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bdantonio - August 19

Your level two u/s is usually done between week 15-18 When you have what is also called your triple screen they test for three disorders then cant remember them all i know one is sinal dbifada (i know i messed that up). Its the craziest u/s its in color and it does take a while can take up to 2 hrs depending on the babies movement. They measure every bone and organ of the baby. They can estimate the weight pretty good and all by this. And its a great u/s if you want to know the sex. I go to the dr thursday and they will give me the paper work to schedule it. You usually have to go to a hosopital or maternity center to get it done i know here its at the hospital in the fetal and maternal medicine center.


JENNY22074 - August 20

bdantonio - Thank you for the heads up on that type of u/s. I am looking forward to it. It sounds totally awesome. That should happen in a couple of months then. I had also heard of the triple screen being mentioned and was not sure what that was and quite frankly was scared as hell to look it up on the internet. So now I will do that later on today. Again thank you for your information. Talk to you later.


bdantonio - August 20

what alot of people say triple screen is the 3d ultrasound which i have had friends do. its freaky looking you can see exactly what the baby will look like they like to do it in the 3rd trimester. I would not do it i dont want to see exactly what my baby looks like until its born but no fear of the u/s. is this your first pregnancy or child? another thing i recommend to everyone is the book what to expect when you are expecting. I loved it when i had my daughter and i got it out again with this pregnancy. You can go glossary and look up every symptom or question you have and it walks you through ever month. it even has chapters for the fathers to read.


JENNY22074 - August 20

Yes I do have that book and this is our first child but, our third pregnancy. I think it will be pretty neat. I will decide when the time comes I guess if I will really have one or not. So you don't have to have it done then right?!?!? It is only a choice? Has anyone had trouble getting to the forums today?


jamielee - August 21

Jenny I think there is a problem with the web site!! Last time this happened it was down for about a week!! Hopefully its not the case now!
I am sooooo bloated lately I'm sure I am just retaining water but I just want to cry I am so depressed!! Everyone says I look great but I feel like a big fat cow!! My Dr. is no help even though I tell her I am eating normal she tells me I am gaining to much!!! I have an appointment today and if she says anything I will just cry!! This is what happened with my son, I had alot of water retention (but I also ate ALOT more than I do now!! I am just going to ask her if I should go on a diet haha!!
Believe it or not I am almost 26 weeks and I have not heard the heartbeats yet!! Today will be my first appointment with no u/s just a belly check and heartbeats so I am excited!! I have an u/s in a week in a half, a level 2 which I have monthly at the hospital!!

Well sorry for rambling but had to vent a bit!!

Jane, Nadia, and Tia whats up??


JENNY22074 - August 21

Jamielee - Why have you not been able to hear the heartbeats? That is terrible why they would say such things to you when they know that you are pregnant and are hormonal. Just try not to go postal on their asses. Retaining water is one thing but to tell you that you are too heavy is another thing. Enjoy being a big fat cow as you put it. You are only like that temporarily and it is for your babies. Hang in there. We will all be joining the cow looking part of motherhood. Heck I was in that category before even getting pregnant since I was on the heavier side of things. I had gastric bypass 2 years ago and lost 130 pounds so that should tell ya something. Enjoy your new body and don't be ashamed of it. Be proud you worked hard for that body and your babies are healthy so tell the woman in the doctor's office to shove it and if she does not loke what she is looking at then tell her to stop looking. I am sure there are people that are bigger then you and are only carrying one. Talk to you soon.


bdantonio - August 21

yeah jenny you dont have to get a level two or three its all your choice but i recommend a level two


JENNY22074 - August 21

Thank you for your response. How are you feeling and how far along are you? Have you had trouble getting on the website? It seems the only way that I can manage to get on is if I click the address in the email that I get when there is a response to the forum. Hope all is well and I will talk to you again soon.


cvargas76 - August 21

hello everyone,

How is everyone feeling. I am doing good today but yesterday i felt really bad. I have to be at work by 7am mon - fri. I use to go to bed at 930ish but now i have to go to bed at 830 if i want to have a good day and not be too tired. well have a great day everyone.



