New Pregnancy after IVF
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fiso - October 2

It may not be the same thing I had, but I bled for the first 3 months of my pregnancy. Scary stuff. And it was not spotting, but bleeding. The doc said that it was the placenta. After 3 months, it stopped and never came back. Not sure if it could be the same for you, but I understand your anxiety. Just keep an eye on it to see if it gets worse or not. Don't hesitate to call your doc if you are freaking out. A couple words of reassurance are better than worrying sick, and it's not the time to worry!

Some women don't get morning sickness. I know it's a sign of pregnancy but don't lose sleep over it. Actually, I can tell you that I had it for 3 months, and it's no fun. So don't wish it!

Hang in there. And keep us posted on your appointment on Thursday.


liz - October 2

Good Morning Ladies -

Thank you all so much for your kind words, support and prayers. I can never tell you how much it means to me to be able to share the joys and sad times with all of you.

Meg -
Losing 1 baby in tramatic, it should never matter how many you did go on to have. It frustrates me when people say "you still have one." Yes they are right we do have 1 or in your case 2 but it still dosen't take away the pain that we felt for our lost angel. I am so sorry you had to go through that loss as well. I am happy to hear you have gone on to have 3 healthy little ones here on earth and your are correct your 3 angels in heaven watich over your angels here.

Risa -
How are you and the little ones doing?

Fiso -
Wow, a whole new journey awaits. How are you feeling?

Caroll -
I have personally never had browish discharge, however I have heard of many women who have had it and have gone on with healthy pregnancies. I had several larger then normal leutal phase cysts and they had told me right out of the gate that if one of them would burst open I may get brown discharge and to call them, but not to worry. Hang in there I am sure you and your little bean are going to be just fine.
I can relate to the going so slowly. I often wonder why it is that every other week/month seems to fly by but now that I am preg I feel as if time is standing still!

Well I must run, work is calling.
Have a great day and thanks again.


fiso - October 2

Hey Liz, I'm on my 2ww until my due date! It's very weird not knowing when this big event is going to happen. I'm afraid to be too far from the house, I'm watching every signs.

The first 3 months went by slowly actually, because it was a critical time. I couldn't wait to pass the 3 months stage. Then, it went super fast! Too fast actually! I told DH yesterday to take some more pictures of my belly. Just in case they are the last ones!
I woke up this morning, checked on my belly, after dreaming that I had given birth but I left the baby at the hospital and I needed to feed her! Crazy stuff!

All the best to you.


liz - October 3

Fiso -

Wow your 2ww till your due date. Oh, that is so exciting. Are you ready for your little ones arrival?

I am sure you are right about the first 3 months being the slowest. I am very much looking forward to the middle 3! I hear that you usually feel your best during the 2nd trimester.

I think your dreams are completly normal for where you are right now. That sounds like something that would happen to me. lol

I must run and get to work
Have a great day


Carroll 3509 - October 6


I wanted to share a very scary moment I had the night before since I didn't know what was going on when it happened to me. While I was watching t.v., I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was bright red blood on the tissue and blood in the toilet. I had been spotting brownish discharge for the few days leading up to this, and I was told that this was normal and some of you also told me you had heard about this hapening and thought it was normal. Of course, I knew bright red blood was not.

I called for my husband and we thought I was miscarrying. I was going for my 7 week ultrasound the next day to see the heartbeat for the first time, so I was already worried about that. We ended up going to the ER because we didn't know what to do. My fertility center is in another town 2 hours away. Of course when we got to the ER, I was told to fill out some forms and wait. A nurse would not even speak to me, I guess miscarriage is not considered an emergency. Anyway, while I was in the ER I called my fertility center and the on-call nurse advised that if I was miscarrying there was nothing that could be done to stop it, and that they couldn't be responsible for what happened in the ER. She told me to come to their office first thing the next morning and the doctor would see me. I was still bleeding, very distraught, but we decided to leave the ER and go home. What was going to happen would happen. That was the worst night. I still held out hope that this was not a miscarriage, but the next morning when we dorve down I just knew I had lost the baby because I had bled through the night.

