9 day wait with IVF
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Marina - March 19

Tracy,I've seen many people start with high first beta and then it goes down and ends up in chemical PG.And opposite-start low,but somehow make it and turn to be a normal Pg.Sometimes,if you transfered more than one embryo,both would implant and then one drops out.Or implantation takes place a little later.I understand how you feel waiting from one beta to another-I've been there,it takes all joy for the fact tha t you are PG.Nothing you can do but wait and see.Nobody can give you an exact answer.I guess we never safe during this journey and can't be compared to each other.it's all very induvigual.Don't lose hope.!


JamieP - March 20

I don't really know much about betas but am sure your clinic wouldn't give you false hope.

I have started bleeding. It came on all of a sudden - no spotting or anything just straight to full on bleeding so I guess that is the end of my pregnancy. I am pretty bummed out.



doglover - March 20

Hi Jamie
I am really sorry to hear that you are bleeding. Let me know what you find out. Maybe there is a chance if you are not cramping? I know some people have gotten implantation bleeding that has been somewhat heavy around this time in pregnancy.
Good Luck-Linzie


JamieP - March 20

The bleeding/clots have stopped for now. I went to the doctor and my beta was 3681 which is in the range of normal according to my first beta and this site http://www.americanpregnancy.or
but when they a transvaginal ultrasound and my cervix was still shut but they could only see a shadow in my uterus which they said may or may not be a pregnancy and according to the same website - A transvaginal ultrasound should be able to show at least a gestational sac once the hCG levels have reached between 1,000 - 2,000mIU/ml. Because levels can differentiate so much and conception dating can be wrong, a diagnosis should not be made by ultrasound findings until the hCG level has reached at least 2,000.

I wish it had been more of a definitive answer because I am pretty sure I am miscarrying but feel like it will just be dragged out. My doctor has increased my progesterone and told me to come back in 2 days.



Ladybug - March 20

wow thanks everyone.....its great to have all of you as friends.

Jamie what is going on? Did you say your first beta was like 170? I think your first beta # is high. You know you could of had 2 implant and the bleeding is from the loss of one and the other one could be fine? Also I think its normal to have some bleeding in early pregnancy. One of my best friends had bleeding (after IVF) when she was I think 6 weeks...all is well for her. she just had her baby. Please let me know how you are doing! I'm going to say a prayer for you! Don't give up yet!

Marina, you are right again! I have to just hope and pray and wait....I still have cramping and my chest is still sore....I have hope. I'm just scared


Ladybug - March 20


I'm sorry I was so upset when I seen your post that I missed your 2nd post.

I still think perhaps you lost one baby and there could be another one in there safe? Do you have cramping or anything?

Your going to have to think positive and not give up. Your strong Jamie and we are here for you when you need to talk.

You said you have to go back in 2 days....is that Friday?

Thinking of you,


Arabsrcool - March 20


How far along are you? Don't give up hope until you know for sure what has happened. Hopefully its nothing major, but I think I can speak for everyone on this site, we are thinking about you and totally understand your fear. Its a fear we all have once we get the postive pg test.

Please keep us posted, you will be in my thoughts.



Marina - March 20

Jamie,I've had bleeding at 7 weeks-like you said-it came out of a clear blue in the evening,before I had a slight back pain.It was heavy, like a period,not just spotting and lasted for 1 day.They did a u/s and the baby was fine.The bleeding was from slight placenta seperation,and it went away in a few days.But you right ,in your case the strange thing is that your HSG level too high not to see the sac and the yock.They able to see it with 2000 level.But remember,we all people and not perfect-maybe because of your bleeding they wasn't able to see the clear picture.Let us know what you find out .Good luck honey!


JamieP - March 21

Have still not bleed any more. Can't wait to see the doctor tomorrow to know what is going on. Am sure I have miscarried and want to just get on with it. Would much rather things happen naturally than have to go through the whole D&C thing.

I was about 5w 5d when the bleeding (well more like passing some big clots) happened. I only had one put back so it is an all or nothing deal.

Q for any of you who have miscarried in the past - how long did you have to wait before they would do another cycle for you? This was a FET but I have nothing left frozen so will have to do a fresh cycle.



Marina - March 21

Jamie,I know people have different opinions about D&C.
My personal opinion-go and have it done,so you can move quicker to the next step, because if you wait for natural m/c,it might take long time + if some tissue left you may end up with an infection.I've had it done ,it's not that scary.But again-this is your personal choice.
I'm not sure how much time they 'd make you to wait-it depends on your cycle,when your period comes back.I think at least one full cycle and than they put you on bcp again.I'm waiting myself for FET after m/c(was on Feb 24),but no period yet.
And Jamie,just wait for results tomorrow,who knows,maybe you still PG and they couldn't see it last time.You said your bleeding stoped-usually,if it's a m/c it goes on for long time.Good luck and hugs


JamieP - March 22

Doctor said definitely a miscarriage and thinks it will take care of itself naturally when I come off the meds. Am pretty bummed out but OK.

How did you get on Tracy?



RB - March 23


I'm so sorry for your loss....i was hoping to hear otherwise but i have also heard that your intuition about these things is usually correct. I am praying for you to have a speedy recovery so you can try again..in the meantime, i will say a prayer for you and your little angel in heaven.



Arabsrcool - March 24


I am so sorry for your loss. I hope things go quickly for you. I had a d&C after my m/c but was 13 weeks along. I hope you body takes care of things for you and you can move on to a fresh cycle quickly.


Arabsrcool - March 27


Just wondering how you are doing?



Arabsrcool - March 28


welcome!. You will find alot of support on this forum. Try to stay positive and remember, it only takes one embie to implant to make a BFP. The journey is not a pleasant, but the chance for success is what keeps us going.

Good luck tomorrow and keep us posted!



jaiere2001 - March 28

Thanks so much.

Talked to the lab today and they said that things look okay. Based on the circumstances and my age she said I had a 44% chance of having a baby in the end. Is this normal? It seems kinda a low to me but she said that it was good. Anyone know? thanks



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