JENNY22074 - August 21

Christie - Sounds like you are doing great. I am usually in bed and out by 10pm. I still have to get up at 1am to do a progesterone suppository and then I will have to be up at 7am to do another one and get ready for work at that point. So I am right there with you on the being tired. I pretty much sleep the weekend away. Have you heard from Eddie? I have not seen her on hear lately. Glad to hear all is well. How are you feeling?


jamielee - August 21

Jenny, I get to see the babies and their heartbeats so much it really hasn't bothered me!! I would rather see them then hear them! She mentioned my weight but didn't say anything bad, she said its most likely just water and swelling but I was still upset when she told me my weight!!! I have gained 30 POUNDS!!! and with still a few months to go! Jenny wow 130 lb loss thats amazing!! Will your pregnancy have an affect on the bypass surgery??
Talk to you later...


JENNY22074 - August 21

Jamielee - No it willnot have an affect. I probably would have if I was not over 2 years post surgery. They usually don't want you geting pregnant with in the first 18 months because that is when you are losing all of your weight. The only thing that I have to do which is not much different than any other pregnant woman is eat more frequent but smaller meals. I can only handle around 10 ounces of food/liquid in a serving. ALso I have to make sure that I take in as much protein as possible which may have benefitted me with not having m/s. I read that a diet high in protein can sometimes ward it off. Also the surgery itself may be a reason for the lack of m/s and the bbs not being extremely sore since I lost weight in that area as well. Other then that the RE that I see ahs been seeing me before surgery and then treated me after surgery and knows the doctor that perfomed the gastric bypass. They are all at the same hospital. So it is kind of neat. I wanted to be healthier for a successful pregnancy. I was over 300 pounds in January of 2005 and told I only had a 20% chance of going fullterm if I could even get pregnant. So that was what pushed me to have the weight loss surgery. But, for soem reason in the back of my mind I always knew that I still would have to go through IVF to get pregnant. Most times the gastric bypass surgery enables you to get pregnany on your own because your hormones go back to normal. Mine did and I was even ovulating on my own but not getting pregnant since we tried for 3 months before going for the IVF. So enough about that and me. I know sometimes I get the gift of gab. Sounds like your appointment went better this time. I am glad to hear that they seem to agree that it is more water then actual weight. It sounds like you had a good day then. Talk to you soon.


jamielee - August 21

Thats great!! You surely wanted a baby to go through all of that, but in the long run you will be happier and healthier with a nice little family to show for it!!

My cousin is throwing me a baby shower on Sunday so I'm so excited to get stuff for my boys!! I feel like its early but we can't do it in sept or oct because my brother is getting married oct 20 in Key west so there are so many showers jack n jills etc... Sucks cuz I can't go but I've waited for almost 3 years for these babies and I am happy to be home expecting!!


JENNY22074 - August 21

Jamielee - I understand completely what you are going through. My mother not to long ago sat myself and my brother's girlfriend down and said that we could not have a baby or wedding in the same year because she woudl go broke. Well guess what, my brother is getting married 2 months after I am due. The wedding is set for June 14, 2008. The other funny part is I am a bridesmaid and my husband is the best man. So I had to call the bridal dress place to find out when the best time to get fitted is. I really doubt I will lose that much of the pregnancy weight within 6-8 weeks. So I figure the bridal shower and baby shower will be around the same time. LOL!! That is funny that I met someone on here with a similar situation. The dress company wants me in before the end of the first trimester to get and idea of how much I may have changed since my last fitting. I figure the best time to fit me should be at like 8 1/2 months. That may be more accurate to what I will look like within 2 months after. Talk to you soon. Have fun at the baby shower. You may enjoy it more having it early since you can get things situated earlier and see what more of things besides wipes and diapers you will need.


bdantonio - August 22

Well i was in a wedding right after my daughter and my best advice is that your idea of 8 1/2 mths is good cause by then you will know if you are all baby. With my daughter i did not look very pregnate until about 7 mths. I had gained a good bit of weight but i was all baby. If you saw me from behind you would never know i was pregnate then i would turn around and it would be like where did the come from. So if you are all baby you will know that by the wedding 90% of the belly will be gone. A week after i had my daughter i could fit in most my clothes. 6-8 weeks later i was my normal size. Also my brother and i got married 6 mths apart my parents said we were trying to kill them with all the stress.


jamielee - August 22

I was also suppose to be in my brothers wedding but can't go now! I am upset because I don't feel part of anything now. Like I said my babies are worth any sacrifice like a wedding ect.
I am so clumsy lately!! I drop everything and trip over stuff! Last night I walked full speed into the corner of my sleigh bed! I stayed up and cried for like 20 mins before I could get back to bed! I thought that I hurt the babies! but feel them today. They just have to put up with their moms clumsiness a little longer!! Hopefully it goes away when I'm not pregnant anymore!

How are you feeling now Beth??? Still sick??



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