9 day wait with IVF
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jaiere2001 - March 28

Thanks so much.

Talked to the lab today and they said that things look okay. Based on the circumstances and my age she said I had a 44% chance of having a baby in the end. Is this normal? It seems kinda a low to me but she said that it was good. Anyone know? thanks


lyly14 - March 28

Jaiere2001- That is a very good percent. Typical couples with no fertility issues only have about a 30-35% chance of conceiving each cycle. So it looks like you are in good standing. Good luck and just remember if it does not happen this cycle it doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with your eggs ( although going through this whole process we like to blame something when it doesn't work the first time) . A healthy woman who is fertile only has 30% of her eggs being caple of being fertilized Don't ever give up your dreams. Lots of baby dust to you and hopefully you will get your bfp!


JamieP - April 2

Well my miscarriage is still not over but hopefully only a few more days now. I am still feeling bummed out about the whole thing but I know these things happen. The worst thing is having to wait before we start trying again!! Two months seems like forever.

I hope everyone else is doing well. lyly14 when is your transfered scheduled for or are you still waiting? A frozen transfer is far more straight forward than a fresh cycle.

Tracy - I hope you are doing OK. You seem to have stopped posting.

Rosemary - how did you get on?



jaiere2001 - April 2


so sorry to hear about your loss (i have been there).

went for labwork yesterday and all seems okay.

i dont feel any symptoms though, just pain from 1 extremely large ovary. i guess i will just have to wait for my test on next tuesday.

feel better soon and many blessings.



lyly14 - April 2

Jamie- Sorry to hear your m/c is dragging on. I remember being so anxious to start trying again after mine. It really does stink, but it will happen. Stay positive. I go tomorrow to set the dates for the FET I am looking for the week of the 21st of April so hopefully it will work out. I'll keep you posted.



Nicholette Thomas - April 2

Hi ladies,
I just did my 3rd transfer, (2 others failed), I did the hpt on day 10 and it was clearly negative. My 2ww is Friday April 4th. Do you think I could be preggie even with a -hpt at day 10.
My lower back aches, my legs hurt and last night i got a sticking pain in the right abdomen.
Any advise for me?


jaiere2001 - April 2


I have been told that it best just wait until your blood test. HPT maynot always pick up HCG if it is low. I have always had problems with HPT. False Positives and False negative so i rarely depend on and try not to lose them. Try to hang in there, 2 more days to go.


irma40 - June 24


I hope you beleive in G-d and have faith that whatever will be the results is after all for your own good, youl will see, G-s always knows best, so please HAVE FAITH, and leave everything to G-d.

try to keep your mind in other things, read, work, go for a walks, prays and stay calm and in trust that everythings is going to be ok

For me, G-d is the one that help me in all aspects of my life, I do what I can and the rest I am no worry about because after all I don't have any control in it.

any ways I hope you can relay to this words

I wish you all the best.



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