New Pregnancy after IVF
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Risa - September 9

Hello ladies,
Sorry I have not been on in a while, I think I have been very nervous since Jennifer's news. I anxiously awaited my appointment on 9/7, just to have the office call me to reschedule. The rescheduled me for an earlier time that day, but then the doc had to go to labor and delivery and there was only one midwife there. After being there for almost 2 hours, I had to leave because I could not get a substitute for my afternoon classes. So now, I have to wait until NEXT Thursday and its killing me. Thank you Liz for asking about the days with lack of symptoms. I have been getting those alot lately and it worries me, but it does make sense that the hormones are leveling out to a point. I have a terrible toothache and need to call the dentist. All week I kept hoping it was just sensitivity to hot, cold and sweet, but now it hurts all the time.

Liz, I started showing a little around 8 weeks and also accepted that it was due to the twins. I am now a little over 14 weeks and wearing maternity pants, some of my shirts still fit if they are stretchy. Have you and Dh decided if you will find out their sex? I was just wondering, we have gone back to undecided.

Jen, I am glad you got to hear the heartbeat. It is so reassuring. I cried leaving the OB's office on Thurday because that is all I wanted and had to leave with no reassurance. My husband reminds me that I still have the appetite of a football player and brushing my teeth still makes me gag, so these must be good signs that everything is okay. I hope he is right.

Julie, I hope your appointment on Wednesday went well and you are doing okay.

Take care everyone, we have to be strong for our little ones.



liz - September 9

Hello Ladies -

Risa -
It was so nice to hear from you. I know I haden't been on this board long when we got Jennifer's horrible news, but I too felt shattered. I was hoping and praying everyone here was doing ok.

I am sorry to hear you had to have your appoitment rescheduled. That is a real bummer and I can undsertand completly why you would be upset. I would have been the same way! We have all been through a lot to finally get where we are that when little bumps in the road like not being able to see the the heartbeats when we need the reassurance so badly come along it takes a lot out of us.

I get upset and scared sometimes when it seems to me that my little buldge is not as big as it was the day before. I get nervous that something is wrong. I have really noticed int he morning my belly is smaller and by the end of the day it is larger. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? In the morning my reg stretchy clothes feels just fine but my the end of the day I feel like I need maternity clothes.

As for the sex of the little beans. We are on the fence. There is a big part of my that would like to know but dh is more of the lets wait for the surprise! I am kinda an impatient person so for me I think I want to know eventhough I agree a surprise would be nice! I guess we have a little bit longer to worry about it.

When I went in for my u/s last week they told me that I had a little bit of blood clotting near one of the sacs. My re told me he feels it was from the fetus burrowing deeper into the lining. I was wondering if you had expereience this at all. I never had heard about it but since they found it on me I also found another women who had it when preg with twins.

I must run.
Take care everyone! Much peaceful rest and happy thoughts to all of you!


Shdy Grove 2 - September 11


I know you are waiting for this week to fly by. Gosh, it will be good to hear the little ones. I like how you put it "we have to be strong for our little ones." That puts things into perspective.

Liz, I couldn't believe your postings. Thanks goodness for this message board. I TOO have noticed in the morning my belly looks smaller and I feel "thinner." You took the words right out of my mouth! By the end of the day I look a lot more pregnant. I'll ask my Dr. about his tomorrow. Somehow I think that I might carry more inward. So things take time to bloat up and out. I don't know ??

I too am feeling great now, no more weird feelings. Like some of you I have the appetite of a football player and have noticed I am going back for 2nds. Gosh I get hungry! I know we only need say 300 extra calories, but boy I can go through that quickly. Need to be selective of what I eat.

Liz, I also have a little bit of fluid build up in my utero. My Dr. had a term for it, forget at the moment, but he said nothing to concern myself with. Part of me thinks I saw an extra sac at the 6 wks U/S, maybe from the other embryo that didn't develop?? I am bringing him all the U/S photos and see what he thinks.

