9 day wait with IVF
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Ladybug - March 15

Thanks Jamie and Marina,

today I'm sorry to say I'm not in good spirts again. The cramping has stopped. The line on the pregnancy test has gotten darker but all my symptoms have stopped. You know it amazes me how things are up and down this time.

Jamie I understand what you mean about wanting to see a heart beat. When I was pregnant last year that was all I wanted to see. (I miscarried at 9 weeks) My dh once told me you never stop worrying.....even once they are off in college. However they do say that once you see a heart beat you should be ok.

Marina you story does give me hope however with my last IVF my first beta was 13 and doubled to 26 then slowly went up to something like 32 then something like 41......this went on for a few weeks. it turned out to be a tubular pregnancy. I suppose I'm just thinking of all the bad situation that have happen to me.....the home pregnancy tests are great only they don't tell you if your beta is only 13 and I suppose I'm afraid thats whats happening again.

I just want to be wrong guys and I'm trying to hang in there its only 2 more days right.....but the thing is my dream ends or begins in 2 days.



JamieP - March 15

It is normal for symptoms to come and go. With my other pregnancies they have come and gone before they really kicked in at about 6 or 7 weeks. The other thing to remember is that all the medication we take plays a BIG roll in everything. Until you are further along it is really hard to know what the symptoms are coming from - your body or your medication. I have another 8 days before my scan - seems to be passing by very slowly.

Hang in there only a few days to go and it is GREAT that the HPT is getting darker.



Ladybug - March 15


Thanks I pray that you are right every sec. of the day! This is going to be one of the longest weekends of my life. Thank you very very much for your support!



Arabsrcool - March 15


I did my hpt on Sunday and beta was on Weds, so 4 days prior to beta. The only symptoms I am having are lower back pain, and about all the general symptoms associated with the progestrone, bloating, gassy, and really tired.


JamieP - March 17

Tracy not long to wait now. I hope it all goes well.
Good Luck


Ladybug - March 17

thanks Jamie......I'm just sitting here waiting to hear from them now! I had my blood drawn at 9am and now its almost 11am. They said they think they will have the results at 11am and that if I don't hear from them that I could call them at 11am......I have just 9 more min before I call them! every min. feels like a year! My heart is pounding and part of me wants to call while the other part of me is afraid and doesn't want to know.....as my dream could be over or just start?

I have cramping again....I don't know if this is good or bad but its time to call.....I'll post results good or bad



Ladybug - March 17

Hi everyone,

My firsy beta is 68........what do you guys think??? Its a little low right? I have to go back in 2 days to see if it doubles.

Pray with me guys!!



Arabsrcool - March 17


I think you are pg!!. My doc ofc says anything over 50 is a good result and ok for "cautious optimism"! Hopefully that beta will shoot right up there in 2 days. Keep us posted


jeni_turner - March 17

Hey there, Arabsrcool! Congrats on the BFP!!!! I know you must be thrilled! This was your first IVF, right?? Congrats and best of luck!!! :)


Arabsrcool - March 17


Yes this was my first IVF. I am thrilled to be pg, but now second guess every twinge, cramp etc. I hope I get over that after the u/s on 4/1 and can enjoy being pg!

Where are you in the process?


bdantonio - March 18

you will second guess everything during your first pg. its normal.


Ladybug - March 18


Thanks again! I'm doing my best to just stay positive. I have to wait 2 days to see if it doubles.

I know what you mean by second guessing every cramp and twinge. and even though I wish nobody had to ever feel how we feel....its nice to not be alone!

How are you doing Jamie? If I may ask where are you in your cycle?



JamieP - March 18

Congratulations Tracy. That is great news. It is hard to know what a number means. My understanding is that anything over 50 is a pregnancy. It seems so unfair that we just have to keep waiting. The waiting is what kills you!!

I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. I have an ultrasound in 5 days and once again the wait is killing me. Once I see a heartbeat I will be able to relax a little. At my clinic they do not do another beta if your number is over 100 so I have only had one and am now just waiting for the scan.

I hope the next two days don't drag too much for you.



Marina - March 18

Girls,everything above 5-is considered PG.The normal level vary-from 5 to 500.It's not the number that important,but if it doubles every 48 hours.


Ladybug - March 19

Hi everyone,

thanks Jamie and Marina......my 2nd beta was today and it was 95. My first beta was 64 and not 68 I must of been wishful thinking.....anyhow they told me 95 is good that all they want to see is the # to 1 1/2 or double every 48 hours. I have to go back in on Friday for another beta.

What do you guys think now???? I always thought they wanted to see it double and nothing less.....I asked them if there was a cause for concern and they told me no.



Marina - March 19

Tracy,I've seen many people start with high first beta and then it goes down and ends up in chemical PG.And opposite-start low,but somehow make it and turn to be a normal Pg.Sometimes,if you transfered more than one embryo,both would implant and then one drops out.Or implantation takes place a little later.I understand how you feel waiting from one beta to another-I've been there,it takes all joy for the fact tha t you are PG.Nothing you can do but wait and see.Nobody can give you an exact answer.I guess we never safe during this journey and can't be compared to each other.it's all very induvigual.Don't lose hope.!



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