New Pregnancy after IVF
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Risa - August 27

Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven't been on in a while. I get home from work and am soooo tired. Exhausted is more the word. Relaxing on the couch I struggle to keep my eyes open and once I give in and say I'll close them for a few minutes, I really am out until the next morning. So hard to for me to get online these days. Well, my appt went well. I didn't think they would do an ultrasound but then one of the midwives came into the room and said that she knows we would like to see them, and moved us to the ultrasound room. They look great. One was sucking its thumb and trying to kick its legs close to its face too. And the other one was hard to see because the first one was stealing the show, but we did see its heartbeat and kicking legs also. I measured 12 weeks and 5 days, but I think at the time, I was only about 12 weeks. I can't wait for you all to describe your little ones activities in there too. It is just amazing to see how fast they grow in just two weeks.

Liz, congratulations on the twins. A lot of books say that with twins the sickness, tiredness and other symptoms double. I don't have any other pregnancies to compare this one too, but I think I was only moderately sick and it sounds like everyone is just as tired as I am. So I hope you don't have double symptoms and just try to take it easy. .. as much as you can.

As for the bigger boobs.. mine are definately fuller. I was at the maternity clothing store this weekend and the lady who worked there told me to sleep with a support bra to slow their growth down. I don't think I can sleep with a bra on comfortably but I will wear one around the house on the weekends after reading Jen's post.

Jennifer, I hope you had a great time at the wedding. I had a lot of problems breaking out when I first stopped my birthcontrol pills 3 years ago. After trying many over the counter washes, I bought Proactive off an infomercial on TV. I don't use it anymore, but maybe you can go to their website and see if it is safe during pregnancy and ask your doc too. It worked wonders, I know how terrible it makes you feel when your face isn't clear. I hope you find a remedy and maybe it is only during the beggining of the pregnancy.

Well I hope everyone else is doing well and I'll check in when I can stay up long enough. Have a good week!


liz - August 28

Good morning everyone -

Risa -
Congrats on your twins as well!
Thanks for the insight on the double pregnancy symptoms. I am happy to hear you didn't have to go through the "double troubles." I am still feeling pretty good alittle nausea on and off throughout the day. What I can say is that I am 100% more tired then I was when I was pregnant before. I get plenty of sleep and yet I feel like at any given momen I could just lay my head down and take a nap.

Jennifer -
I hope you had a nice time at your Brothers wedding.

Have a good day everyone. I am off to attempt to get some work done! That is if I can stay awake. :)


jennifern - August 28

Hey all,
I lost the baby.
Went in for a 10 wk scan and the heart stopped beating sometime between last Tuesday & now. I think 3 days ago.
Nothing seemed wrong..everything looked perfect.
Going in for a d&c now.
I feel like I'm dreaming. This is a nightmare. Took us 2 years to get here. I am beyong devestated.


liz - August 28

Jennifer -

I am so sorry. My heart aches for you and dh right now. I know that no matter what we try to say to help you right now nothing can take away your pain. I will tell you how sorry I am and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Please let us know how you are doing.



SHELLY - August 28

Hi Jennifer

I haven't been on the forum in awhile. I hope you don't mind me jumping in here to support you.
I am so verrrry sorry. It just doesn't seem fair.
I promise you and your DH will be in my deep thought
and prayers.



Shdy Grove 2 - August 29


I am shattered. Not you guys. WHY!! This just breaks my heart. I had to re-read your message and couldn't believe what I was reading. Please know that we are here for you and to listen if you need. Life is just so delicate. I hope you can find out more information and maybe something to help comprehend. Jen you know you will be in my thoughts. Sending you a big hug and a hand to hold.



Julie - Hoping - August 29

I am so sorry for your loss, I am devastated for you. I too couldn’t believe what I read. My heart goes out to you and your husband. Lean on each other and hug each other, you can make it through this. This is just not fair that it should happen to you not after all it took to get there. You’re in my thoughts and prayers - when you’re ready please let us know how you’re doing.


shansy - August 29


I am also so sorry to hear this awful news. I was shocked when I read it so I can't imagine how you are feeling. You and DH are in my thoughts and prayers as well. Take care of yourself.



Risa - August 30

You have been on this thread for all of us through our scares and to give us such great advice. I know you need someone now to lean on and we are here for you. We all have been through so much trying to conceive and so can understand your pain. It's just not fair. I'll be thinking of you and your Dh and hoping that you can take some time from work to grieve. A big hug from me....



Julie - Hoping - September 4

Hi ladies
I wanted to check in and see how everyone was doing. I'm back to being nervous about everything after what happened with Jennifer my husband thinks I'm over reacting because I still won't tell anyone. That was just so awful and I hope she's okay or going to be okay. I have an ultrasound on Wednesday that will be 12 weeks 3 days and I haven't had one since 8 weeks 2 days. That's making me even more nervous since it has been so long since we've seen that everything is okay. They're going to screen for down syndrome just with the ultrasound and bloodwork and they we have to sign consents b/c I guess there's a 5% risk of false positive. Did any of you screen for this at 12 weeks? The Dr said they really encourage it now but it's still reasonably new so insurance may not cover the bloodwork. I hope everyone is okay, check in when you can.


fiso - September 4

Jennifer, I don't think there are words soothing enough for the pain you and your DH must be feeling right now.
Be good to yourself, take time to grieve. You know that we are all here if you need a comforting word and we'll be here when you decide to try again.
A big cyber hug to you.


