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JENNY22074 - August 14

Nadia - I hope that Red finds your response supportive. She is doing good it seems at least I believe she is doing better then myself. Thank you again for your response to my issue. I am feeling a littel sick today or out of sorts so to speak. I am very tired all day long, the bbs are a little itchy today and there are more bumps (montgomery's tubercles) on them. No darkening yet. A lot of gassy feeling just without the gas. Of course I just can't seem to stay away from the bathroom. It is pretty much every 2 hours. How were your symptoms in the beginning? I have not gone back and really read everything just glanced so, did you have an IUI or and IVF cycle? Talk to you later.


cvargas76 - August 14

hi all,

Everything is GREAT. Went to the doctor US went great i got to see my little miracle. We have one. Doctor said everything looked good. I got to see the heartbeat. I am roughly 6wk2days. I go back next Friday so they can get a heart rate. We were able to see the heartbeat but the baby is still too small for them to get a heart rate. I am so excited. Me and DH cryed. I pray that every one has the same experiance. Have a great day and GOD bless everyone.



JENNY22074 - August 14

CHRISTIE - That is great. How are you feeling? I mean what symptoms have you been having. I am sitting here at work crying for your great news. I am thrilled that you got to see the heartbeat. I am the same age pregnancy as you. I am praying, wishing, hoping and everythign is crossed that we see the heartbeat on Thursday at my u/s. Terrific news. The best I heard all day... CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!!!!! ;D


cvargas76 - August 14

thank u Jenny,

I am sure yours will be great on thursday. It is just so cool to actually see that there is a baby in there. I have not had any really symptoms so i was starting to think that maybe something was wrong with the baby but everything was good.


JENNY22074 - August 14

You are an encouragement to me. I have not had anythign significant either. I have just been using the bathrrom a lot, been gassy w/o the actual gas, and the sore bbs and getting hot at night and a little bit of the back hurting after working all day and sitting. That makes me feel mor positive about it all then. I am so happy for you.


nadiaaboutaleb - August 14

i didn't have any real symptoms. i had sore bbs in the beg. but it faded away. I was going to the bathroom every 2 hours, had gases :) and sometimes felt tired and sleepy that is about it. That is all the symptoms i had till i felt my baby move when i was 18 weeks pregnant. I feel so blessed thank God and I wish all of you to go through the same smooth and great experience. I had an IVF cycle and got pregnant from first cycle.

Christie congrats, enjoy your pregnancy and take it easy.



JENNY22074 - August 14

Thanks Nadia you are an big help... I am going to try to relax more and not look into what I do or don't have everyday and just be thankful that when I was at my u/s last week everything was perfectly normal!!!!


jamielee - August 15

Well I am starting to get really big!! Even though some people tell me that I'm small for twins I feel HUGE!! I am the size I was at 9 months with my son!! When I lay on the couch I have to come up with a game plan as to how I can get up! I haven't gained to much elsewhere but a little in my rear and thighs but thats where I gained last time and it went away. I really can't wait to hold them!!! I am getting so anxious and I need to chill because thats when time starts slowing down!! I hope everyone is doing ok!

Jane how are you?? Getting big or what??


JENNY22074 - August 15

Jamielee - I am so sure you are ready to hold your miracles in your arms. You only have a little over 3 months to go. Not to much longer. Best wishes for you.

Everyone - My u/s is tomorrow. I am just praying that we will see the heartbeat. I am nervous because I have never been this far in a pregnancy. I am sure the chances are low for anythign happening since everything was normal on my first u/s and my betas have been normal. I just am so scared. I have however felt sick on and off since last night. Ask and you shall receive?!?!? Thanky ou all for letting me have th time to vent a little about me nerves. Talk to you all soon.


jamielee - August 16

Hi Jenny! Thinking of you today, I'm sure you will be fine but let us know!!

Christie, Glad to here you are well!!


cvargas76 - August 16

Jenny - How did everything go? I have been thinking about you all day. Let us know.



JENNY22074 - August 16

Hello everyone - thanks for your encouragement and inspirational stories. I have just returned home. We not only got to see the heartbeat but we also heard it. I was crying. It is such a miracle. My last appointment with the RE is going to be on the 28th. The baby sure has grown in the last 10 days. Also it is taking the actual shape of a true human being. It was amazing. I can actually make out the little arm buds on the u/s. It is just so surreal at this point in time. Talk to you all later.


bdantonio - August 17

congrats my last appt with the re was 8/2 i go to my next ob apt next thursady i cant wait with my daughter i never went this far apt cause they did not know if id ever carry not that i am in the 2nd trimester and my risk has lowered i went amonth since i saw her and 3 weeks since i got to see the baby i hate it but at least i can fell the baby move. The weird thing is i dont know what i am having but my c-section is already scheduled for feb 13, 2008


JasJulesMom - August 17

Jenny I am so happy for you. It is such an amazing thing. Wait un til you do a second level u/s. You can see every bone, the shape of the face and even see the blood pumping through babies tiny little body. It is amazing, so happy for you. I have afriend who reminds me of you, she was trying for years, had about 6 m/c never made it past 9 weeks, well today I received a picture of her beautiful daughter who is now two months old. Miracles definitely do happen.

Good luck to all of you and enjoy these months and all the little miracles growing inside of you. It is truly a wonderful experience.


JENNY22074 - August 17

Thank you all for your support at my crazy moments. I tell everyone to think positive and yet don't practice it myself. When do they do that type of u/s? I am ready for one of them now!!!!! LOL!!!!! I have never heard of a level 2 u/s until this forum/website. I talked to the OB office yeaterday and I am supposed to stop in there after my last appointment with the RE on the 28th of this month.

Jas JulesMom - Thank you for sharing with me about your friend. Miracles do coem true. I believe that more and more each day. I am a rebeliever that God answers prays and blesses the ones that deserve it. I can't thank him enough each day for this miracle inside of me.

I pray that everyone's journey ends with BFP's in one way or another.

God bless each and everyone of you and may he bless all of our miracle that are growing stronger each day.

Hugs and kisses everyone.


bdantonio - August 19

Your level two u/s is usually done between week 15-18 When you have what is also called your triple screen they test for three disorders then cant remember them all i know one is sinal dbifada (i know i messed that up). Its the craziest u/s its in color and it does take a while can take up to 2 hrs depending on the babies movement. They measure every bone and organ of the baby. They can estimate the weight pretty good and all by this. And its a great u/s if you want to know the sex. I go to the dr thursday and they will give me the paper work to schedule it. You usually have to go to a hosopital or maternity center to get it done i know here its at the hospital in the fetal and maternal medicine center.



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