When I arrived at the clinic they took me straight back for an ultrasound. My doctor immediately said "You have not misaccried and there's the heartbeat." The heartbeat was going 100 miles and hour it seemed like. I couldn't belive it, I was crying and just felt every emotion imaginable. The bleeding was caused by a hematoma that was lcoated behind my placenta. He said it was the result of the placenta digging into the lining of my uterus, and that he sees bleeding in about half of his pateints. He even said that some women bleed so profusely that they need a transfusion. But I still had my little bean! The only piece of concerning information was that the baby has positioned itself in the corner of my uterus instead of the center. He wants to monitor me a little more closely, just to make sure it doesn't try to grow out towards the uterus wall instead of the middle. i guess there is a risk of uterine rupture. But, I can't focus on that now, i'm just relieved, and wanted everyone else to know that bright red bleeding does not necessarily mean you have miscarried. Of course call your doctor.


Risa - October 7

so glad everything is okay. Seeing blood is very, very scary. I also saw bright red blood at about 7 weeks and my RE is also 2 hours away. It is sooooooo very far to just have a quick check and be consoled that the baby is okay. But I would definately rather travel 2 hours than be in a cold ER where no one treats a miscarriage as an emergency because no one knows how much we have gone through to get pregnant. And I hate " If you are miscarrying, there is nothing we can do to stop it", you feel so helpless. Again, I am glad you and baby are okay and that you got to see the heartbeat for the first time.

Liz, thanks again. I know everything will be okay for Dh and I.


liz - October 7

Carroll -

I am so happy to hear you and the baby are doing good. Wow, that was quite a scare you had. I am glad you got to your re and everything was just fine.
Seeing you little ones heartbeat is always such a relief for me. I am sure you were very happy and probably surprised because you believed things were not going well.
How are you feeling now?
Thank you for sharing your expereince with us. It can prove to be very helpful to anyone who might end up in the same sitaution.

Risa -
How are you and those little boys doing? I hope you are feeling ok and keeping a postive attitude. You seem to be!

Take care,


fiso - October 9

Caroll, so glad you and the baby are OK.

A similar thing happened to me and we were both convinced that I had lost the baby. When the doc told us that there was still a heart beat, we just couldn't believe it. What an emotional rollercoaster. After that, you just feel drained. But yes, red blood is such a scary sight. I ended up bleeding for the first 3 months and it was not spotting brown, it was red bleeding. Then after the first 3 months, it stopped and didn't come back. What a relief. Even if I knew the bleeding was OK, (it came from the placenta), I felt better not seeing it any more.

You know, I think that with everything we went through to get pg, we should hold our breath until we can finally hold the little miracle in our arms and finally breath!

Liz, yes, I'm ready! I feel very calm and know that I'll be in good hands, that my body will know what to do. DH is ready too, calm but anxious to finally meet the little one!!

All the best to all.


Julie - Hoping - October 9

Hi ladies!
It's been forever since I wrote but I've been reading when I can - I too was having some trouble getting in for a while and the weeks kept passing. I'm 17 weeks today and so happily pregnant! Our 12 week u/s was awsome and we have some great pics but I actually had a 16 week u/s as well to measure my cervix. Not sure if anyone else had to do this it was just a quick transvaginal (after IVF such a non-issue huh.) Anyway we had extra time in our appt. and technician asked if we'd like to see the baby - of course!. We were able to find out the sex! I'm having a baby boy! He was just hanging out with his ankles crossed and his knees open - hee hee - no secret there. The office has brand new ultra sound machines so she also showed us a quick 3D image of his face - just amazing! I've loved telling everyone at work finally and this weekend started shopping for the nursery and picked out a baby quilt pattern. I'm just starting to show now and haven't felt kicking that I'm sure of yet I'm excitedly waiting to feel that!

If you're around the same time as I am are you feeling the baby yet?? How is it? I know he's in there moving around I am really looking forward to that part!

Caroll - I am so glad everything is okay I got nervous just reading your post! I too had red blood around 7 weeks - a decent amount but it only lasted 2-3 hours. I went to my RE at 5 AM for an U/S and was told the baby was okay and it was likely the vaginal lining being iritated from the progesterone suppatories. I may be odd but I still check each time I wipe I guess just because I still worry some. It's been a long road - you're doing great lots of positive thoughts!

