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nadiaaboutaleb - May 6

Thank God no nausea. I just pee a lot. I have constipation, gases, heartburn. Annoying stuff but not too bad. Boobs hurt a little not a lot. Not as tired as before. That is about it. So life is treating me well. I have my next doctor's appointment next thursday and I am starting week 10 in 2 days. I hope everything will be fine. It is the same day you are having your procedure jane. Good luck. Jamie i am so glad you feel better hope this bleeding never comes back.



jamielee - May 6

Jane I'll be thinking of you! I'm sure you will be fine! Yes I am throwing up! Sometimes I can't even keep any meals down! But I don't throw up every day, maybe every other day! I bought the Sea Bands and they seem to help calm the sickness a little! I am still spotting but I can handle that just the heavy stuff freaks me out!
Nadia your a lucky girl! I hope your pregnancy is a breeze the whole way through! My first pregnancy was awesome! I loved being pregnant and couldn't wait to do it again! I had no clue it would be so difficult just to get pregnant never mind the nightmare its been so far! I am so nervous for tomorrow, I just want to see them moving around with hearts beating!!


jamielee - May 7

Well they look great! They are so active! I can't believe it! One is really wild and the other is more calm. I feel so relieved!


nadiaaboutaleb - May 7

that is great news jamie. my appointment became wednesday so hopefull everything will be fine as well.


jamielee - May 9

Nadia I'm sure you are just fine! Let us know how today goes! Will you have an u/s!! I am attempting work tonight so wish me luck!! My doc said it was ok to try of course.


nadiaaboutaleb - May 9

well i just came back from the doctor.... the baby looks great. strong heart beat, i am exactly 10 weeks long, everything was looking good and the baby looked like he was waving the arm at us. so exciting. thank god everything went fine.

Jane good luck tomorrow. will be thinking about you.



vw79girl - May 10

good luck. I hope everything goes well. I am currently in the 2ww wait again.


jamielee - May 11

Hi Jane, Thinking of you! I hope everything went nice and smooth for you!


JaneX - May 13

Every thing went well. According to the doctor it was very, very straight forward. Am feeling much better about everything but still really sick!! Can't believe how much I throw up some days. I still have not put on any weight.

Glad to hear all your scans went well and you can see those healthy wee babies jumping around.



jamielee - May 13

Thats great Jane maybe you will feel better soon! I have not put any weight on either. How far along are you? I will be 12 weeks in a couple days. I threw up everything I ate yesterday! I thought I was starting to feel better but I guess not! Believe me I know how you feel! I hope it won't last the whole pregnancy!


JaneX - May 16

Thanks Jamie. I am nearly 13 weeks - I think we are only a couple of days apart. I am not holding my breath for the sickness to go away. Hopefully it will fade a bit but after my last pregnancy I doubt it will go away altogether. I just had 48 hours when I could not even hold down a sip of water - I had given myself 6 more hours and then I was going to go to the doctor - I just thought you can not go on and on not holding in any water. Anyway, it passed.

Take Care.


jamielee - May 16

I didn't realize we were so close with dates! Are you showing? Sometimes my belly is popping out and other days its normal, weird! I hope thats ok! My next appointment is tuesday so I can't wait to see if the babies are still doing good! No spotting in over a week!! Hope thats it! I've never made it this long with no spotting so I'm hoping for the best!!


jamielee - May 22

How is everyone? Nadia, still feeling ok? Jane any change in you sickness? I can't believe you couldn't even keep water down! I started feeling better but am still throwing up breakfast and sometimes lunch! I have an u/s tomorrow, can't wait!!


JaneX - May 22

Hope the ultrasound goes well I also have one tomorrow - can't wait - am feeling a little nervous, I will be much more relaxed after I see eveything is OK. Great news about no spotting - maybe it has totally passed now! I hope you are doing OK Nadia.



JaneX - May 23

I just got back from my ultrasound. Everything looks great. I have to say it was a relief! Felt great when I walked out - like everything is on track at last! Now all I need is for the morning sickness to go away. Hope everything is OK with everyone else.



jamielee - May 23

Jane thats great news! You must feel relieved after all you have been through! I actually woke up with bright red spotting yesterday. I swear it never ends! Only when I first went pee and then it was gone, thank god! The u/s went very well, the babies got so big compared to 2 weeks ago we even saw all their fingers and toes! My son was waving to them and it looked like they waved back! so cute!!



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