To find out or not to find out? Well, I am on the find out side. My DH could go either way, but I really want to know if we should focus on girl names or boys, and do the room for them. I can understand the other side too, but for me I REALLY want to know. Last time my DD was turned so the technician could not tell.. we didn't have a choice. It was until much later that we could find out. That scenario never occured to me!

It's so nice chatting with you all. You have been a great source of support & comfort. :-)



fiso - September 11

Hi Liz, I had the same thing happen to me, in the morning , the belly looks smaller than at the end of the day. Not sure why, maybe gravity! But after you reach 30 weeks or so, the belly is big, not matter what time of the day! When are you due?

Shady Grove 2, we wanted to find out and it makes things so much easier. As DH says, you get a surprise when you find out on the u/s or when the baby is born. So, why not find out before the baby is born! It makes thigns eaiser for the clothes, the room, the names etc.
Talking about names, we are still looking for the right one, and I'm 5 weeks away from delivery date! It's harder than we thought. But at least , in our case we concentrate only on a girl's name.

Keep this in mind, after suffering from terrible heartburns (but I'll take the heartburn over the nausea!!!), in my 2nd and 3rd trimesters, I finally found something that works: Perrier. This mineral water works great, makes you burp (believe me burps can get stuck for days, and it's very annoying and uncomfortable) and it really prevented the heartburns to come bother me at night.

Good luck to everyone. You'll see that those 9 months are going to go by sooooo fast, it's unbelievable!!!



liz - September 12

Hello Ladies -

Jen -
How did your appointment go today? I hope you got some peace of mind today hearing your little ones heartbeat.

For the past 2 days I have every preg symptom in the book. It's so strange how it comes and goes. Well, I know I welcome those symptoms, it gives me some reassurance. Did you get to ask to doc about the flatter belly in the am and larger in the pm? I am curious as to his response. I have another u/s and my first ob appointment on Thursday, me re released me. I have mixed emotions since I know I will miss the re staff. They were wonderful! I am also going to ask the ob about the belly thing. We can compare notes. :)

Fiso -
Wow 5 more weeks! I bet you are excited.
I am anxiously awaiting the days when my belly is big all the time. I think it just makes everything so much more real.

What are you ideas for names? I have also felt that you can pick out names but it is when you look at your little on for the first time you know what their name should be. I don't know, maybe I am wierd. I think if you have it narrowed down from the billion names their are out there you will be good. Since you are concentraing on girls names does that mean you know you are having a little girl? Girls names are easier for us, we agree on many of them it the boys names we don't agree on. It is sure good we have quite a while to worry about it. lol

I must run, I will talk to you all later.


Shdy Grove 2 - September 18

Fiso and Liz.

Sorry I've been away for a little while. Thanks for your messages. We had a hard time with our DD's name and arrive for delivery with only a short list of names. I too thought I needed to see her. After she was born we looked at her and realized we couldn't call anyone until we had a name. So my mother held the list and we went through each name, my Dh and I with a "yes or no". We finally agreed on one and there she was.
I'm hoping you have great luck and a name just stands out for you. After a short time, any name will just go with them and it will be hard to imagine them called any different.

I did the triple screen last week, got to see another U/S. Honestly, I feel great and still hard to believe there is still life in there. Belly is bulging a little but I am also eating hearty. I got the word that a test I took showed elevated bile levels so a upper abdomen U/S is scheduled. Cholestatis is rare, but not a major concern until later in the pregnancy. If that is the case, I'd like to minimize risk to the little one and delivery as soon as they are healthy enough. My DD knew just the right time to come. If helps, delivery was actually the easiest part of the whole process - with an epidural of course. I was so scared, but found that the pain and discomfort and everything was more with the IVF/transfer cycle. A nice surprise!!

Liz, hope you are feeling better and having some good days now. Just think, now you'll get to know a whole new group of drs and nurses and all for the care of your little ones. Let me know what your dr. says about your belly in the am and pm. I realized I carry more inward. When I lay on my back, I can't feel much bulge. It definitely sinks in there. Keep in mind we are not that far along and probably around 14/15 weeks will really pop out. Right now I look like I had a big lunch.