Hi Risa! - Sorry it's been awhile! (doesn't last April feel like a lifetime ago?)

Fiso - Good luck I hope everything goes smoothly you must be so excited!


Risa - October 10

Hi everyone,

Julie, it is so good to hear from you. I am glad to hear everything is okay and jealous that you got to see a quick 3D image. So we're both having makes me wonder if the docs take the best looking sperm and the best looking eggs, if the odds are increased towards boys. Just a thought.

As for feeling any movement, I'm a little over 19 weeks and have not felt anything although the ultrasounds do show them moving all around. I am also looking very forward to feeling the movement and having dH feel too.

A friend at work got us a few gifts already and looking at the cute "I love Mommy" bibs almost made me cry. I am so excited, nervous and every other possible feeling I'm sure you all are feeling too as first time moms. Another quick appointment on Friday, but I doubt they'll do an Ultrasound. Will write soon.



joeycsc - October 23

Hi All,
I'm new here. I just did my First IVF after failure on 3 times IUI. I had the embryos transferred on the 10/16.
I a bit nervous because i start to have feeling of AF last few like on and off... a bit cramp.

I can felt breast sore for the past few days...but this morning when i woke up...the soreness seems gone...a bit worry...anyone have the same experience that can shared with me.

Thanks. ???


liz - October 23

Hello all,

I did not do ivf so I am not sure how much I can help with your questions. I was on Repronex injections when I got my bfp. I can tell you that I had cramping, felt like af was going to arrive at any moment. I also had the sore bbs but it did not go away. My biggest symptom and the one that told me to test at 10dpo was tired. I was so exhausted I felt like I could't even walk up the steps at home. It was really stange, I knew something was going on either I was getting a flu or I was pregnant.
I wish you the best of luck. When do you test?

How is everyoe else doing? This tread is very quiet these days, I hope everyone is doing well.

Take care,


joeycsc - October 24

Hi Liz,

Thanks for your information. My test will be on 10/26. Really hope everything is ok. I'm praying hard for that. We have trying so many years for baby and i had twice m/c. A bit worry...

Anyway thanks a lot ! Take care



liz - October 25


I know your test is tomorrow. I hope all goes well for you and you are feeling ok.

Good luck.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know how you make out.


hopefulinla - October 25

Hi- I just had my 1st u/s after the first attempt with IVF. I am 6wks and still nervous. I wish I felt a little more excited. DH and I have gone thru 2 miscarriages and have been to these early appts, and I still feel like we shouldn't get too excited. We saw the pulse of the heartbeat and the tech mentioned the she heard a slight sound of the heartbeat, but it still makes me just want to fast forward thru the next two weeks. The dr also mentioned that the other embryo implanted but did not mature. Should I be concerned with that affecting the other growing embryo? Has anyone had this happen? Sure I am overreacting and should just be so excited to have made it to this point, but seem worried still.



liz - October 25

Hi Amy,

CONGRATS on your pregnancy. That is wonderful news.

I too have been through miscarriages (3) and it is so hard to not worry. It was really rough on me the first trimester and still is to a degree. I don't think we stop worrying, we just worry about different things as we move along in our pregnancies.

I was actaully pregnant with twins in my current pregnancy. I found out we had twins at 5 weeks and 1 day at 6 weeks and 5 days we heard both heartbeats at 8 weeks and 4 days they told me that baby b did not develope. I was devestated especially the worries that came along for baby a's well being and of course the question of why. They will never be able to tell me why I lost baby b but the good news is baby a is doing just wonderful. They call it vanishing twin syndrome and apparently it is very common in twin pregnancies. Many times unless you were under treatments for infertility when you got pregnant they would not discover this until your first u/s which I believe is usually 10-12 weeks.

I think it is completly normal for you to not be able to get to excited. I have the same problem but it is getting better the further along I get. Try not to be hard on yourself, you are just protecting yourself which again is normal. ;)

When is your next u/s?

Take care,



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