2 week wait - symptoms
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estieh - February 22

BFN. Will chat again tomorrow, not feeling too good at the moment, have to keep my pose while at work.


trababy - February 22

Estieh, I am so sorry to hear your BFN. It makes me wonder sometimes how all the wrong ppl get pregnant so easily and those who are good and deserving have such a hard time. I try not to think this way but it gets to me sometimes. Than I start to feel greedy and go back to the theory that everything happens for a reason and maybe these ppl needed this to happen to help them in some way.
Eddie- welcome- I too am going on my 3iui and my hopes are not very high being that two what I felt very well timed out ones failed. It is hard to stay positive- I keep telling myself that things happen in threes, or the third time is the charm. My symptoms each month seem to be the same false pregnancy symptoms minus sore bbs so you would thijnk that I am used to it by now and it cannot trick me. But I guess that what hope is hah?
Good luck ladies, chin up.


sundance007 - February 22

Estie - I'm so sorry that you did not get the results we are all hoping for. I feel sad for you and wish that all of us were in a room together so that we could have a big group hug!!! Take a day or two to feel sad about this and then get your strength and positive attitude back and move on to the next step!! Will you immediately be doing another cycle? Let us know what you decide and know that we are all here to support you and listen to you!!


VTB - February 22

So sorry Estie. It's always hard to face the reality of this. But keep your head up and you will get the results you want someday!
Hi Sundance, how are you today?


sundance007 - February 22

Hey VTB - So far today is better than yesterday as far as my emotions. Physically I have absolutely NO symptoms - bbs are not sore or swolen, no cramping, no headache or dizziness...NOTHING. I'm not thinking that this is a good sign. I really think that this is not my month and it makes me so sad, but I guess until I get the call on Saturday it's hard to come to terms with what the next step is. I know I'll do another IUI, but just not sure when. March is out and possibly April, so it may not be until May. I think this is especially upsetting to me because my cause of infertility is completely unknown. Besides age, neither my DH or I have any physical reason not to be able to conceive. We really thought that enhancing all of mother nature's ways and timing everything so perfectly was just what we needed to make it happen. How on earth does anyone get pregnant "the first time" they try???? It makes me crazy, especially when you see celebrities like Brittney Spears (a complete mental case) have 2 healthy babies that she doesn't even seem to care about. Maybe we should all hit the party circuit and run around town without underpants on and our problems would be solved!!! LOL.

How are you feeling today? Have you made a decision on the HPT? What day is your actual beta? Talk to you soon.


victoira - February 22

i sorry to hear about this just like i so sorry for me. my iui didnt go great it was neg. but i wii have my 2nd on sometime thid month. what i can say to us lady stay positive and leave it in god hands.


VTB - February 22

Hi Sundance,

I feel sort of the same. No cramps at all today (which happens before AF...I get cramps a few days then it disappears and returns once AF comes), no headache, no dizziness, but my bbs are sooo big and a little tender. That's all. But that is all normal PMS stuff.....I am feeling the same way that this is not my month. I will do another IUI right away if my RE says it is ok.
Too funny that you say that about ppl having a child and not acting like it is anything big....I just said that to someone today how there are soo many children out there who are being beaten and not appreciated and I can't have one and I know I would be such a good mom. Life isn't fair.
I have to do a HPT first on saturday if no AF yet and if it is positive then I call RE for a beta. If It is negative, I just wait for AF or re-test. Fingers crossed! Keep me posted!


LSM - February 22

Sorry to those of you who had BFN with your IUIs....I can relate, as I had one on 2/11 with my first IUI. It was tough for a couple of days, but now I'm trying to get optimistic about the next round which won't start until after my upcoming cruise (well needed). For what it's worth, I have a good friend who got BFP on her third IUI and she's 42!

Good luck to those of you who are still waiting. I'll be back in the 2ww in late March or early April, so hopefully some of you will be out there at the same time.


Eddie - February 23

Estieh - So sorry to hear that you had BFN. We can all relate to that and disappointment that comes with it. Keep you head up and keep going. I started doing Acupuncture and taking chinese herbs after my first negative IUI and this does help you to relax and re focus. Maybe it would be good for you too. I am so glad I found this website as it is very therapeutic to talk to you all when we are going through the same thing.

