I guess it is time for me to join you!
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justme - September 20

I am 6 weeks today. I have my first US next week. I look forward to sharing the journey with you ladies!



HeatherMac - September 20

Yea!! Congratulations!! What great news!!!

It's nice to have you here!!

I wish you well on the newest part of your journey...keep us posted!! Good luck with the u/s!!!

Again, congrats and welcome! I hope to have many more of our sisters upstairs join our little party down here!!!



oneandonlymel - September 20

justme! Congradulations and a healthy 9 months to you!!
I too wish all the ladies to come over to this side.


pj - September 20

congratulations justme!!
glad to see you moving on down the road (so to speak)
good luck, and keep us posted on your journey.


justme - September 20

Thanks for the welcome. I am soooo nervous about my US next week. I just want to see a little blinker and then I will feel much better.



SMS1129 - September 20

Just Me,

I can totally relate to the nerves. Waiting for each Thursday to come is really hard. Seeing the sacs was great, but now I want to see the heartbeats too. I am sure after my u/s tomorrow, I will want to HEAR the heartbearts and so on....

I hope you are feeling well. I feel pretty good, but my clothes are getting tight already and I gained weight during the year and a half on meds to begin with...oh well, it's for a good cause, right!!

Take it easy!


justme - September 20

I have put on a little weight the last year and a half of meds too. I asked my doc about it and he said the meds shouldn't cause weight gain, only water. I think what he was getting at, was if I am gaining I am eating too much. But I totally disagree. I think the meds make you gain weight. My eating habits have not changed.



sussie88 - September 20

Just Me -

Welcome to the 'other side'. You and I are close together - I am on week 7. I hope we can continue to share Successful journeys! Next stop - 'parenting after infertility' :D

What part of the world do you live in? I live in Pennsylvania.

So excited - made my first 'purchase' today - stopped at a reputable consignment shop and purchased two matching car seats with 4 bases (two for my car and two for hubby's) and a nice crib all for $150.00. I know I will have a shower eventually, but having 2 ... I figured I better buy a few of the larger items. It is so neat!!


justme - September 21

I am in Texas.

I am all about getting good consignment things!!! It is fun to shop. I have a three yr old so I have most of my stuff, but I will purchase some new things like a stroller. We wore the other one out!!!



Meg - September 21


Congratulations :) You must be over the moon w/ your positive result :) I remember living for u/s's. I still got nervous each time I went, but always felt relief when I saw the h/b. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for a happy and healthy 9 months :)


Where in PA do you live? I live in a suburb 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia. Congratulations on your twins:) Twins are double the fun, but can also be double trouble as well !!!!! Good idea purchasing things at consignment. It can be very pricey having to buy 2 of everything. Best of luck to you, and I also will keep you and your little ones in my thoughts and prayers.



sussie88 - September 21

Hi Meg!

I live in Oley and work in Boyertown - ever heard of either of them? I am about 60 miles from phili.

U/s set for tomorrow morning - can't wait!!!


Meg - September 22


Good Luck w/ your u/s tomorrow:) I have a follow up u/s scheduled for Oct. 7. I will be 26 wks. I actually live in Limerick, not that far from Boyertown I don't think. Are you in Montgomery County or Berks County? I am in Montco. County. Best of Luck again tomorrow :)



celia m - September 22

yeah!!! congrats Justme. I am 6 weeks and one day, U/s next week. Good luck to you and everyone!


ElizabethS - September 23

Great news Just Me. Wishing you the most amazing and restful and joyous nine months. Yes, another success!


Karen123 - September 23

Hi everyone! I've been really sick this week so I've been off the boards.

Justme - what FANTASTIC news!!!! I am absolutely thrilled for you!!

Justme, Sussie88, Celia - I wish you all the very best in this early stage of pregnancy. I know how exciting yet scary it is. I hit the 12 week mark Wed and I feel SO much better. I surely hope you can enjoy the happiness and not let the nervousness overide it. I admit, I let the scary things really take the joy out of the pregnancy - mostly becuase I was bleeding for 2 1/2 weeks and terrified. But all is well! I wish you all perfect, uneventful and happy pregnancies. Karen


cassandra - September 23

Welcome Justme and Celia! How nice to see this board hopping with newcomers! I wish you both the best of luck with your pregnancies! One of you mentioned weight gain with the meds and I absolutely agree. I remember the nurse telling me I would probably gain 5-15 lbs. It was all in my lower abdomen and made me look pg. when i wasn't! There is no mistaking it now! :)
I hope you also don't get too sick! Keep us informed on how you are doing! Take care....cassandra



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