Are any of you having the siatic nerve pains, in kind of you butt/hip/back area. It may cause you to walk akward? Oy, it hits me every now and then.

I think I've reached my text quota. Sorry so long. Love hearing from you ladies.



Carroll 3509 - September 21

I am five weeks pregnant with my second IVF try and am so exited, but also incredibly worried about every movement, sneeze, twinge, and cramp. I had been feeling really crampy with occasional very mild nausea. But today I feel nothing and totally normal My BBS don't even feel sore. Now I'm worried that somethign is wrong. Has anyone else experienced this--suddenly no symptoms at all? I'm not due for next HCG level until Monday.


Shdy Grove 2 - September 21


I just saw your posting. This is a nerve wracking time. You thought you were nervous to get the results, well that was just the beginning. I hear you. It is still early and from what I've experienced and have heard from others there can be all sorts of feelings going on and then some may feel perfectly nothing. (I would have sworn I wasn't pregnant) I know this sounds like the typical - "each woman is different and may feel different things", but that's what I'm saying. While there is a general trend, not feeling something or feeling something doesn't mean it's time to sound the alarms. It's really out of your hands at this point. My best advice, having one DD and pregnant now, is to stay "cool with it", don't let yourself be too preoccupied. I know, Iknow this easier said than done, but you get the gist. The HCG numbers doubling is a good start and then there are the U/S's and all I can say is welcome to the worry :-) Sending good thoughts your way.



Carroll 3509 - September 22

Shady Grove,

Thanks for the reassurance. You're right, this is the most worrisome time. I cannot wait until we hear the heartbeat in two weeks, and then I know I will be relieved once the first trimester is over. We've decided to wait to tell anyone until then.


Risa - September 28

HI everyone,
I was having trouble logging into the site for the past few weeks. But today, it worked. Well, I'm a little over 17 weeks and have the big appointment tomorow with the neonatal specialist. I'm very nervous, what if there is something wrong with one of the twins? It scares me to death. We might possibly also get to find out their sex. Our last doctor's appt, 2 weeks ago, they checked and really couldn't tell yet and said we might be able to this time.

I also was having the smaller belly look in the mornings compared to the afternoons. But now I think it doesn't look as different throughout the day. Maybe it was just bloating??? And for the sciatic nerve pain, I wonder if I have that? I do get a pain, but it is fairly high on my back near my rib cage. It usually comes towards the end of the day. I plan to ask the doc tomorrow.

Well, I hope everyone is doing okay and that everyone was staying away due to a problem logging on also. I still enjoy hearing from all of you so write soon if you can.

take care,


liz - September 29

Hello Ladies -

I like most of you were having trouble logging in for the past couple of weeks. It feels like forever since I was able to chat with you all.

Risa -
Good luck today. I am sure everything will be just fine, although I know you are nervous. Are they doing a level 2 ultra sound?

Jen -
How are you doing? Feeling ok?

As for me, I am doing just fine except we had some bad news 2 weeks ago. When I went in for my ultra sound at 8 weeks and 5 days they told me that baby b had not developed. Baby a is doing wonderful but unfortunatly we lost baby b. I honestly don't think I have been able to grieve the loss of baby b because I have been too worried about baby a. I know it will hit me, I am just not sure when.
I had another u/s yesterday and the baby looks great. He/she was even waving to me! Very active, moving all around, stretching. It was very uplifting for me. I have spent the past 10 weeks worried out of my mind and atleast for now I feel a little relieved. I said the baby was waving to mommy to tell her to relax because they are doing just fine. It made the u/s tech laugh.
Other then all of that nothing new and exciting here. One day a time.

I hope everyone is doing well.
Take care, I hope to hear from you soon.


fiso - September 29

Hi all,
So frustrating not to be able to log in. Finally it worked today.

