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jamielee - May 23

Jane thats great news! You must feel relieved after all you have been through! I actually woke up with bright red spotting yesterday. I swear it never ends! Only when I first went pee and then it was gone, thank god! The u/s went very well, the babies got so big compared to 2 weeks ago we even saw all their fingers and toes! My son was waving to them and it looked like they waved back! so cute!!


nadiaaboutaleb - May 24

Hi girls.... my computer was busted and just got it fixed today. I am so glad you guys are doing fine and the babies are fine. I am 12 weeks now and I have an appointment after tomorrow. Can't wait... I am still not feeling a thing but i got a little tummy. Will let you know how things go on saturday i hope everything will go well. Jane i am sure your morning sickness will go away very soon. and jamie can't believe this nonstop spotting situation, i really hope it goes away... poor you... I am sure you get worried everytime you see some blood...... :(



jamielee - May 25

Wow it looks like we all made it to our 3 month mark! Finally!! I seriously am soooo sick of spotting! I have come to accept it at this point!! I finally feel a little more secure with the pregnancy! With all the spotting I honestly haven't really thought about what the genders are or cared to much about it! But now I'm starting to wonder! I will find out in 3 1/2 weeks! I really don't care as long as I get through this crazy pregnancy!
Nadia I'm glad your doing well!! I think your having a boy! Just a thought! I also have a little tummy!


JaneX - May 25

Great to hear you are both doing well. And yes isn't it nice to get to the 3 month mark - 3 months is like the magic number (I know it is not but it sure does seem like it). Are you going to find out the gender Nadia? I think we will. I have another scan in 2 weeks but I think that will be too early. Are you having scans every two weeks Jamie?



jamielee - May 26

I have been having an u/s every 2 weeks but the doctor told me to come back in 4 weeks this time! I am very nervous to wait that long! I woke up with more spotting this morning! Bright red again its only right when I wake up but I hate this!! So I am not working tonight. I was on my feet to long last night, I think thats the problem.


nadiaaboutaleb - May 26

oh Jamie i really feel so bad for you. could it be something with the ovaries and not the pregnancy? Did you tell you doctor you are still spotting fresh blood? I hope this nightmare ends. Well I went to the doctor today and saw my baby... the baby is huge compared to last husband and I were shoked!!! and the baby is bigger than his age he is 13 weeks and a half and i am only 12 weeks and a half. It was funny when the doctor said the baby has a BIG head. Well we did all the measurements today and everything was looking good. The baby was moving so much it was so funny. Jane yes i want to know the sex of the baby especially that i am going to london to go shopping in a month so the doctor said we will do that new genetic blue or pink test next time i go in 2 weeks. It is where you find out boy or girl by taking a drop of blood. Technology is great!!!



jamielee - May 27

I know it really sucks! but the babies are thriving every time we see them! So I really need to remember that, sometimes its hard!! This has been happening since day 1 and they babies are fine so I really need to just deal with it!! I mean its twins its not suppose to be easy right!!?? That is so cool that you can do that blue or pink test!! I should find out around the 25 what we are having!
My son had a big head and trust me it wasn't fun trying to push that thing out!! haha!! Well keep praying for me girls!! I WILL have these babies!!


jamielee - May 29

Ok so the doctor just called me today and said I still have a pretty bad bladder infection! I guess its my beta strep which is back in full force, and can cause SPOTTING and bad cramps which I have been suffering! I hope this is the answer I've been searching for! It can't harm the babies now but can cause early labor later on and can only be passed during labor. I am back on antibiotics and PRAYING for a resolution!! I had the beta strep with my son so I kinda expected it again, but never had spotting.


JaneX - May 30

That would be great to have an answer to the spotting and cramping. Hopefully it all clears up quickly and everything will be OK once it has gone away. How are you doing other wise? I still have days when I feel very nervous about the whole thing. I am nervous about getting through the pregnancy rather than when the babies actually arrive. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing OK. TTL.



jamielee - May 30

I am feeling alot better my sickness is pretty much gone, but I still have my moments! I feel the same way I can't really think of having the babies, I feel like its a day to day deal and every day that goes by gets me closer to the end! Now that I'm feeling better I wonder if they are still ok in there! I don't think the worry ever ends! Thats what I meant when I said I haven't really thought about what they are boys or girls! I just want 2 babies in the end of this and I will be so happy!!
Is your belly growing yet?? Some days its really popping out then others its not! Usually but the afternoon it pops out again! Do you have that happen at all??


nadiaaboutaleb - May 30

I am glad you feel better jamie and it is probably the bladder infection that is causing the bleeding so hopefully it will go away very soon. I also always nervous. I feel fine the couple of days after i see the baby on the ultrasound but the week after i start wondering again if everything is ok in there. Sometimes i don't even believe I am pregnant or i actually forget I am. My belly is growing too. And it pops out more at night then when i wake up in the morning I think it is the intestines because at the end of the day there is food in there getting digested.


jamielee - May 31

I think we are all nervous! But we are really getting there! I worked last night and my manager actually gave me sh*t for sitting down for 5 mins. when it was slow!! What a bi*ch! I am thinking of calling my doc for a note for permission! I think its unfair that people are aloud to go for cigarette breaks but a pregnant woman can't take a seat for 5 mins!! Its really aggravating! Let me remind you that I waitress and I have to sit every now and then!


JaneX - June 3

Hi there - hope you are all doing well. Nothing much to report here. The m/s has passed somewhat but then I get nervous because I don't have it any more! Very hard to please I am.

Jamie - ask your manager if you take up smoking will it be OK if you take a five minute break every now and again - that might shut her up. How long do you think you will keep working for? You need to be careful not to overdo it. Take care of yourself and perhaps if your manager is going to be really difficult speak to her manager.

Nadia - sounds like you are doing well. I am the same as you - my belly looks much bigger at night! I also am fine for a few days after the u/s but then begin to wonder as time passes. . . oh well I just hope I will be able to feel movement soon and that should help stop me for getting so nervous.



jamielee - June 3

Jane thats how I am! When I'm sick I'm miserable when I'm not I'm worried! I think I'm over my m/s now thank god! I am starting to feel little flutters and tightning or pressure here and there so I know they are moving around! I can't wait for significant movement for reassurance!!
Glad your well!


JaneX - June 4

I would love to have the flutters and pressure feeling! So far nothing. It does make me nervous. I try not to think about it because at this stage what will be will be and worring about it and being nervous will make no difference at all. I go for a scan in about a week so hopefully all is well I will get to see everything.



jamielee - June 4

Well my doctor said it was to early to feel anything but I know that its the babies, due to the pressure. I'm not sure if I asked you this but does your belly pop out one day and not as much the next?? I feel so big sometimes and then not much. Its usually big in the afternoon. I am always worried about something!



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