I am a week today since my IUI. My doctor scanned me on The wednesday which was day 10 and I had 2 follicles about 19mm and 18mm. She wanted me to wait a day to do the HCG trigger which I did on the Thursday afternoon (Day 11) Then had the IUI on Friday afternoon (Day 12) with DH borderline sperm. My RE even suggested we do the deed on the Wednesday when she scanned me leaving not only 2 days for DH sperm to build up again (sorry TMI) Is this different to everyone else's IUI's. Does anyone know about follicle sizes and what they should be before triggering.

Today 7dPIUI I have had cramping which is like a stitch, but no sore bb's which I had before and am really tired. Is this normal.


VTB - February 23

Hi All,

Well, I took HPT tonight....couldn't wait any longer. I am two days away from when RE told me to do so, so I figured if I tested with an early HPT it might show something....guess again BFN~! I knew it. I know it may still be too early, but I think this month is not the month. I will test again saturday if AF dont come by then.....but I'm sure she must be on her way :(
Eddie - my RE always aims for 17mm or greater for the trigger shot. Mine was at 16.7 mm when I got my trigger. I only ended up with one follicle on the minimal dosage of Clomid. If IUI fails this time, which I think it will, I will be doubling up this time. RE said that since my cycles are regularly slow, this month on only 50 mg of Clomid didn't really seem to have much affect on me...so as I said - not really hopeful for BFP this month.


trababy - February 23

Eddie, How do you like acupuncture? I am thinking about trying it to ease some tension and stress. My Dr. is holding a seminar thing on Sunday dealing with all the natural medicines etc.. I guess from massage therapy to the acupncture. For my 2nd iui I beleive I had two follies around 18 and took the trigger shot. Dh and I also had much sex b4 and after- but I think I ovulate later than my Dr. thinks- but wouldn't she know best?! I will be doin another iui next month so I am spending my time in the gym and a 5 min sauna to loosen muscles- I look forward to this-it helps me relax.


Eddie - February 23

Hi Trababy,

Sorry about your BFN but you may be testing a little early. Fingers crossed. Acupuncture is great and I have heard great success stories from it. i normally get a massage or cuping as well so am floating when I walk out, so it must be good for you. My fertility centre aren't a big believer in the herbs but definitely the acupuncture and recommend it. it is supposed to get your cycle into check, but as I am unexplained fertility my cycle was pretty normal. i do wish sometimes that I knew what was wrong so we could focus on fixing it. Your IUI cycles sound very similar to mine and when I question my dr as well she says that everything looks great............so why isn't is working. How many IUI"s do you have a cycle. Do you have any other symptoms at the moment.


Eddie - February 23

Trababy...... that sorry about BFN was meant for VTB. I misread who the email was from.......sorry about that.

VTB - I was only on 25mg of clomid and ended up having two follicles. I have done 3 IUI's on 25mg. My RE feels this is enough and says that because I respond well to the clomid will probably respond well to the IVF meds........which is our next step after this one. My RE only likes to do 3 IUI's and if they don't work move on to the next stage. What does he mean when he says your cycles are relatively slow?


VTB - February 23

Well Hello All,

First off - AF came today...so my IUI didn't work this month. :( I was prepared so I'm not feeling too bad about this today. A little sad, but oh well...life goes on.
Eddie, Sorry I guess slow wasn't the right word. My cycles are lengthy I guess is a better word. My cycles can be anywhere from 31-34 days lately, so it seems like it takes longer for my follies to develop. She figures if she up's the dosage, my follies will grow quicker and of more quantity and maybe make my cycles a little more regular (maybe 28-29 days).
Well, I will be starting another cycle right away, so ladies wish me luck!


sundance007 - February 23

Hi VTB - I'm sorry that AF reared her ugly head. You have seemed pretty certain throughout this cycle that it wasn't your month, but it must still be disappointing when it's confirmed. I also took a HPT yesterday which was a BFN. This morning I have all of my usual signs that AF will appear any moment. Unfortunately I think the progesterone supps. may ward it off for a day or so, so until I get a neg. beta from Dr. tomorrow I can't stop the progesterone which may mean I don't actually start bleeding for a couple more days. As I said before we won't be doing another cycle this month, but I'll keep checking in with everyone to hopefully catch your good news next month. I'll post again tomorrow to confirm my beta results, DH says not to get upset until we know for sure that it's over, but I think women's intuition is something that he just doesn't get. I just know my AF is around the corner!! :-(


trababy - February 23

Hi Eddie, I am doing another iui in about 10 days or so. I just took my last clomid. I had hot flashes all night and now slightly crampy. My periods were a lil irreg. coming 30-35 or so days but they have even out to about 31 give take days. I fall under the healthy young unexplaned adult as well. Frutrating. Good luck to all.



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