and get to work from home a couple days a week. Driving everywhere is what stinks...not to mention dealing with employees that are just rude.

I will talk to you soon. Thinking of you!



bdantonio - October 9

you can also try a humidifier


mjforney - October 9

Hi Beth: the humidifier for what? Sorry, I am lost. :)


lisa13 - October 9

Dear Michelle

Just want you to wish you luck again


mjforney - October 9

Thanks Lisa... I am so nervous. I will let you know as soon as I do! :)

I am sending baby dust, glitter, with hearts and candy sprinkles your way...

(I like candy sprinkles! HA!)



mjforney - October 10

I am on my way to take my blood test...I am so nervous. I am going to be their 1st patient waiting before the doors open!! Send me baby dust!



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