Shdy Grove 2 - September 5


I understand about you feeling cautious. Having talked with Jen from the beginning and being a week close to her, I feel like "It happens, why couldn't it happen to me?" I am 11wks now, will be 12 this thursday. I feel like I am thinner or not showing as much as I should. My BBs are still sore and I think I am still on track, but.... I am having the ultrasound next week. I am tempted to go in for a check up now- just to hear the heartbeat, but trying to be rationale. Well, maybe I'll just go anyway. I think we will get the prescreening. I read a good article in the "what to expect when you are expecting" book and they mentioned about having information is great to prepare yourself. Whether good or bad, modern medicine gives us the tools to know more and may even be able to help certain things early if needed.
I am feeling full in my clothes now and not ready for maternity just yet. I tried on a pair and was able to just relax and let it all hang out. "Ahhhh" Soon enough I'll be going there.. hopefully.
My spirit is broken after Jen's news, however deep down I do feel encouraged that the pregnancy occured. For those of us having gone through fertility issues, just getting pregnant can be a major accomplishment. And once we do, I understand our bodies remember and it helps for the next time. Let's stay positive and channel good, healthy thoughts... that's what I keep telling my self while I hold out on dreaming about a nursery. Ugh.



liz - September 6

Hi Ladies -

Jennifer -
It was so nice to hear from you. How are you doing? Congratulations on your soon to be end of the 1st trimester. That is wonderful news.

My girlfriend who has had 2 very healthy babies never showed until she was about 20 weeks. It was like all of a sudden her belly appeared. I think every women is different. Before you know it you will have that beautiful little baby belly showing the whole world.

I had asked the nurse at my re's office about why somedays it feels like you are not pregnant. She assured me that is the #1 question among newly pregnant mommies to be. She said that your hormones steady out for a bit (maybe just a day) or your body gets used to the new levels and you feel less symptoms and then all of a sudden you wake up and feel the pregnancy again. Everytime I feel like I am not pregnant I keep reminding myself of this, it helps to keep me a little on the saner side of life.

I think the shock of Jenn and her lose has really shaken everyone up quite a bit. I can understand how you would feel being so close in time with her. You got your BFP together, I believe.

My heart goes out to her and dh. Having 3 m/c myself I can relate to the emotions that she/they are feeling right now.

I think you are definatly right about broken spirits right now with Jenn's loss. I know for me I was once again reminded of how fragile life really is.

Many postive thoughts to you and all the other mommies to be.



Shdy Grove 2 - September 6

Thanks for your message. Having persevered after three m/c's you are one to give good advice and know firsthand how fragile life can be. I am so thankful you are pregnant and doing well.

I got a call from my Dr. lastnight to come in for BW. I mentioned I was itchy at night and had the familiar sharp pain in between where my rib cages are. It was the same feeling I had while pregnant with my DD. The diagnos last time was obstetric cholestasis - a liver issue. THe only thing this time is it possibly presented itself rather early. So I await the test results. Not sure what this is. The good point is I was able to hear the heartbeat today. As we talked in the waiting room I said "Dr. could I just hear the heartbeat, I need a little reassurance right now." I also popped out - you know, the one morning you wake up and your down to only one or two pants. I will be 12wks this thurs. You are right about the symptoms disappearing - I am rather greatful and should enjoy it.

Sending you and the other mommies-to-be lots of good feeling, sleepful nights and healthy baby dust.



liz - September 7

Hi Jen -

I am so happy to hear you got some peace of mind hearing your little ones heartbeat today. That is truly a wonderful feeling and I do feel as I am sure you do it helps to calm those over active nerves of ours.

I am sorry to hear you are not feeling so well. I never heard of the liver issue you mentioned. Is this something that is common? You said you had it with dd, how was it treated? I hope you are feeling better soon.
When will you get your test results? Let us know how you make out.

I know what you mean about the popping out. It is a great sight for us when we can see out bellies. Its funny we spend our lives watching our figures and then when we get pregnant we are dying to see the belly. I am 7 weeks 3 days and I am having difficulty fitting in my pants. I have never showed this early before so I am going with the fact I am carrying twins. I haven't really gained much weight but I definatly have a little bump. I know it is probably more bloated then anything but it still feels good to see the belly.

Congrats on reaching 12 weeks! That is awesome. I am sure it must give you some relieve to be nearing the end of your first trimester.

I must be running, time for me to head to bed or atleast rest.

Take care of yourself and your little ones.


Risa - September 9

Hello ladies,
Sorry I have not been on in a while, I think I have been very nervous since Jennifer's news. I anxiously awaited my appointment on 9/7, just to have the office call me to reschedule. The rescheduled me for an earlier time that day, but then the doc had to go to labor and delivery and there was only one midwife there. After being there for almost 2 hours, I had to leave because I could not get a substitute for my afternoon classes. So now, I have to wait until NEXT Thursday and its killing me. Thank you Liz for asking about the days with lack of symptoms. I have been getting those alot lately and it worries me, but it does make sense that the hormones are leveling out to a point. I have a terrible toothache and need to call the dentist. All week I kept hoping it was just sensitivity to hot, cold and sweet, but now it hurts all the time.

Liz, I started showing a little around 8 weeks and also accepted that it was due to the twins. I am now a little over 14 weeks and wearing maternity pants, some of my shirts still fit if they are stretchy. Have you and Dh decided if you will find out their sex? I was just wondering, we have gone back to undecided.

Jen, I am glad you got to hear the heartbeat. It is so reassuring. I cried leaving the OB's office on Thurday because that is all I wanted and had to leave with no reassurance. My husband reminds me that I still have the appetite of a football player and brushing my teeth still makes me gag, so these must be good signs that everything is okay. I hope he is right.

Julie, I hope your appointment on Wednesday went well and you are doing okay.

Take care everyone, we have to be strong for our little ones.




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