Liz, I'm sorry about baby B. As much as you will concentreate on the good health of baby A, you won't be able to forget baby b. Just take it easy, as you said one day at a time. I wanted twins very much and after all the complications I had a t the beginning, I always wondered if there were actually twins, and one was lost.

Caroll3509, hearing the heart beat is soooo incredible! Be patient, time will go by faster than you expect.
Risa, I hope your appointment for the Level II u/s went well. We also did that. It's a very detailed u/s. They measure everything possible. We felt better after we did it, a peace of mind. But there was no way I was going to do an amnio. I was too scared to lose the baby after everything we had to do to get to that point!

ShdyGrove 2, how are you?

I'm reaching the end of the prego journey. A new one , the responsabilities of motherhood is about to start any day now! I'm already 1 cm dilated and it's just a matter of time. DH and I feel ready, with all the stuff to get and also in our minds. We are excited and can't wait to meet that mysterious little being who loves to wiggle in my belly!

Will keep you posted!
All the best to all of you. Fiso


Meg - September 30


I have to say that I have followed your journey from reading your posts on the miscariage thread as well as the p/g one. I felt like I could relate to so much that the girls on the m/c thread had gone through. You have been through a lot.

I am sorry for the loss of your little angel baby. I understand your feelings of loss. I was p/g w/ triplets until I lost one of the babies at 11 weeks gestation. At the 9 wk. marker we had told many people that we were having triplets, b/c everything had looked good on the u/s; then at my 12 wk. appt. we found out that the baby had died at around 11 wks. I kind of knew something wasn't right b/c I began to bleed and have pain. Not many people were sympathetic to me. I was mostly told "at least you still have 2." Not too much comfort to say the least. I was on pins and needles from my 12 wk. appt. to my 16 wk. appt. b/c I was so afraid that I was going to lose one or both of the remaining babies. I often tell people that my p/g was a triplet p/g, b/c I consider that baby our twin's sibling. I even put an u/s picture of the three sacs in their scrapbook. I feel that God took our triplet to make sure the other two were okay, since I had them prematurely. Since, I ended up having another baby almost 2 years after the twins were born, I consider him our triplet, corny I know but what can I say. I have 3 angels in heaven watching over our three angels on earth :) When we say prayers we always ask their angel brothers and sisters to watch over them and keep them from all harm :) So no matter what, your little babies will always be with you in your heart and no one can ever take that away from you. Please take care and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers :)

Good luck to you :) May you have a wonderful delivery and enjoy every blessed moment w/ you little baby girl :)



Risa - September 30

I am so sorry about your baby. Being pregnant with twins, I can easily understand your concern for the other baby. But I think it was Meg, who said that maybe it was for the other one to survive and be strong. Take it easy and be sure to rest as much as you can. I am glad your other baby is okay and waving to you. It is so amazing to see that on the screen.

Fiso, I hope you have an easy labor and delivery. I know you are so eager to hold your little one. I wish you the best on your new journey.



Carroll 3509 - October 2

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. This has been a nerve-wracking time and and it has been going by so slowly! I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant after IVF and everything is making me freak out that I have miscarried. I have started to spot brownish discharge and am so worried that I am having an early miscarriage. I am scheduled for my 7 week ultrasound on Thursday to check for the heartbeat. When I called to ask my doctor about the brownish discharge, I was told that this was normal. Has anyone else had this experience?

Plus, I really haven't had any morning sickness.


fiso - October 2

It may not be the same thing I had, but I bled for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. Scary stuff. And it was not spotting, but bleeding. The doc said that it was the placenta. After 3 months, it stopped and never came back. Not sure if it could be the same for you, but I understand your anxiety. Just keep an eye on it to see if it gets worse or not. Don't hesitate to call your doc if you are freaking out. A couple words of reassurance are better than worrying sick, and it's not the time to worry!

Some women don't get morning sickness. I know it's a sign of pregnancy but don't lose sleep over it. Actually, I can tell you that I had it for 3 months, and it's no fun. So don't wish it!

Hang in there. And keep us posted on your appointment on Thursday.



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